May/June 2010

In December 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono famously took to the streets—or, as famous people do, had others take to the streets in their place—and erected billboards that read, “War Is Over!” The war in Vietnam was in fact far from over; the Beatles did nothing to speed its conclusion. But when, a few weeks ago, I saw a televised image of the old sign, it expressed something essentially, or at least prematurely, correct: the war in Iraq is over. ... Read More

Hacker Nation: China's Cyber Assault

The Chinese government's recent hacking spate might be news to Americans, but Falun Gong and other dissidents have been dealing for years with the menace of the Communist Party's growing technological prowess.

(Almost) Out of Africa: The White Tribes

It's never been easy being white in Africa. In recent years, it's gotten even harder.

'A Cursed and Pernicious Seed': The Destruction of the Moriscos

In 1609, the Spanish decided it was time to get rid of the Muslim converts to Christianity who had been living among them for years. Fouad Ajami reviews a new history of the expulsion.

Goldstone: An Exegesis

Joshua Muravchik rebuts James Traub's recent World Affairs article on the Goldstone Report. Traub then offers a brief reply.

The Gray Zone: Defining Torture

After reviewing the arguments for and against torture, Barry Gewen concludes that—under certain circumstances—the likes of former Vice President Dick Cheney might just have a point.

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But Is It Good for Democracy? Israel's Dilemma

Israel prides itself as a fellow traveler on the road to democracy. So what does that mean for its mission as a Jewish state?