Green Movement IQ Test

1. According to an internal poll of a random sample of some 900
Iranians, the opposition leader whom the nation trusts the most is:

a. Mir Hossein Moussavi

b. Mehdi Karroubi

c. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

d. Zahra Rahnavard

2. That the color of the movement is green shows:

a. It’s a fundamentalist Islamic movement

b. Sometimes a color is just a color

c. Since secular Iranians were already on board, the choice of green was a strategic move by the activists to appeal to the faithful and erode Ahmadinejad’s base

3. The fact that Iranians chant “Allahu akbar” from the rooftops means:

a. This is yet another mullah-driven movement

b. The movement is appropriating the old 1979 revolutionary icons to strip the mullahs of what they claim to be exclusively theirs

c. Fresh air and a bit of prayer does a body good

4. Those who support the movement are:

a. Only well-off, fancy, big-city folks, who demand the right to disco

b. The poor and not-so-well-off folks, who do not have much money but plenty of dignity and good values

c. The middle class who are sick and tired of joblessness and international humiliation

d. All of the above

5. The ethnic minorities who support the movement are:

a. The Kurds because they have suffered terrible blows since 1979

b. The Turks who, despite the fact that the supreme leader is one of their own, have seen their rights diminish

c. The Fars because—let’s face it—they are always the ones who get down with such movements first

d. All of the above

6. People around the world should support the movement inside Iran because:

a. Iran is enriching uranium, Iran is enriching uranium, Iran is enriching uranium

b. Iran is enriching uranium

c. Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust

d. In a global world, our destinies are ever more entwined, and we must make the moral choice

e. Both A and D

7. The labor unions, and the poor, are behind Ahmadinejad:



(Hint: http://www.labornotes.org/blogs/2010/01/interview-iran-labor-activists-face-repression )

8. The leaders of the Green Movement are not visible because:

a. They do not exist

b. As Vaclav Havel said: “After Charter 77, Western journalists kept telling us: You are just a small group of intellectuals fighting each other, the workers are not wit you. You are not supported by millions of people and are just banging your heads against a brick wall. In a totalitarian system we can never tell what is hidden under the surface because it can’t be verified.”

c. The leadership needs to remain diffused and unidentified for the movement to succeed

d. B and C

9. When Tim Guldimann, the former Swiss ambassador to Iran from 1999-2004
(and effectively the acting U.S. ambassador), said at the 2010 Herzliya
Conference that the world must not place much hope in Iran’s Green
Movement because a new regime could make everyone wish for
Ahmadinejad once more, it was because:

a. He was so busy packing his laptop, he forgot to pick up his common sense from the gray bin at airport security

b. There’s a negative correlation between the precision of a Swiss watch and the foresight of a senior Swiss diplomat

c. High-quality chocolate can block the flow of insight into the head, a condition that exclusively afflicts diplomats

d. All of the above

10. If some world leaders argue that there is no need to support the Green
Movement—because the next regime will also develop nuclear weapons—
it’s because:

a. Iran’s Noble Peace Laureate, Shirin Ebadi, wants nukes

b. As a candidate, Mir Hossein Moussavi expressed interest in continuing the nuclear program

c. As a candidate, Mehdi Karroubi expressed interest in continuing the nuclear program

d. None of the above. It beats this writer why those world leaders might be thinking so

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