Iran’s Dubious Track Record

As negotiators extend deadlines and toil to make a final deal on Iran’s nuclear program, the US and its allies may find Tehran’s sordid history of dealings with the IAEA instructive.

The Curious Case of the Qatari Lawsuit

The Qatari royal family has filed a defamation suit against Florian Philippot, adviser to National Front leader Marine Le Pen. The affair has made for some curious bedfellows.

Ukraine's Bumpy Road to Normalcy

Although Ukrainians find themselves preoccupied with the war, the economy, corruption, reform, and ethnic tensions, there are plenty of reasons to think that better days lie ahead.

Turkey Chooses ISIS Over the Kurds

ISIS operates with relative freedom on the Syria-Turkey border while Kurdish fighters find their movement blocked by the Turkish army. This tacit support of ISIS—a choice made in fear of Kurdish autonomy—is hindering the war against ISIS. The rest of NATO should take note.