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30 Jun 2010
21 Jun 2010

Afghan Glass Is Just over Half-Full

Michael E. O’Hanlon. The Brookings Institution. United States. OPINION. 08:00 PM EDT
23 May 2010

Full Text of Iran’s Letter to IAEA on Nuclear Fuel Swap

Fars News Agency. Iran. 08:00 PM EDT
4 May 2010

OPINION. China’s Oil Diplomacy at Full Throttle in Kenya

Jaindi Kisero. Daily Nation. Kenya. 08:00 PM EDT
4 Mar 2010

Shape, Clear, Hold, and Build: The Full Metrics of the Afghan War

Anthony H. Cordesman. Center for Strategic & International Studies. United States. REPORT. 07:00 PM EST
23 Feb 2010
31 Jan 2010

OPINION. US Af-Pak Path Comes Full Circle

Brahma Chellaney. The Japan Times. 07:00 PM EST
19 Jan 2010
13 Jan 2010
10 Jan 2010

Sporadic Ethnic Violence: Why Has Kenya Not Experienced a Full-Blown Civil War?

Mwangi S. Kimenyi and Njugunas Ndung’u. Inter Region Economic Network. Kenya. ESSAY. 07:00 PM EST
4 Feb 2015

Egypt: Life Sentences for 230 Anti-Mubarak Activists

Al-Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:39 AM EST
2 Feb 2015

OPINION. What is to Be Done About Arab Pathologies?

Hisham Melhem. Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 10:24 AM EST
31 Mar 2010

AUDIO. Sharia Arbitration Panels Spring Up in Britain

The World. Public Radio International. 08:00 PM EDT
26 Jan 2015

The Libya Conundrum

Atlantic Council. United States. 01:02 PM EST

Egypt Officials: Release of Mubarak Sons Delayed

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:49 AM EST
23 Dec 2014

Tunisia's Essebsi Vows to 'Turn Page' as World Leaders Hail Vote

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 10:56 AM EST
20 Nov 2014
30 Dec 2013

Running into the Sand? The EU's Faltering Response to the Arab Revolutions

Center for European Reform. England. 10:44 AM EST
5 Dec 2013

OPINION. Emergence of Al-Qaeda in Egypt's Turmoil

Mohannad Sabry. Al-Monitor. United States. 01:33 PM EST
3 Dec 2013
20 Nov 2013

The Gulf and Sectarianism

European Council on Foreign Relations. United Kingdom. 12:27 PM EST
19 Nov 2013

ANALYSIS. Libya's Status Quo is Unsustainable

The Tripoli Post. 03:19 PM EST
5 Nov 2013

Egypt and Syria's Effect on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Al Jazeera Center for Studies. Qatar 01:24 PM EST
29 Oct 2013

Analysts Say NSA Spying in Middle East 'Intense' Amid Regional Upheaval

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 09:18 AM EDT
24 Oct 2013

The Return of History? Turkey in the New Middle East

The German Marshall Fund of the United States. 01:49 PM EDT
26 Sep 2013
21 Sep 2011

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