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7 Jul 2015

Iran is Not a Bulwark

Michael J. Totten's blog An unnamed American diplomat told the Sunday Times in Britain that President Barack Obama “believes a peaceful Iran could be a bulwark against ISIS in the Middle East and the key to peace there.” The Iranian people and ...

EU Leaders Discussing How to Manage a ‘Grexit’

The Telegraph. England. 02:00 PM EDT

Obama Breaks Protocol, Slights Top Chinese General

The Obama administration seems to have given the cold shoulder to Fan Changlong, a top Chinese general and closer adviser to President Xi Jinping, during a recent visit to Washington.

OPNION. Beijing’s Chilling New National Security Law

Frank Ching. Japan Times. 01:28 PM EDT

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Asks UN for Help on Vietnam Problem

The Phnom Penh Post. Cambodia. 01:27 PM EDT

Bangkok's Tap Water May Run Out in a Month

Bangkok Post. Thailand. 01:26 PM EDT

China Needs Long-Range Strategic Bomber: State Media

Thanh Nien News. Vietnam. 01:25 PM EDT

Airstrike Kills ISIS Second in Command in Afghanistan

Khaama Press. Afghanistan. 01:19 PM EDT

OPINION. Nuclear Arms Race in South Asia

Musa Khan Jalalzai. Daily Times. Pakistan. 01:18 PM EDT

Japan Tries to Justify Colonial-Era Forced Labor

The Korea Times. South Korea. 01:15 PM EDT

Indianan Army Returns Pakistani Boy Who Crossed ‘Line of Control’

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 01:14 PM EDT

UK Comes to Standstill to Mark 10 Years Since 7/7 Attacks

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 01:05 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. A Diplomat Named Raul Castro

Havana Times. 11:36 AM EDT

Managing Success of the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Canadian Institute of International Affairs. 11:32 AM EDT

Mexican Navy Rescues 12 Cubans From Makeshift Raft

El Universal. Venezuela. 11:30 AM EDT

ISIS Attacks Airbase in Libya

Libya Herald. 11:29 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. In El Salvador, a Rare Murder-Free Town Asks: What's Secret of Our Success?

Christian Science Monitor. United States. 11:28 AM EDT

Boko Haram Releases 182 Detainees

Nigerian Tribune. 11:28 AM EDT

20 Killed in Nigerian Government Building Bombing

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:26 AM EDT

French Special Forces Kill Senior al-Qaeda Terrorist in Mali

Middle East Online. England. 11:23 AM EDT

Pope Francis Draws Half a Million to Ecuador Mass

Latin America News Dispatch. United States. 11:23 AM EDT

Nigerian President: Willing to Negotiate with Boko Haram

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:20 AM EDT

Eurozone: Greece Should Not Expect Debt Relief Soon

The Guardian. England. 11:16 AM EDT