In Eastern Ukraine, Terror from Pro-Kremlin Outsiders

A woman in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk Province reports that outsiders, almost certainly Russian agents, have been terrorizing her city for months, and have the support of the mayor.

Skipping China, Obama Seeks to Reassure Asian Allies

President Obama hopes to reassure nervous allies in Asia who worry the US is not sufficiently reliable in thwarting the aggressive behavior of the country he's not visiting--China.

The Ukraine Deal: Has Putin Realized He Overplayed His Hand?

Economic considerations may have factored in the tentative Geneva deal. In the words of one longtime European diplomat, Vladimir Putin might be realizing he has “overplayed his hand.”

Kremlin 'Reforms' Usurp Local Elections, Self-Government

While Putin cynically demands "federalization" for Ukraine, he dismantles local authority in Russia by centralizing power in Moscow.