Winter 2016

We begin 2016 with a global axis of evil represented by ISIS enlarged and emboldened, consolidating its gains in Syria and Iraq and daring to strike in the heart of Europe. We also begin the year with the Obama-Kerry axis of denial leading from behind, if at all, seemingly unconcerned that despotic regimes in Tehran, Beijing, Moscow, and Pyongyang are stronger, more aggressive, and even less concerned with consequences from the US than they were a year earlier. As we begin 2016, our country is facing the most complex, deadly, and diverse multi-threat environment in generations, and it is, for the first time in generations, not clear that the country’s leaders are up to the task. ... Read More

Bravado Meets Reality in Brazil

Having attached itself to China’s fortunes, Brazil’s emerging economy is now in a major tailspin that reveals the country’s deep social fissures and underlying economic weaknesses.

Cuba and the Movement for Democracy

The Castro regime has lost whatever raison d’être it may once have had, is deeply corrupt, and now appears ideologically bankrupt to both the people of Cuba and the rest of the world. What’s next?

The Ukraine Example: Nuclear Disarmament Doesn’t Pay

Washington’s failure to fulfill its explicit security assurances in exchange for Ukraine dismantling its nuclear arsenal has greatly undermined US credibility and global nonproliferation.

The ‘Untold Story’ of a French Jihadist Icon

Like so many other French jihadists, Mohamed Merah, the killer who filmed his savage murder of three Jewish children and a teacher, started as a petty criminal with an “endless” rap sheet.

Rhetoric vs. Reform in Sri Lanka

The window for Washington to walk back some of its soaring rhetoric about Sri Lanka and instead focus on helping push the country toward real change is quickly closing.

Crouching Tiger

From its island landgrabs and “closed sea” doctrine to its asymmetric strategy and calculated naval buildup, China is moving ahead with plans to neutralize US sea power in Asian waters.

FDR and the Holocaust

What did the era’s most prominent symbol of humanitarianism think when confronted with the world’s most compelling moral outrage? History records only a question mark.