The Politics of the Battle for Mosul

The battle to recapture Mosul from ISIS will be rough, but if successful the fallout will be a nightmare when the Kurds, Shia, and other coalition forces turn on one another over the spoils.

Consequences of Retreat

Retrenchment and disengagement have not yielded peace, stability, or global order—rather, growing instability, expanding terror’s reach, surging floods of refugees, and intensifying civil war.

China Claims Three Straight Quarters Growth at 6.7%

The US media's accommodating coverage of China's absurd claims of economic performance consistency ignores the strong possibility that China's actual numbers are falling far short of its soothing propaganda.

The Battle for Mosul is On

However long it takes, ISIS is going to lose Mosul, the last Iraqi city under their control. But many ISIS fighters will head to Europe and the US. Fortunately the State Department already has files on many of them.