Kremlin Leaves Nothing to Chance as Election Nears

The Kremlin is busy passing new laws to minimize chances of electoral surprises, while building a new security apparatus to maximize their capacity to squash public dissent.

China’s ‘Triple Bubble’ Economy Poised to Burst

While China’s economy appears to have steadied, a closer look reveals that the reported numbers don’t add up and seem too good to be true. And, an alarming debt crisis is primed to wreak havoc.

Putin Celebrates Unrepentant Fascist Zhirinovsky

Vladimir Putin has out-Putined himself by awarding Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a brazen fascist, 'For Service to the Fatherland'. It’s clear Putin’s goals are imperialist and methods dictatorial.

The Cold Arab-Israeli Alliance Against Iran

Egypt’s decision to return control of two strategically significant islands to Saudi Arabia symbolizes a long overdue thaw in Arab-Israeli relations.