Millennial Letters

Millennials Make the Case for American Leadership

Over the past year, Americans were reminded that the United States remains an indispensable global leader. Given America’s capacity and reach, only the US can lead the response to threats like the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and emerging threats as varied as cyber warfare and pandemic disease. At the same time, America is uniquely positioned to reap the benefits of a peaceful, stable, and interconnected world. Meeting new challenges and capitalizing on unprecedented opportunities in the coming years will require a new generation of Americans willing to make the case for, and implement, an engaged and principled US foreign policy.

This is why the Foreign Policy Initiative and the Truman National Security Project are so excited to partner with World Affairs to relaunch “Millennial Letters.” This blog will feature contributions from members of our respective leadership networks on the major challenges and opportunities facing the United States, including:

  • What resources will the US military need to continue to adapt and evolve in the face of new threats?
  • How can the US-led coalition prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon?
  • How will the United States effectively combat and ultimately defeat the networks and ideologies of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliates? 
  • How can the United States and its allies prevent additional Russian adventurism in Europe?
  • How can American leadership and innovation best respond to unconventional challenges like cyber warfare, global health issues, and climate change?
  • How can the United States and its allies build effective partnerships to prevent conflict between China and its neighbors?
  • How should Americans best support people who are struggling across the globe for their own freedoms and human rights?

Each of these questions allows plenty of room for debate—and we expect that our contributors will sometimes disagree about what the United States should do. The first posts, centered on the president’s State of the Union address, will likely lay some of these disagreements out clearly.

But we also fundamentally agree that each of these questions—like every serious question facing the world—will require American leadership. A robust, proactive foreign policy is essential to advancing freedom and furthering America’s interests.

We look forward to working together and with World Affairs to explore how our generation’s rising leaders will make the case for American leadership in a rapidly changing world.

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