January/February 2010

Lately, finally, Westphalian rules have been enjoying a vogue. Does the Obama administration care what states do inside their borders? Not really, given the importance it accords the world’s cooperation. Ought not the sight of demonstrators—liberals, democrats—being gunned down in their own streets give us pause when it comes to “engaging” regimes whose respect we crave? Not necessarily. The utility of diplomacy, after all, lies in its capacity to influence, to prod another to see the error of his ways, to encourage him to modify his future behavior. So has the new “realism” worked? Absolutely not. ... Read More

Symposium - Obama's Year One: A Symposium

The Call-Up: Conscription, Again

"Draft" is still a dirty word these days, but our country is definitely in need of one.

Undying Creed: The Acceleration of Our Exceptionalism

Many Americans accept their country's decline. The facts suggest they should reconsider.

Boxed In: The Constraints of U.S. Foreign Policy

As pundits around the world assess President Obama's first year in office, British journalist Geoffrey Wheatcroft posits that there are some problems with U.S. foreign policy that transcend any one administration.

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AfPak for Dummies: A Primer

As more Americans head to Afghanistan, the former Indian ambassador to Pakistan offers a rundown of what they might expect to find there.

Dear Mr. President . . . Unhappy in Our Own Way

Some families get along. The family of nations is not one of those families. And the president needs to realize that. (Abstract)