About World Affairs

Established in 1837, World Affairs is a quarterly international affairs journal that argues the big ideas behind US foreign policy. Always striving to encourage open and informed debate, we are committed to offering our readers a healthy range of perspective and opinion to help clarify the challenges and choices that America faces in our increasingly complex and dangerous world. Our pages — occasionally unruly, seldom dull, and always edifying — feature conservatives like Robert Kagan and P. J. O’Rourke alongside liberals like George Packer and David Rieff, and others who transcend categories, such as Christopher Hitchens. This variety makes for some of the best conversation available anywhere in print and online.

Building on this tradition, we launched WorldAffairsJournal.org in January 2010. Updated throughout the day, this site highlights news, opinion, and research from media, governments, and think tanks around the world. The site’s unique news offerings allow the reader, on any given day and with any given headline story, to see how the same news is reported differently in important media outlets around the globe. In addition to extensive news curation, WorldAffairsJournal.org features blogs by leading opinion makers and commentators from the US as well as Europe, the Middle East, and Russia — some of them dissident voices within their own political culture.

World Affairs and WorldAffairsJournal.org are published by the World Affairs Institute, a newly formed nonpartisan 501(c)3 organization, located in Washington D.C., established to promote public education and awareness on international issues related to war and peace.

The Transatlantic Renewal Project

The Transatlantic Renewal Project (TRP) was launched by the World Affairs Institute in February, 2014. The project’s premise is that the transatlantic partnership is central to western security and indispensable to efforts to maintain and promote an international order based on rule of law, political and economic freedom, human rights, and the expansion of prosperity. The purpose of the TRP is to re-center the importance of the partnership and to reinvigorate ties between American policy and opinion leaders and their counterparts in Europe that have been frayed in the post-9/11 era while America and Europe were distracted by wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the struggle against global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, economic upheaval and stagnation, China’s rise, and chaos in the Arab world.

The project is co-directed by:

Lorne Craner—Currently a Co-Director of the Transatlantic Renewal Project of the World Affairs Institute. Lorne is the former president of the International Republican Institute, a former Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, staff member of the National Security Council, and foreign policy advisor to Senator McCain. <lcraner@worldaffairsjournal.org>

James Denton--Currently a Co-Director of the Transatlantic Renewal Project of the World Affairs Institute. Jim is the editor/publisher of World Affairs and former director of Freedom House and the National Forum Foundation (which merged with Freedom House in 1997). <jdenton@worldaffairsjournal.org>

Geographically speaking, TRP will place emphasis on strengthening the links between US and European policy and opinion makers, with special emphasis in Central and Eastern Europe, to ensure continued strong relations, as well as mutual appreciation and cooperation with respect to addressing the challenges and opportunities before the transatlantic partners and its members. This transatlantic initiative is unlike related programs that were established in the 1980s that sought to build cadre among democracy advocates, or in the 1990s to support Eastern Europe’s transition to democracy. The TRP envisions a robust and two-way street of information exchange and collaboration to strengthen relationships between policy and opinion makers working in the foreign, defense, rule of law/anti-corruption, and economic/trade policy sectors in the US and CEE — a process that will engage elected officials, legislative/parliamentary/administrative staff, as well as think tank, legal, and business professionals.

This multi-year initiative, which is jointly funded by US and European private and government sources, strives to invigorate the transatlantic partnership through a series of seminars and roundtables, briefings, fact-finding delegations, fellowships in the US and CEE, graduate studies exchanges and scholarships, small and rapid-response grant-making, and the development of other means to institutionalize efforts to encourage close and informed ties between the US and EU/CEE in the decades ahead.

Program participants on the European side will include young professionals in Europe, especially CEE, but also including Russians, Ukrainians, and others in the former Soviet space who embrace western values and are committed to the principles of accountable government, rule of law, respect for human rights and private property, and the centrality of the transatlantic partnership.