In Depth: Middle East

16 Jul 2018

Eight Migrants Suffocate in Libyan Lorry

The National. United Arab Emirates 11:28 AM EDT

Israeli Intelligence’s 2015 Blowtorch Raid on Iran’s Nuclear Archive

The National. United Arab Emirates 11:27 AM EDT

Israel Strikes Syrian Airbase Near Aleppo

Al Jazeera. Multiple 11:23 AM EDT

Emirati Prince Seeks Asylum in Qatar

Dawn. Pakistan 11:22 AM EDT
13 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018

Growing Pragmatic Israel-China Relationship

Council on Foreign Relations. US 02:12 PM EDT

OPINION. Black: Ireland Must Act Against Israeli Settlements

The Irish Times. Ireland 01:10 PM EDT

Damascus Dismantles Driving Checkpoints

Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review. Turkey 12:05 PM EDT

Xi Jinping Seeks Greater Sino-Arab Relations

China Daily. China 10:55 AM EDT
9 Jul 2018

Yemen Civil War Explained

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates 11:55 AM EDT

As Hodeidah Pause Holds, Coalition Airstrikes Continue on Yeman’s West Coast

The National. The United Arab Emirates 05:01 PM EDT
2 Jul 2018

IDF Fires on Palestinians Breaching Gaza Border Fence

Jerusalem Post. Israel 02:21 PM EDT
1 Jul 2018

Syria Army Declares Dael Free of Terrorists

ABNA24. Iran. 12:40 PM EDT

OPINION. Egypt's New Ruling Party?

Dina Shehata. Al-ahram. United Arab Emirates. 12:33 PM EDT
6 Jun 2018

Saudi Arabia Lightens Up on Women – A Little

Michael J. Totten's blog Saudi Arabia is about to become slightly less like a Taliban state. Hardline Sunni Wahhabis have long enforced strict gender segregation and the veiling of women, but that’s about to change, at least around the edges a bit. ...

Iran Plans New Uranium Enrichment

The Washington Post. 08:26 AM EDT
1 Jun 2018

Hezballah's Influence in Lebanon and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies 03:48 PM EDT

After Embassy Move, Trump Weighs Jerusalem Consulate Changes

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 03:38 PM EDT

US Vows UN Security Council Veto of Proposal on Palestinians

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 03:36 PM EDT

Yemeni Army Creates Plan to Liberate Hodeidah

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 03:30 PM EDT

Greek Court Rules to Extradite Suspected Terrorist to Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 03:25 PM EDT

Pentagon Warns Syria's Assad Against Attacking Kurdish-led Forces

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 03:24 PM EDT
29 May 2018

Gaza in Crisis

The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies 04:53 PM EDT

Paraguay's President Horacio Cortes Offers Resignation

Al Jazeera. Multiple. 04:32 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. What Can Palestinians Expect From the ICC?

Al Jazeera. Multiple. 04:18 PM EDT