The Petraeus Affair

Now that a few days have passed since David Petraeus resigned from his post as director of the CIA, it appears there isn’t much “there” there. The timing was peculiar and smelled of shenanigans—it happened right after the election and just before he was scheduled to testify before Congress—but the truth is actually rather mundane, even boring for a Washington scandal. Those making conspiratorial hay out of this incident might want to dial it back.

UPDATE: According to this article, Paula Broadwell, not David Petraeus, was under investigation. Apparently, Broadwell sent "harrassing" emails to the State Department's liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command, and that's how the affair was uncovered. The story as told is still a bit strange. Since when do harrassing emails trigger an FBI investigation? Something was going on aside from an Internet squabble. I have no idea what it is.

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