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ELIZABETH DICKINSON is a foreign correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and the National, reporting from the Middle East and Africa, and she is editor of the InterDependent. Elizabeth contributes regularly to Foreign Policy and the Atlantic, and her writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Monthly, New Republic, IRIN News, AllAfrica.com, the International Herald Tribune, Newsweek International, and the Mail and Guardian. Co-editor of The Southern Tiger, a recent release from Palgrave-MacMillan, she is regularly a guest on NPR, the BBC, ABC News, France24, Sirius XM radio, and Washington's WTOP. 

Elizabeth previously served as assistant managing editor at Foreign Policy magazine in Washington, DC, and Nigeria correspondent for the Economist. She held internships with the Wall Street Journal in Brussels and the West Africa bureau of the New York Times, in Dakar. 

She speaks French, Spanish, Krio, and enough Yoruba for party tricks. An avid runner, Elizabeth holds a BA in African and International Studies from Yale University. She is based out of her suitcase.

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