America Turns Its Back on the Kurds-Again

The Kurds are better friends to the United States than Turkey or Iraq, yet the Trump administration won’t recognize the legitimacy of their independence referendum, disappointing these allies for the ninth time.

Ukraine’s Wounded Veterans Honored, a Nation is Inspired

Ukraine’s participation in the Invictus Games honored the service of its war veterans, but it also helped sensitize the nation to the needs of its often-neglected disabled citizens.

After Years of Battling Nemtsov, the Kremlin Battles His Memory

As the Putin regime tries to airbrush Boris Nemtsov’s memory, a bipartisan group of US senators has proposed to rename the plaza in front of Russia's embassy in Nemtsov’s honor.

NATO's Black Sheep

As an increasingly undemocratic Turkey continues to challenge NATO, a recent case has illustrated how NATO appears to lack the will to defend its own values.