News Release: World Affairs Launches Transatlantic Fellows Program, March 20, 2017


World Affairs Launches Fellowship Program to Strengthen Transatlantic Relations

European policy makers and journalists to work with American counterparts on Capitol Hill, in media, and think tanks

Washington D.C. Today the World Affairs Institute announced the launch of the Transatlantic Fellowship Program, a US-based fellowship program to connect and engage early and mid-career policy and opinion makers and journalists in Europe with their counterparts in the U.S. Congress, the Administration, think tanks, and media. The purpose of the program is to strengthen transatlantic relations by facilitating communication, information exchange, and collaboration among European and American policy and opinion makers in the foreign affairs, media and information, energy, cyber, economic, trade, anti-corruption, and security sectors. The fellowship is being conducted as part of Transatlantic Renewal Project (TRP) which was launched in March 2014, co-directed by Lorne Craner and James Denton.

James Denton, president of the World Affairs Institute, remarked that, “The Transatlantic Renewal Project is driven by our conviction that the transatlantic partnership is fundamental to the protection of Western values, security, and our way of life, but that it has frayed in the recent decade at a time when both internal and external threats are rising.” He added, “It is a strategic imperative to rebuild, broaden, and deepen understanding, communication, and cooperation among counterparts within the transatlantic community, both individual and institutional, as an essential step toward reinvigorating and strengthening the partnership. This fellowship is an important part of that larger effort.”

Fellows will be competitively selected. While in the program, the fellows will typically work with a American counterpart on Capitol Hill, a think tank, or a media outlet for three weeks. Additional information and an application can be found here.

The fellowship initiative is made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for Democracy.

Contact Caroline Lalonde at CLalonde@WorldAffairsJournal.org for additional information.