Anticorruption Laws Threatened in Romania

With the EU’s attention mostly on Germany and the UK, Romania’s democratic backsliding is going largely unnoticed, but anti-corruption activists have been tireless, and protests are continuing.

Time to Kick Turkey Out of NATO?

The West is having a hard time processing the fact that Turkey is increasingly hostile, but it’s harder to evict a NATO member than allow a new one in. Still, it’s time for NATO to discuss the criteria.

Iran's Protests Reveal the Truth About Hassan Rouhani

The recent protests in Iran prove that President Hassan Rouhani is not the moderate reformer that Westerners have believed, and it’s time to stop treating him that way.

Iranians in the Streets, Again.

Protests in Iran mirror past uprisings in their demands for economic reform and increased personal freedom, but this time the protests are more decentralized. Will they succeed?