Ronald Steel

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RONALD STEEL teaches American foreign policy at the University of Southern California. In his studies, he combines elements not only of history and political science, but also of sociology, psychology, economics, and political anthropology. Steel's interest is reflected in his books on the impact of American relations with other nations, and particularly with Europe, as well as those studies that deal with powerful personalities who have had a determinant influence on policies and events. Three of his books—Pax Americana, The End of Alliance, and Temptations of a Superpower—analyze the forces that have governed American foreign relations since World War II. Three other books—Imperialists and Other Heroes, Walter Lippmann and the American Century, and In Love With Night: The American Romance with Robert Kennedy—are biographical studies of key individuals in American society and politics. He has received the National Book Critics' Circle Award, the Bancroft Prize in American History, the American Book Award, the Los Angeles Times Book Award, and has been a Pulitzer Prize finalist.