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2 Sep 2014

Journalist Steven Sotloff Executed

Michael J. Totten's blog The Islamic State just executed my colleague Steven Sotloff on camera. He and I corresponded by email and planned to meet in Libya last year, though it didn’t work out. He had to leave and I had to cancel my trip and re-route ...

Germany to Offer Support for the Kurds in Iraq

Germany. Press Release. 02:08 PM EDT

Liberalism’s Beleaguered Victory: “The End of History?” at 25

Hudson Institute. United States. 01:46 PM EDT

Child Brides, Global Consequences

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 12:48 PM EDT

Bosnia's Divides, Still Unbridged

Two decades after the Bosnian War, ethnic divisions still dominate politics in a region where Vladimir Putin is subverting the West on a lesser-known front.

Liberian Doctors Strike, UN Warns of Food Shortages Due to Ebola

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 12:00 PM EDT

Syrian Rebels Issue Demands for Captive UN Troops

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:32 AM EDT

Bangkok Targets Burma in Special Border Trade Plan

The Irrawaddy. Thailand. 11:23 AM EDT

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou Says He Backs Democracy for Hong Kong

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 11:20 AM EDT

Venezuelan President Maduro to 'Shake Up the Government'

El Universal. Venezuela. 11:14 AM EDT

Thai Junta Blocks Rights Meeting in Bangkok

Asia One. Singapore. 10:34 AM EDT

Exiled Lesotho PM's Return After 'Coup' Uncertain

Daily Nation. Kenya. 10:04 AM EDT

Ebola Kills 31 People in DR Congo

Capital News. Kenya. 09:54 AM EDT

Nigerian Army 'Inflicts Heavy Casualties' on Boko Haram

Africa Review. Kenya. 09:50 AM EDT

Pakistan Promises to IMF in Doubt as Protests Sap Economy

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 09:38 AM EDT

NATO Prepares New Chapter in Ties with Afghanistan

Pajhwok Afghan News. 09:35 AM EDT

US Military Targets Al-Shabab in Somalia

Al Jazeera America. United States. 08:08 AM EDT

Baltic States Fear Putin Amid Escalation in Ukraine

NBC. United States. 07:56 AM EDT

The Nusra Front's Impossible Demand

Michael J. Totten's blog Considering the events of the last couple of weeks, you could be forgiven if you forgot that the Islamic State isn’t the only terrorist group fighting in Syria. There’s also the Nusra Front. They recently kidnapped ...

Beijing's Hong Kong Ruling Sparks Protests

Herald Sun. Australia. 10:28 AM EDT
29 Aug 2014

Obama: White House Still Working on ISIL Plan

Politico. United States. 05:00 PM EDT