Muscovites Use Vote to Say ‘No’ to Putin’s War

Russia’s recent regional elections predictably ended with Soviet-style wins for Kremlin-backed candidates—except in Moscow, where voters expressed dissent for the regime’s war in Ukraine.

US Won’t Help Taiwan Build Subs, But Will Japan?

With the intent to deter Chinese aggression, Taiwan is in the market for submarines. The island republic has some allies in Washington, but not nearly enough.

Belarusian Opposition Eyes Poland, Putin, Itself

For exiled opponents of Belarusian strongman Aleksandr Lukashenko, Warsaw has become a redoubt from which to criticize the regime—and warily follow the Ukraine crisis.

American Conservatives Find Common Cause with Israel

American conservatives are more pro-Israel than ever, but not for religious reasons: They see Western civilization under assault from radical Islam, just as they once saw it threatened by Communism.