What People Are Saying

“World Affairs is lively, interesting, eclectic. Finally a publication that hones in on the essential; that values considered opinion over instant opinion; that seeks balance without losing its compass.”
Jeffrey Gedmin,
Former President of RFE/RL

“While even highbrow publications are churning out bite-sized blog items, World Affairs is indeed providing a venue for meatier ideas.”
Michael Calderone, Politico

“…World Affairs is shaping up to be one of the most important magazines in the world of foreign policy.”
The New York Sun

Web Site Statistics
120,000 Monthly Readers
2.7 million Annual Pageviews

1.6 million Unique Visits, 2013

Source: Google Analytics, March 2014

Reader Profile
Online readership is predominantly male, middle-aged, upper income, and well educated. Half of the web site's audience is from outside the United States. The top cities from which readers originate are New York, London, andWashington DC.

Source: Quantcast, March 2014

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