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22 Jul 2014

Putin Warns Of Strengthening NATO Forces

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 04:41 PM EDT

Over 50 Palestinians Killed as Israeli Assault Continues

Ma'an News Agency. Palestinian Territories. 04:32 PM EDT

Ukraine Instates Third Military Draft

Kyiv Post 03:22 PM EDT

Israel is Not Going Anywhere

Michael J. Totten's blog An Israeli journalist gave his Palestinian cameraman a tour of Tel Aviv and this is what happened : On the Ayalon Highway, the highway leading to the big city , he first laid eyes upon the tall buildings, Tel Aviv’s towers, ...

China and Latin America: Pivots and Rivets

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited four Latin American countries last week, pledging money and tightening bonds with nations like Brazil and Argentina.

Strategy and its Discontents: The Place of Strategy in National Policymaking

Australian Strategic Policy Institute. 11:46 AM EDT

Iran’s Nuclear Chess: Calculating America’s Moves

Wilson Center. United States. 11:36 AM EDT

OPINION. How to Break Hamas’s Stranglehold on Gaza

David Ignatius. The Washington Post. 10:54 AM EDT

Clashes Continue Between Ethnic Rebels and Burma Army

The Irrawaddy. Thailand. 10:51 AM EDT

US, UN Stand by Egyptian Cease-Fire Proposal

Daily News Egypt. 10:33 AM EDT

Washington Presses Europe for Tougher Russia Sanctions

Der Spiegel. Germany. 10:21 AM EDT

No Safe Place for Civilians in Gaza, Says UN

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 10:19 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Myanmar’s Constitutional Uncertainty

The Diplomat. Japan. 10:12 AM EDT

China, Cuba to Further Advance Ties

China Daily. 10:11 AM EDT

Dutch Take Over Lead of Malaysia Airlines Crash Investigation in Ukraine

The Wall Street Journal. United States. 09:55 AM EDT

Venezuela, China Sign 38 Bilateral Cooperation Agreements

El Universal. Venezuela. 09:35 AM EDT

South Africa Urged to Help Broker Gaza Ceasefire

News 24. South Africa. 09:30 AM EDT

Indian Soldier Killed in Pakistan Firing Along LoC

Hindustan Times. India. 09:28 AM EDT

Pakistan, US Resolve to Deepen Bilateral Relationship

Daily Times. Pakistan. 09:27 AM EDT

Central Africa Ex-Rebels Fail to Show Up at Peace Talks

Africa Review. Kenya. 09:14 AM EDT

A Different Germany? Maybe

Riding high on their World Cup victory, the people of Germany are showing, in the words of Der Spiegel, “a new lightness of being, and a growing importance in the world.”

The Second Cold War?

American policymakers need to acknowledge that Russia and China are not partners of the US but in fact adversaries on the other side of a growing international divide.

Bloody Clashes Break Out in Libya's Benghazi

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 06:31 AM EDT

US Calls for Immediate Truce in Gaza as Death Toll Mounts

The Wall Street Journal. United States. 06:30 AM EDT
21 Jul 2014