January/February 2013

We at World Affairs congratulate President Obama for his reelection, wish him well, and pass along some bracing insight of best-selling author P. J. O’Rourke, who argues that the president’s zero-sum philosophy and the wealth redistribution it invites is doomed to stifle initiative and stagnate the economy. While not denying its inherent and universal appeal, P. J. argues that zero-sum redistributionism has been tried and has failed and that the president does a disservice to America, and the world, when he proposes to “wipe the smile off the faces of people with prosperous businesses and successful careers . . . [to] make the rest of us grin.” ... Read More

What’s Next for Georgia?

President Saakashvili’s very undemocratic policies and practices in Georgia may have not been acknowledged in the US, but his party’s recent electoral trouncing suggests his citizens well understood.

Bibi’s Bomb

Perhaps Benjamin Netanyahu’s cartoon bomb at the UN was a trifle silly, but there’s no laughing off the very real prospects for an Iranian nuclear weapon and how the reigning mullahs will use it.

Iran in the Balkans

Iran’s largest diplomatic contingent in Europe resides in tiny Sarajevo. And the Islamist presence—including terror cells and training camps—continues to threaten the region, and the West.

Lieberman: The Last Liberal

Some say Joe Lieberman turned his back on his fellow Democrats, but as the Connecticut senator retires, it seems, in retrospect, that American liberals changed, not him.

Russia’s AIDS and Heroin Crisis

The 1990s saw a boom in Russian heroin users. Now the country has an epidemic rate of HIV infection, and few seem ready to acknowledge the problem, much less fix it.

US Cyber Warriors Seize the Offensive

The US has abandoned its previous dependence on defensive cyber strategies and has shifted into high gear with the aim of developing superior first-strike capacities.

The Global Push for Blasphemy Laws

The international blasphemy laws being proposed by Islamists and their governments are an attack on fundamental freedoms. Western governments must step up to the challenge.

The Foreign Aid Debacle in Afghanistan

The US has spent $100 billion in nonmilitary funds to rebuild Afghanistan. Yet, after a decade of mind-bending mismanagement and unaccountability, it seems all for naught.

Zero-Sum Makes Zero Sense

President Obama’s zero-sum approach, and the redistribution it requires, is advancing a deeply flawed and failed philosophy that will stifle initiative and growth in America, and abroad.