Iran Takes Another American Hostage

Iran has sentenced another American hostage to ten years in prison for spying—part of an ongoing, and absurd, pattern of claiming students or journalists as spies to use for bargaining with the United States.

Trump Puts Squeeze on Beijing over North Korea

China can expect more banks to suffer the fate of the Bank of Dandong—the recent target of the Trump administration’s new approach to sanction banks laundering North Korean money.

Ukraine’s Risky Bid to Join NATO

Ukraine and NATO have begun discussions in hopes of eventual accession—an effort that will need to proceed secretly to have any chance of success because Russia has a lot to lose.

Russian Lawyer’s ‘Trump Mission' was to Dump Magnitsky Act

One can debate whether Natalia Veselnitskaya’s meeting with Trump campaign executives was collusion. But it is irrefutable that it was consistent with the Kremlin’s goal to end the Magnitsky Act.