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ALAN JOHNSON is the editor of Fathom: For a deeper understanding of Israel and the region. He is a senior research associate at the London-based Foreign Policy Centre and a World Affairs blogger. A professor of democratic theory and practice at Edge Hill University in Lancashire, England, and an editorial board member of Dissent magazine, he founded and edited Democratiya, a free online journal of international politics from 2005 until its incorporation into Dissent in 2009. After opposing the invasion of Iraq, Alan co-founded Labour Friends of Iraq and, with Abdullah Muhsin, co-authored “Hadi Never Died: Hadi Saleh and the Iraqi Trade Unions” (Trades Unions Congress, 2006). He helped put together the 2006 “Euston Manifesto,” a modern statement of—in his eyes, anyway—social democratic antitotalitarianism, the name of his desire, and in 2007 he edited Global Politics After 9/11: The Democratiya Interviews (preface by Michael Walzer). Alan recently completed a consultancy project for the UK government, studying journeys taken by young British Muslims “in and out of extremism” and helping to develop strategies and communications aimed at countering radicalization and extremism.

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