Turkey Is Behaving like an Enemy Now

Turkey, a NATO ally, is now behaving like an enemy—imprisoning journalists or sentencing them in absentia, arresting a US Consulate employee on bogus charges, and taking hostages.

A Corruption Sting Gone Public Sparks Debate in Kiev

An independent court in Ukraine would break down the culture of corruption that has limited citizens’ opportunity, choked national development, and rewarded the country’s elites and thugs alike.

America Turns Its Back on the Kurds-Again

The Kurds are better friends to the United States than Turkey or Iraq, yet the Trump administration won’t recognize the legitimacy of their independence referendum, disappointing these allies for the ninth time.

Ukraine’s Wounded Veterans Honored, a Nation is Inspired

Ukraine’s participation in the Invictus Games honored the service of its war veterans, but it also helped sensitize the nation to the needs of its often-neglected disabled citizens.