The Great Ideological Battleground, Redux

I am currently in Tunisia's semi-Westernized capital after spending a week in the remote and more conservative parts of the country. I always try to get out of the bubble of the capital city whenever I report from a foreign country and this time I thought I'd start outside the bubble so I could get a good overview of the place before getting down to brass tacks in interviews and such.

From what I've seen so far, my initial analysis seems sound. This country is more or less evenly divided between the secular and the Islamic. Unlike in Libya, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, politics here are not militarized. Unless one faction decides to change the rules of the game by importing weapons and using force against the other, the two sides are going to have to battle it out the way Americans and Europeans do.

Please be patient with me while I settle into the city and try to find time to write between appointments.

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