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20 Oct 2008

So Much for Azerbaijani Democracy

in COMMENTARY”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/39341. Middle East Europe and Central Asia Israel Azerbaijan Democracy ...

4 Sep 2008

Russia’s Kosovo Precedent

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/27931. Europe and Central Asia Georgia Kosovo Serbia Macedonia Russia ...

28 Feb 2008

The Moderate Supermajority

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/2762 Middle East Lebanon Palestine Iraq Government Hezbollah Violence ...

17 Jul 2008

The Truth about March 14

horrified”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/pollak/16371 by the death worship on display in Beirut this week after Israel ...

13 Jul 2008

The Iraq War is Over?

://michaelyon-online.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1690 ...

4 May 2012

Mexico's Imperiled Journalists

Mexico's abysmal rating in the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index shows just how far the country's drug gangs have gone to silence journalists' reportage on their activities.
25 Mar 2008

Freedom Fighter Called “Terrorist” by INS

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/3083. North America Middle East US Iraq David Petraeus Asylum Insurgency ...

18 Mar 2008

What Iraqis Want You to Hear

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/2998 North America Middle East Iraq US Military ...

12 Mar 2014

A New Vision for Middle East Peace?

Echoing John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron encourages Israelis and Palestinians to abandon victimhood rhetoric and imagine the benefits of peace.
5 Mar 2008

Hezbollah’s Media Relations

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/2836. Middle East Iran Lebanon Syria Violence Journalism Hezbollah ...

10 Jan 2008

The Bravery of Iraqis

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/1867. North America Middle East US Iraq Intelligence Violence Corruption ...

28 Feb 2012

Is China's Economy Crumbling?

Americans shouldn't be afraid to take advantage of the slowing growth on the other side of the Pacific.
7 Jan 2008

The Real Racist Candidate

bluntly”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/jpodhoretz/1818: “Ah, so the Ron Paul Political Report featured articles expressing ...

6 Dec 2012

Hard Times Ahead for Ukraine

This year has been exceptionally difficult for Ukraine’s economy, and next year is unlikely to be better. Will the Yanukovych regime survive if it doesn’t offer reforms?
24 Dec 2013

China’s Credit Crunch—and Prospects for a Crash

Concerns about Chinese debt usually focus on out-of-control municipalities and their notorious financing, but corporate debt might be the real sickness that brings on an equity crash.
27 Aug 2013

Drift and Decline in Brazil's Economy

Political economy in Brazil often means making the economy serve the politics of those in office. That would explain Dilma Rousseff’s latest policies after an unpopular summer.
9 Feb 2011

Kremlin’s New ‘Undesirables’

Vladimir Kara-Murza's blog In the latest annual Press Freedom Index , Russia ranked 140th in the world, between Ethiopia and Malaysia. Even putting aside the all-too-frequent murders, the origins of which ...

21 Apr 2005

Change – More Weekend Reading

to the latest installment so you can see the index of previous posts, then start ...

1 Feb 2005

Reclaiming the Word ‘Martyr’

Michael J. Totten's blog Posted by Jeremy Brown Salim Yacoubi bent over to kiss the purple ink stain on his twin brother’s right index finger, gone cold with death. “You can see the finger with which he voted,” ...

3 Jul 2013

America Versus China in Africa

The unmistakable subtext of President Obama’s trip to Africa was China’s growing influence on the continent. Luckily for Washington, Beijing’s strength there might be peaking.
26 Jun 2013

China’s Coming Cash Crash?

Chinese banks have suspended lending as the banking system freezes up. A severe liquidity crisis looks like the prelude to a historic crash sometime this year.
28 Apr 2010

The Tortoise and Achilles

arrived at the Lisbon Treaty, which is basically an indexed version ...

17 Dec 2009

The Eclipsing of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/200382. Middle East Israel Iran Qatar Palestine Government Hamas ...

28 Nov 2009

The Dubai Effect

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/180971. Middle East Israel Iran Egypt Lebanon Saudi Arabia Syria UAE ...

19 Nov 2009

A Third Lebanon War Could Be Much Worse than the Second

.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index ...

15 Nov 2009

Damascus Reverts to Form

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/168291. North America Middle East Israel US Syria Iraq Bashar Assad Peace ...

14 Dec 2012

Will China Have the World’s Largest Economy by 2030?

A new National Intelligence Council report predicts that China will surpass the US and become the world’s largest economy by 2030. But a closer look at key factors suggests otherwise.
27 Sep 2009

Hands Off Honduras

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/108131. North America Middle East Syria Honduras US Palestine Iran Embargo ...

30 Aug 2009

No Peace Without Syria

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/82001. Middle East Europe and Central Asia Israel Egypt Syria Bashar Assad ...

13 Aug 2009

Don’t Tell Me How This Ends

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/76131. North America Middle East US Iraq Nouri Maliki Violence Military ...

27 Jul 2009

Culture War Replaces Missile War

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/74571. Middle East Israel Lebanon Palestine Iraq Intelligence Hamas ...

20 Jul 2009

What the West Bank Actually Looks Like

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/73851. Middle East Israel Palestine Journalism Religion Military Economy ...

24 Jun 2009

More on Roger Cohen

.khamenei.ir//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1076& ...

14 Jun 2009

An Enemy of the World

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/69651. North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia Israel Iran Egypt ...

1 Jun 2009

A Tall Order for Saudi Arabia?

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/68152. North America Middle East Saudi Arabia Israel US Palestine Barack ...

29 Apr 2009

The Taliban and Pashtun Nationalism

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/64212. South Asia Afghanistan Pakistan Politics Insurgency Violence ...

21 Apr 2009

Ahmadinejad Stinks Up Geneva

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/63141. North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia Israel Iran US ...

13 Apr 2009

The UN’s Disintegration in Lebanon

Magazine.”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/62182 South Asia North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia ...

22 Mar 2009

The Petraeus Model Won’t Work for Israel

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/59592. North America Middle East South Asia Afghanistan Israel US Palestine ...

8 Mar 2009

The U.S. Needs a Reset Button for Britain

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/57792. North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia Iran US UK Syria ...

3 Mar 2009

Hezbollah Scouts Out The Hague

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/57142. Middle East Europe and Central Asia Netherlands Lebanon France Rafic ...

3 Feb 2009

The New Backbone of the Sunni Resistance

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/53322. Middle East Israel Iran Egypt Lebanon Palestine Hezbollah Peace ...

7 Jan 2009

A Defense of Barack Obama

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/49551. North America Middle East Israel US Palestine Barack Obama Elections ...

28 Sep 2008

The War Won’t End in Afghanistan

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/34001. Europe and Central Asia North America Middle East South Asia ...

7 Jun 2012

Censoring Pollution in China

Not even a grave matter of public health can be reported honestly under Beijing's heavily-censored rule.
3 Jul 2008

Happy Birthday, America

thing”:http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/index.htm. Violence War Independence Revolution ...

27 Jun 2008

The Iraqification of Lebanon

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/13661. Middle East Lebanon Violence Religion Politics Military War ...

7 May 2012

In Burundi, Political Violence Halts Progress

Politically motivated violence in Burundi has stalled progress in this post-conflict country, which may may mirror the challenges ahead for such states as Libya, Syria and Cote d'Ivoire.
18 Jun 2008

Don’t Miss the Zohan

Magazine”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/12311. Middle East Israel Palestine Iraq Military Terrorism ...

23 Apr 2012

Corruption: The Cost of Doing Business

As Wal-Mart’s Mexico scandal shows, US anticorruption laws are too unrealistic to be effective and too moral to be competitive.