November/December 2012

At World Affairs, we look for points of interest in the familiar and the remote, in the collision between received wisdom about the international scene and facts our writers find on the ground. Some of the truths our writers find are arcane. Some seem to have been staring us in the face for a long time. This is certainly the case with India, as Shehzad Qazi reminds us in his excellent tour d’horizon of our developing relationship with the second most populous country in the world—and increasingly audacious competitor to China, the first. The transformation of India into a key potential American ally, a topic du jour among policymakers, has been happening steadily, although often silently and in slow motion, for decades. ... Read More

Washington’s Pivot to India

The US-India partnership has expanded beyond “friendship” and trade to become “defining,” as China’s economic and military leverage looms larger in the region.

Libya’s Year One

Libyans are striving to rebuild their country, but Qaddafi left “a destroyed people” in his wake, in the words of one activist, and it will take time for them to heal themselves.

Pakistan’s Balochistan Problem

We have removed “Pakistan’s Balochistan Problem” by Aurangzaib Alamgir from this space after confirming that the author copied, without attribution, significant portions of an article by Mr. Eddie Walsh of Georgetown University, that appeared previously an Al Jazeera article entitled, “Should the US support an independent Balochistan”. We thank Mr. Walsh for alerting us and we extend our apologies to him for inadvertently publishing an article that plagiarized his work.

Breaking from Baghdad

Given their historical grievances and more recent political warring with Baghdad’s manipulative Maliki government, the Kurds cast a long shadow over the future of a unified Iraq.

The Ever-Expanding European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice’s rulings trump the laws of the individual EU states. Now, as its reach and ambitions expand, the union of this increasingly contentious family is further challenged.

Could Australia Tilt Toward China?

Since its publication in August, Hugh White’s “The China Choice” has churned up a controversial debate in Australia about the rise of Chinese power in the region and the wisdom of continued US ties.

Superpower Symbiosis: The Russia-China Axis

China and Russia appear to have a cooperative relationship, but with competing energy and territorial interests in the mix, not to mention domestic instabilities, the future might not be so rosy.

India and Pakistan’s Afghan Endgames

India and Pakistan have each had designs on Afghanistan for years. With an American drawdown on the horizon, both countries are now posturing to compete for influence.

A Study of Post-Soviet Youth

Nadia Diuk’s new book—a survey of youth in Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan—is a must-read for those studying the former Soviet Union and youth movements fighting dictators around the globe.