ISIS' Next Target

Despite vast cultural differences, Saudi Arabia doesn’t want Lebanon to be overrun by ISIS. That’s why the Saudis are funding a large weapons package from France to Lebanon.

Misreading the War in Ukraine

When Ukraine started grabbing headlines a year ago, more than a few scholars began writing as if they were experts on the country. Trouble is, they were merely self-serving realists.

Boris Nemtsov, 1959–2015

As Vladimir Putin tightened his grip, and others chose the comfortable path, Boris Nemtsov continued to fight for a democratic Russia, exposing corruption and power abuses.

Putin’s War and the Murder of Boris Nemtsov

Putin’s war with freedom at home is herding the Russian people, blinded by a controlled media and big lies, into an economic, social, demographic, moral, and Orwellian abyss.