Rocket Strikes Tel Aviv

A rocket from Gaza struck Tel Aviv today. Air raid sirens in the city sounded for the first time since Saddam Hussein fired Scud missiles at Israel in 1991.

Hamas must think this is awesome, but they should think again. Most of the restraint the Israeli public places on the government in its response to terrorist and missile attacks comes from the liberal population of Israel's largest city. If those people feel threatened, everything changes.

Reminds me of something a left-wing American journalist friend of mine in Lebanon said: "I get a lot less liberal when you want to kill me."

Meanwhile, Israeli civilians are getting killed elsewhere. I don't get the feeling things are going to settle down any time soon.

UPDATE: Apparently a rocket "reached" Tel Aviv but didn't strike the actual city. It landed in the water off shore. The effect--making the residents of Israel's largest and most liberal city feel vulnerable--will be the same.

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