In Depth: South America

13 Aug 2003

The Lure of Destruction

Michael J. Totten's blog The Washington Post says Mt. Rainier is far more dangerous than we knew. My first reaction: excellent . Only later did I think yikes . I can see the mountain from my office in Portland. It’s bigger than you think. Shelly and ...

24 Sep 2003

Edward Said Is Dead

Michael J. Totten's blog Edward Said, Palestinian English professor and leftist historian at Columbia University died today of leukemia. He was 67. If you want a well-balanced appraisal of his life and his work, this piece by Christopher Hitchens in ...

22 Oct 2003

South America Photo Album

Michael J. Totten's blog Four weeks from today Shelly and I begin our annual trip out of the country. This time we leave for fifteen days in Central America. One week in Antigua, Guatemala, and another on an island off the coast of Belize. There is ...

25 Feb 2004

Digging Holes

Michael J. Totten's blog Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Florida) dug one heckuva hole . She ripped into Bush’s policy on Haiti and called it “racist” (for some inexplicable reason) and said his administration is “a bunch of white men.” Last I checked, Colin ...

14 Mar 2004

Home Again

Michael J. Totten's blog I just got back from spending four days in the lovely city of Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s after midnight and I’m too tired and out of the news loop to write anything. Blogging will resume shortly. I couldn’t help but ...

30 Mar 2004

The Rise of the Suicide Bomber

Michael J. Totten's blog The suicide-bombing death cult is a disease. And it’s catching . LA PAZ, Bolivia – A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest in a hallway of the Bolivian congress Tuesday, killing himself and wounding two police, ...

29 May 2004

25 Years Versus a Month

Michael J. Totten's blog Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was stripped of his immunity from prosecution for mass murder, torture, and other crimes against humanity. He may face a trial after all, but we really don’t know. The Chilean Supreme ...

8 Jul 2004

The South is a Desert

Michael J. Totten's blog DOUZ, Tunisia – The sand gets in your teeth. This is not the sand you know. Not the rim of pulverized granules of silicon and rock that ring the beaches of the world, nor the finely ground dirt of the Great Basin, the Mojave, ...

8 Aug 2004

Loyalty Oaths

Michael J. Totten's blog This has to be one of the dumbest campaign strategies I’ve ever seen. RIO RANCHO, N.M. — A Republican National Committee practice of having people sign a form endorsing President Bush or pledging to vote for him in November ...

12 Aug 2004

Kick Chavez in the Ass. Please.

Michael J. Totten's blog Tomorrow (Sunday) Venezuelans will vote whether or not to recall their brute-in-chief Hugo Chavez. For a brief period of time (long since lapsed) I thought Chavez might be the right guy for Venezuela. Somebody had to come ...

15 Aug 2004

Class Warfare – A Reality Check

Michael J. Totten's blog The Democratic Party is frequently accused of waging “class warfare” inside the United States for bickering with the GOP about the tax code. Now is a good time to revisit what class warfare actually looks like. From a blog I ...

Dewey Defeats Truman, Indeed

Michael J. Totten's blog Well, it looks like I goofed my last post pretty severely. I wanted to write about Hugo Chavez before bed, and this is what I get. He didn’t lose, he won . Damn. By the way, Britain’s Independent was the newspaper that told ...

Defenders of Jackboots

Michael J. Totten's blog Good riddance, buddy . The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, looked to be losing his grip on power last night as exit polls showed him to be trailing the opposition by almost a million votes. The figures were early ...

Notes on Hugo Chavez

Michael J. Totten's blog Several people in the comments can’t understand why I’ve been thrashing on Hugo Chavez. I suggest reading about his rather unimpressive record documented by Human Rights Watch . That’s a good place to start. As far as helping ...

18 Aug 2004

Comrade Chavez “Owns” Venezuela

Michael J. Totten's blog Comrade Hugo Chavez and his gun-toting goons think if they win an election it’s okay to murder the opposition. Those comparing him to Chile’s Salvador Allende, stop. The number of people killed by Allende’s government reached ...

16 Oct 2004

The Price of Politicization

Michael J. Totten's blog I don’t want to suggest that the opposition party ought to shut up about foreign policy. But the opposition, whether Democrat or Republican, ought to be careful. We used to say partisanship stopped at the water’s edge. There ...

19 Oct 2004

Moving Backwards

Michael J. Totten's blog Brazilian journalist Nelson Ascher says the 911 attacks show history has been moving in the wrong direction . I remember when a friend of mine came to visit me, maybe 15 years ago, with the newest issue of “Veja”, the ...

21 Nov 2004

An Assassination Would Have Been Embarrassing Too

Michael J. Totten's blog The pride of the Chilean police and its power elite might have been chafed a tad had Bush been assassinated while visiting, so I’m pleased on their behalf that such a faux pas did not occur: U.S. officials said Chilean police ...

27 Nov 2004

Bush’s South America Security Detail

Michael J. Totten's blog Posted by Jeremy Brown There is a report today that would seem to vindicate the unapologetic emphasis on keeping presidential security in the hands of the Secret Service during Bush’s trip to South America (despite some ...

29 Nov 2004

Home From Libya

Michael J. Totten's blog Well, it’s a police state. You knew that already, I know, but it’s obviously a police state when you’re walking around in it. I saw more pictures of Ghaddafi during a week than in all the rest of my life put together. The ...

30 Nov 2004

Weirder Than Libya

Michael J. Totten's blog When you visit another country you meet other people who are also visiting the country. Inevitably you’ll discuss other places you’ve been. If you go to Costa Rica you’ll meet people who’ve been to Guatemala and Bolivia. Go ...

10 Feb 2005

Bat Ye’or at Columbia

Michael J. Totten's blog Posted by Mary Madigan I went to hear Egyptian scholar Bat Ye’or speak at Columbia University on Tuesday. Yes, the pro-Israel Ye’or walked directly into the belly of Columbia’s leftist beast. Despite the documented anti ...

12 Mar 2005

Pacific Northwest Fireball

Michael J. Totten's blog I went sailing on the Columbia River this weekend with my friends Jeremy and Megan. After we tied up the boat and headed back toward the car I saw what first looked like a typical shooting star streaking across the early ...

11 Apr 2005

We have the technology

Michael J. Totten's blog Posted by Mary Madigan After 9/11, when it became apparent that oil producing nations in the Middle East just might have had something to do with the attacks, I believed that the best way for American civilians to fight ...

30 Jul 2005

Returned to Sender

Michael J. Totten's blog Many years ago I wanted to move to Canada. It wasn’t because I wanted to flee the United States or become an expat per se. I just wanted to live in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, and ...

23 Aug 2005

Why Israel Has to Leave Now or Later

Michael J. Totten's blog Pat Robertson proves himself a foreign policy dumbass twice in one week. First he pops off about assassinating Hugo Chavez. Now he rails against Israelis for doing what must, at some point, be done. Pat Robertson, one of the ...

20 Mar 2006

Columbia for sale

Michael J. Totten's blog Further to Lee Smith’s guest post, here’s an article by Mohamed Eljahmi, a Libyan-American whose brother Fathi is under lock and key in Libya. Eljahmi points out that Columbia University is taking Libyan money for a ...

21 Mar 2006

Invite Fathi

Michael J. Totten's blog Why does Columbia not put Fathi Eljahmi , a Libyan dissident, on its teleconference today? Andrew Apostolou (still in pyjamas, but not in the media). South America Middle East Libya Colombia ...

2 Aug 2006

Cross-posted at Instapundit

Michael J. Totten's blog BELIEVE IT ONLY WHEN YOU SEE IT: Syria says it kinda sorta maybe, if it’s not too much trouble and if they get something juicy for doing it, just might consider playing a “constructive role” in pressuring Hezbollah to agree ...

24 Oct 2006

Argentina (Finally) Charges Iran and Hezbollah

Michael J. Totten's blog One of the most annoying arguments from Lebanon’s Syrian and Iranian stooges is that the disarmament of Hezbollah is an “internal matter.” In other words, the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, Egypt, ...

1 Jun 2009

Freedom Train: A Tour of 1989

Congressman David Dreier reflects on the twentieth anniversary of 1989, a tumultuous and decisive year.
1 Sep 2009

Feeble Critiques: Capitalism's Petty Detractors

Last year's financial crisis has been touted as a cataclysm akin to the fall of Communism, but Jagdish Bhagwati argues that such comparisons exaggerate the problem—and free marketers need not apologize for liberal policies.

American Brethren: Hebrews and Puritans

From the first Thanksgiving to The Scarlet Letter, the Puritans are well known to most Americans. But as Jim Sleeper reminds us, Cotton Mather and his tribe took more than one of their strokes from the ancient Hebrews—and the influence lives on.
15 Dec 2009

OPINION. Brazil's China Headache

Sebastian Mallaby. The Washington Post. 07:00 PM EST
16 Dec 2009

US Ambassador Declares Argentina 'Key Ally'

Buenos Aires Herald. 07:00 PM EST
18 Dec 2009

OPINION. Open Letter to Brazil President Lula

El Universal. Venezuela. 07:00 PM EST

Poll Shows Latin Americans Disapprove of Chavez

El Universal. Venezuela. 07:00 PM EST

FARC Trained Civilians in Caracus-Based Fort Tiuna

El Universal. Venezuela. 07:00 PM EST

Conservative Pinera Wins Plurality in Chile Vote

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 07:00 PM EST
31 Dec 2009

OPINION. Chile Unlikely to Lead Anti-Chávez Bloc

Andres Oppenheimer. The Miami Herald. United States. 07:00 PM EST