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12 Jan 2010
11 Jan 2010

Afghan CIA Base Had Supported Drone Strikes

The Washington Post. 07:00 PM EST

American Law Schools Open Doors to Afghan Students

United States. PRESS RELEASE. 07:00 PM EST
10 Jan 2010

U.S.-Mexico Border Maintained with Illicit Cash

The New York Times. 07:00 PM EST

In Cuba, Enthusiasm Toward Obama Ebbs

The New York Times. 07:00 PM EST

American Baseball Coach in Venezuela is Household Name

New York Times. VIDEO. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. What Obama Must Learn from the Bomb Plot

Clive Crook. The Financial Times. England. 07:00 PM EST
6 Jan 2010
4 Jan 2010
31 Dec 2009

ESSAY. Who Would Let Obama Stand Alone?

Sheng Hong. Unirule Institute of Economics. China. 07:00 PM EST

The Improving Course of Japan-China Relations and the Role of the United States

Takashi Hoshiyama. Institute for International Policy Studies. Japan. 07:00 PM EST

POLICY BRIEF. Obama’s Surge: The United States, Australia and the Second War for Afghanistan

Anthony Bubalo. Lowy Institute for International Policy. Australia. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Gates Suggests India Could Be Regional Anchor for Global Security

M K Bhadrakumar. Asia Times Online. Hong Kong. 07:00 PM EST

Obama: I Lost Touch with American People

The Australian. 07:00 PM EST

Gates Urges Pakistan to Expand Crackdown

The Washington Post. 07:00 PM EST

Gates Confirms Pakistan to Receive Shadow Drones

The Wall Street Journal. 07:00 PM EST

EDITORIAL. Obama Can’t Force Businesses to Hire

The Chicago Tribune. United States. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Obama and the Myth of Job Creation

Mark Lange. The Christian Science Monitor. United States. 07:00 PM EST

EDITORIAL. Obama Regains Footing, But More Forceful Advocacy Needed

The Boston Globe. United States. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Obama Unleashes His Inner Tough Guy

Katie Connolly. Newsweek. United States. 07:00 PM EST

Obama Wants $14 Million More to Train Afghan Forces

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 07:00 PM EST

Obama: Buck Up, India is Coming

Hindustan Times. India. 07:00 PM EST

Gates in Pakistan Seeking Action on Afghan Taliban

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 07:00 PM EST

¿Cambio? The Obama Administration in Latin America: A Disappointing Perspective

Guy Hursthouse and Tomás Ayuso. Council on Hemispheric Affairs. ESSAY. 07:00 PM EST

Peacekeeping and Military Operations by Latin American Militaries

Council on Hemispheric Affairs. United States. OPINION. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Obama: Bush with a Smile?

Adekeye Adebajo. Mail & Guardian. South Africa. 07:00 PM EST
22 Dec 2009

American Muslim Campaign Launched in Times Square

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. The Value of American Muslims

John L. Esposito. Al Jazeera. 07:00 PM EST