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30 Mar 2015

China, Japan Duel For Indonesia's High-Speed Rail

Bangkok Post. Thailand. 02:24 PM EDT

Myanmar, Rebels Reach Breakthrough Ceasefire Accord

Bangkok Post. Thailand. 02:23 PM EDT

Taiwan To Lift 10-Year Ban On Vietnamese Workers

Bangkok Post. Thailand. 02:23 PM EDT

US: North Korea Taking Steps To Deploy ICBM

The Korea Times. 02:22 PM EDT

Indians In Yemen To Be Evacuated in Ships

The Hindu. India. 02:08 PM EDT

Eighteen Indian Fisherman Arrested in Pakistan

The Times of India. 02:01 PM EDT

Pakistan People's Party Backs Saudi Action in Yemen

Daily Times. Pakistan. 02:00 PM EDT

Thailand Detains 76 Migrants Found On Train, Including Rohingya

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 01:59 PM EDT

China’s Military and Growing Political Power

Vox. United Kingdom 12:54 PM EDT

Why Is Russia Deploying Nuclear Weapons to Crimea?

The Jamestown Foundation. United States. 12:53 PM EDT

French Local Elections: Winners and Losers

Open Europe. UK. 12:42 PM EDT

Forces Allied to Yemen’s Saleh Approach Aden

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:49 AM EDT

Pro-Bedouin March Winds Up at Israel Presidency

Ma'an News Agency. Palestine. 11:48 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Will Russia Disrupt Iran Nuclear Talks?

Al Monitor. United States. 11:42 AM EDT

OPINION. Sectarian Strife is Fuelling Middle East's Arms Trade

Bill Law. Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:41 AM EDT

US, Allies Stage More Air Strikes in Iraq Against ISIS

Al Arabyia. United Arab Emirates. 11:26 AM EDT

Saudi Arabia Open to Meeting Yemen Political Factions

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:25 AM EDT

EDITORIAL. Nigeria's Saturday Election And The Military

The Guardian. Nigeria. 11:16 AM EDT

EDITORIAL. Elections Nigeria Must Win

The Guardian. Nigeria. 11:15 AM EDT

45 Dead in Air Strike on Yemen Refugee Camp

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:14 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. What Yemen Means for Syria

Now. Lebanon. 11:12 AM EDT

Sudan Confirms Joining Saudi-Led Yemen Operation

Daily Times. Nigeria. 11:12 AM EDT

Africa's Club Of Super-Rich Individuals Is Growing

Africa Review. Kenya. 10:56 AM EDT

President Obama To Visit Kenya In July

Daily Nation. Kenya. 10:52 AM EDT