Transatlantic Fellows Program

The Transatlantic Renewal Project (TRP) was launched by the World Affairs Institute (WAI) in the Winter of 2014 to strengthen the transatlantic community by facilitating communication, information exchange, and cooperation between Europeans and Americans working on policy issues that are vital to the security and the preservation of the partnership.

TRP is driven by our view that the transatlantic partnership has been and continues to be the fundamental building block upon which Western values and security are protected and advanced. This historic and highly successful partnership has frayed in the past decade amidst rising and urgent internal and external threats. We consider it a security imperative to rebuild, broaden, and deepen ties between policy and opinion-making counterparts within the partnership, both individual and institutional.

In the past three years, the TRP Roundtable Series has convened over 250 senior government and parliamentary officials, think tank experts, and leading journalists in 2-day discussions across seven capital cities in eastern Europe, as well as numerous formal and informal meetings in Washington DC to discuss the immediate challenges confronting the partnership.

The Transatlantic Fellows Program was launched in March 2017 as a follow-on activity to the TRP Roundtable Series to engage American and European policy and opinion-making counterparts, and to build cadre among them by deepening understanding and cooperation, and to develop strategies that will meaningfully counter mounting threats. We view this fellowship program as an essential step forward to reinvigorating the transatlantic partnership. 

2017 Transatlantic Fellowship Schedule

Session I:  June 11- June 30
Application submission deadline: April 1o

Selections Announced: May 1

Session II:  September 17- October 6
Application submission deadline: June 1

Selections Announced: June 30

Program Activity
Transatlantic Fellows will spend three weeks in Washington DC. During the first “orientation” week, fellows will meet with a representative group of the DC-based foreign/security policy and opinion-making community. During the second and third weeks of the program, each fellow will work with a counterpart from whose “host” office—typically a think tank, media outlet, or congressional office—the fellows will conduct the activities and research and pursue the goals that they proposed in the “Transatlantic Project” section of their application. (For further information, see Section E in the application below).

Eligibility and Criteria
To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be a citizen of, and reside in a member country of the European Union, NATO, or Ukraine.
  • be employed in national government, politics, think tanks, or journalism (editorial or correspondent) whose work relates to issues of immediate concern to the transatlantic community.
  • have excellent written and verbal English language skills.
  • complete the Transatlantic Fellowship Application (below) and submit as instructed.

In selecting candidates, WAI will generally give preference to applicants who:

  • have not had comparable professional work or fellowship experience in Washington DC in the recent 5 years.
  • are in early-mid career.
  • are citizens of one of Europe’s new democracies.
  • work in transatlantic relations, national security and defense, counter terrorism, information and disinformation, cyber security, anti-corruption and government accountability (in Ukraine).
  • are able to secure and document that they can provide cost-sharing in an amount equal to $500 USD to supplement their weekly stipend; and most importantly,
  • are highly likely to facilitate the strengthening of the transatlantic partnership meaningfully, and in ways relevant to the urgent challenges before it.

The Transatlantic Fellows Program is funded by a generous grant from the National Endowment for Democracy. This NED award will sponsor 16 Transatlantic Fellows in 2017.

Please download the application here.