A New Adventure

I am writing today with bittersweet news. Beginning tomorrow, July 10, I’ll be moving on from UnderReported to serve as Gulf Correspondent for The National newspaper. I have been based in the region for the last year and am looking forward to the new challenge of reporting during a pivotal time for the region.

As I leave World Affairs, I am looking to the latest issue as a great insight into some of the issues facing the broader Middle East today: A mounting political and humanitarian disaster in Syria, a crisis of sectarian tensions, and a continuing stream of men, women, and youth who have been inspired by the Arab Spring to demand change in their own societies. It has been a pleasure and an honor writing for World Affairs. I’m grateful particularly to editor James Denton, who took a chance on a young reporter and offered me space in these pages.

And I’m grateful to you for following UnderReported these past months and I hope you’ll continue to join me on my coming adventure.

Thank you!

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