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28 Jan 2015

Free Speech vs. Hate Speech in France: A Guide for the Perplexed

Why are French authorities trumpeting free speech but cracking down on hate speech? It’s to do with the European distinction between preventing harm and preventing offense.

Korean Gov’t Denounces ISIS Murder of Haruna Yukawa

South Korea. STATEMENT. 01:38 PM EST

Japan’s Territorial Issues and the Historical Understandings of the Concerned Countries

The Japan Institute of International Affairs. 12:36 PM EST

OPINION. Houthi’s Impact on Yemen

Osama Al Sharif. Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 12:35 PM EST

Israeli Defense Force Digs for Hezbollah Tunnels

Al Bawaba News. Jordan. 12:33 PM EST

South African Economic Diplomacy: Engaging the Private Sector and Parastatals

Institute For Security Studies. South Africa. 12:31 PM EST

Jordan Demands Proof of Life of ISIS-Held Pilot

The Peninsula. Qatar. 12:29 PM EST

Bomb Injures 7 Security Personnel in Cairo

Daily News Egypt. 12:28 PM EST

Emotional Intelligence for EU Democracy

Carnegie Europe. Belgium. 12:27 PM EST

Protestors Try to Storm UN Compound in Gaza

Al Arabiya News. United Arab Emirates. 12:26 PM EST

OPINION. Israel, Iran and Hezbollah: A Dangerous Triangle

Yossi Mekelberg. Al Arabiya News. United Arab Emirates. 12:25 PM EST

Pentagon Confirms US Talks with Yemen’s Houthis

Al Arabiya News. United Arab Emirates. 12:23 PM EST

OPINION. Time For Creative Solutions to Dealing With Corruption

Tabia Princewill. Vanguard. Nigeria. 11:41 AM EST

Water is More Lethal than Boko Haram in Nigeria

This Day. Nigeria. 11:38 AM EST

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un to Visit Russia in May: Kremlin

Yonhap News Agency. South Korea. 11:37 AM EST

Tanzania Shuts Major East African Newspaper

Times LIVE. South Africa. 11:36 AM EST

Tanzania Shuts Major East African Newspaper

Times LIVE. South Africa. 11:36 AM EST

UN: South Sudan Releases 280 Child Soldiers

Sudan Tribune. 11:34 AM EST

Bulgarian Citizens Detained in Sudan Well: Foreign Minister

FOCUS News Agency. Bulgaria. 11:33 AM EST

Zimbabwe Refugees Jailed

News24. South Africa. 11:31 AM EST

Ex-Minister Calls Nigeria a ‘Failed State’

News24. South Africa. 11:29 AM EST

Disturbing Videos Raise War-Crimes Concerns in Ukraine

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 11:25 AM EST

Poroshenko Urges Putin to Release Jailed Ukrainian Pilot Nadia Savchenko

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 11:24 AM EST

Spain Opens Inquiry Into Deadly NATO Fighter Jet Crash

Radio France Internationale. 11:13 AM EST

OPINION. Does Russia’s Turkey Pipeline Make Sense?

Chi-Kong Chyong. EUobserver. Belgium. 11:12 AM EST

Greece May Veto Further EU Sanctions Against Russia

Ekathimerini.com. Greece. 11:10 AM EST

EU Raises Alarm on Bulgaria Corruption

EUobserver. Belgium. 11:09 AM EST

EU Foreign Ministers to Expand Russia Blacklist

EUobserver. Belgium. 11:08 AM EST
27 Jan 2015

Roadside Bomb Injures Border Police in Thailand’s Yala Provinc

The Nation Media. Thailand. 03:18 PM EST

OPINION. China: The Eclipse of the Politburo

Timothy Heath. The Diplomat. Japan. 03:17 PM EST

OPINION. High Stakes with Philippine Government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front

Jojo Robles. Manila Standard Today. Philippines. 03:15 PM EST