Putin's War on Civilians Defines Terrorism

The recent bombings of purely civilian targets in eastern Ukraine are terrorism, pure and simple. The world must condemn the perpetrators, and well as their sponsors in Moscow.

Kissinger’s ‘Favorite Communist,’ President Napolitano of Italy, Resigns

President Napolitano, who has steered a middle course for Italy, has been a force for stability in Italy's often chaotic politics. The president, now 89, will be difficult to replace.

Improving India-US Relations Unnerves Beijing

US ties with India and other countries in China's neighborhood will continue to improve so long as Beijing continues its hostile and aggressive ways in the region.

Tunisia’s Tenuous Progress

In the two years after the Arab Spring, Tunisia’s security situation disintegrated disastrously. Problems persist, but in the field and at the polls Tunisia has made significant progress against jihadists.