“Tell Morsi to Leave or Egypt will Burn”

I finally got around to watching Vice magazine’s mini documentary about Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammad Morsi. It packs a hell of a punch, especially with the benefit of hindsight.

Maybe I’m experiencing hindsight bias here rather than benefit, but it seems obvious, watching this, that something big and terrible was going to happen in Egypt.

Exactly what was going to happen could not have been obvious in real-time, but no country can withstand the eruption of mass anger and rage the Brotherhood triggered without somebody swinging a gigantic game-changing sledgehammer.

The Vice crew clearly knew it in real-time. Nobody knew the sledgehammer would be wielded by Egypt’s coup leader and military pharaoh General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, but somebody would wield one. That was for damn sure.

The last words in this short little film, spoken by Egyptian economist Ahmed el-Naggar, were prophetic. “The social revolution will be huge,” he said, “and it’ll come to completion in the near future. It will be an apocalypse.”

Everybody should watch this. It’s riveting viewing. It’s educational if you want to know at least one set of ingredients that can precipitate a military coup. And it casts serious doubt on the idea that radical Islamist government is inevitable in the Arab world.

The episode is 29 minutes long and split into halves. (The first is about the enormous ghost cities in China.) The Egypt segment begins at 13:45.

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