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Nicaraguan Protests Death Toll Hits 317

Voice of America. US 12:32 PM EDT

Mnangagwa Wins Zimbabwe Presidency with 50.8% of the Vote

Africa News. Netherlands 12:31 PM EDT

Pompeo: US Committed to ASEAN Partnerships

The Straits Times. Singapore 12:28 PM EDT

Protests Ensue Following Danish Burqa Ban

The Guardian. UK 12:56 PM EDT

Turkey and US Phone Talks Over Potential Release of US Pastor Held in Turkish Prison

Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review. Turkey 11:04 AM EDT

Turkey Will ‘Not Give Credit’ to US Threats Over Brunson Crisis

Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review. Turkey 11:04 AM EDT

DRC Ex-Warlord, Bemba, Returns Home to Challenge Kabila

Times LIVE. South Africa 11:01 AM EDT

Thousands of Displaced Confined to Camps in Syria

Human Rights Watch. US 10:59 AM EDT

Houthis Announce They Will Halt Red Sea Attacks for Two Weeks

The National. United Arab Emirates 10:59 AM EDT

Xi Jinping’s Policies Lead to Rare Discontent at Home

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia 10:54 AM EDT

Climate Change Threatens US Strategic Relationships in Asia-Pacific

International Institute for Strategic Studies. UK 10:52 AM EDT

McCann: ‘Cambodia is Becoming a Chinese Province’

Asia Sentinel. Hong Kong 10:51 AM EDT

Pompeo to Urge ASEAN Nations to Keep Pressure on North Korea

The Straits Times. Singapore 10:50 AM EDT

On The Ground Report, Three Months of Violence in Nicaragua

Council on Hemispheric Affairs. US 02:13 PM EDT

Immigration in Germany, Dictated by Local Police

National Public Radio. US 02:11 PM EDT

Security Concerns Rule Fractious Mali Elections

Africa News. Netherlands 12:00 PM EDT