Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Radical Islam

The debate over the rhetorical use of ‘radical Islamism’ highlights both the stubborn and unnecessary pandering of President Obama and the dangerous foolishness of Donald Trump.

Inaugural Nemtsov Prize Awarded to Lev Shlosberg

This year’s Nemtsov Prize—named for Russia’s slain opposition leader—was awarded to Lev Shlosberg, a journalist who pledges to continue fighting for the rights and freedom of Russian citizens.

Latvia’s Push for a NATO Naval Base

NATO doesn’t yet have a permanent naval base in the Baltic Sea, but as tensions with Russia escalate, Latvia is hoping the alliance will take over the former Soviet base in its port city, Liepaja.

Though Progress is Genuine, Reform Must Accelerate in Ukraine

Ukraine’s reforms are moving forward, but not fast enough. Improvements to the courts and pension systems need to accelerate before the people lose faith.