March/April 2015

Russia is on our mind again in this issue. How could it not be? Vladimir Putin and his nuclear-armed mafia in the Kremlin have launched the most serious challenge to world order since Leonid Brezhnev’s aggressive efforts to advance Russian totalitarianism into the vacuum created by the paralysis following the US defeat in Vietnam, and possibly since the Munich conference of 1938. ... Read More

The Kremlin’s War of Ideas

Alexander Dugin has emerged from a complex and contradictory intellectual career to provide Vladimir Putin the ideological weaponry for his aggression at home and abroad.

The Baltic Security Problem

While the Baltic states built up their defenses after the Cold War to fortify themselves against Russia, Sweden adapted massive military cuts that could now leave the entire region vulnerable.

Taiwan’s Vote Against Beijing

In November Taiwan’s ruling party, the Kuomintang, suffered its worst defeat ever in an election that became a referendum on its long-held policies to integrate the island into China.

The Fate of the Kurds

The last time the Middle East was in such disarray, the Ottoman Empire was collapsing and the Kurds were subjected to partition and atrocities. They deserve better this time.

Lithuania’s Energy Freedom

Lithuania has spent years freeing itself from Russia’s energy racket. All it needs now is a reliable, long-term supply of natural gas. The US should adjust its export limits and help.

The Kissinger Years

When Henry Kissinger came to the White House in 1969, America’s global supremacy was in crisis. A new book recounts how he and the presidents he served fared in these troubled waters.

Ukraine’s Struggle for Democracy

The US has a profound stake in Ukraine’s future because its struggle for democracy, independence, and territorial integrity has consequences well beyond its borders.

Putin’s Land of Magical Thinking

With the precision of a reporter and the wry wit of a modern novelist, Peter Pomerantsev in his new book lays bare the corruption and insanity (and more) that pervade Russia today.