A Quick Election Note

Nobody in my hometown of Portland, Oregon wants to put a Romney/Ryan sign in their yard. But I haven’t seen a single Obama/Biden sign either. One holdout in my neighborhood has an old Obama sign without Biden’s name, but that’s it. Granted, I'm not driving around looking for them, I'm just going about my regular life.

This one, however, was just spotted in Portland.

It’s hard to say how much the Benghazi incident will affect the outcome of the election, or if it will even affect the election at all. It has been more than a decade since foreign affairs have been so low on voters’ priority lists. And one yard sign in a metropolitan area of more than two million people doesn’t mean much.

But four years ago this city was drowning in Obama signs—and in my neighborhood they were particularly overwhelming—and he carried the state by 16 points. This time around the president is only expected to carry the state by 6.

What strikes me more than the polls, though, is the signs. So far I’ve only seen two. One says “Obama.” The other one says “Benghazi.”

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