The Kremlin's Continued Attack on Dissent

Putin’s regime boasts 90 percent public support, yet it continues to suppress all internal dissent as it considers expanding the definition of “undesirable foreign organization.”

Transatlantic Unity: Indispensable in the Defeat of Tyranny

“We must stand together in defense of the same principles that have united us … our right to live together in peace, in security, and in freedom, in open and tolerant societies.”

Iran Fights the Digital Future

In the wake of the Green Movement and the Arab Spring, the Iranian government has undertaken a major effort to isolate the Islamic Republic’s cyberspace from the outside world.

A Frenchman Comes to Ukraine

The election of Michel Terestchenko as the mayor of a small town in northeastern Ukraine gives the lie to Kremlin propaganda about fascists pulling the strings of the Euromaidan.