A Proxy for the Kremlin: The Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church has become a valuable soft power tool in the Kremlin’s strategy to exploit divisions and dismantle European and transatlantic ties.

What Putin Isn’t Learning From His Role Model, Alexander III

Vladimir Putin recently unveiled his eighth monument to Czar Alexander III, whose legacy demonstrates how rolling back democratic reforms can make democratic upheaval inevitable.

Is Lebanon’s Prime Minister a Saudi Hostage?

As absurd as it may be for a country like Saudi Arabia to effectively hold the prime minister of Lebanon hostage, it now appears plausible that is indeed what is happening.

Putin Unveils Memorial to Victims of Soviet Repression, While His Own Repression Continues

Vladimir Putin presided over the unveiling of the first national memorial to the victims of political repression in Russia—an irony that was met with strong criticism from former political prisoners.