India’s ‘Annihilator of Enemies’ Takes to the Sea

Hoping to catch up with China, India is going all-in on its own nuclear sub force. Will the neighboring powers keep tensions in check beneath the waves of this “strategic partnership”?

A Landmark Meeting for Monarch in Waiting

By meeting Prince William, President Obama seems to have departed from his habit of declining royal visits in the White House. The question remains: is the special relationship still special?

Why South Korea Needs Japan

While Tokyo bulks up against Chinese aggression, South Korea insists on prolonging historical grievances with the Japanese. It’s time for Seoul to put strategic interests first.

The Land of Magical Thinking: Inside Putin’s Russia

With the precision of a reporter and the wry wit of a modern novelist, Peter Pomerantsev in his new book lays bare the corruption and insanity (and more) that pervade Russia today.