Ukrainians Find Economic Refuge in Poland—For Now

Poland's higher wages have attracted 400,000 temporary workers from Ukraine who have replaced Poles who left for the UK. But this migrant harmony might sing a different tune after Brexit.

In Russia, a First Official Tribute to Boris Nemtsov

The Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod will honor Boris Nemtsov with a memorial plaque on the second anniversary of his assassination. But a more fitting tribute will only come when Russia upholds the democratic values Nemtsov represented.

A New Way of Looking at China

Despite the display of diplomacy between President Obama and China’s Xi Jinping, China’s behavior has deteriorated as it has done for the past two decades. Will President-elect Trump reverse that decline?

The EU Cozies with Iran at Its Peril

As Brussels rushes to grow its trade and investment relations with Iran, the EU is squandering an opportunity to curb Iran's disruptive adventures.