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23 Oct 2014

Only Tariffs Will Stop China's Cyber Attacks

Beijing has launched another cyber attack, this time on Apple user data. It’s time for Washington to get serious about punishing this criminal behavior sanctioned by China's leaders.

Statement by PM Harper Regarding Attack in Ottawa

Canada. Statement. 01:16 PM EDT

Attacking ISIL’s Financial Foundation

http://iipdigital.usembassy.gov/st/english/texttrans/2014/10/20141023310134.html#axzz3GzERyHNh 01:12 PM EDT

Trends in the International Community’s War on IS

Al Jazeera Center for Studies. 01:10 PM EDT

Human Rights Abuses in North Korea’s Nuclear Program

The Asan Institute for Policy Studies. South Korea. 01:09 PM EDT

EU Leaders Gear Up for Heated Climate Summit

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:06 PM EDT

US: IS Earns $1 Million a Month in Black Market Oil Sales

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 12:05 PM EDT

Militant Group Claims Bombing at Cairo University

Al Bawaba. Jordan. 12:03 PM EDT

Confidants of North Korean Leader Jong-un Disappearing

JoongAng Daily. South Korea. 11:59 AM EDT

South Yemen Separatists Vow to Intensify Secession Protests

Middle East Online. England. 11:53 AM EDT

Coal-Reliant Poland Plans to Block EU Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The Epoch Times. United States. 11:45 AM EDT

Rousseff Overtakes Neves 4 Days Before Election, Latest Poll Shows

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:14 AM EDT

Rebels Attack Oil Pipeline in Southern Colombia

Colombia Reports. 11:09 AM EDT

Gunmen Kill Eight in Quetta Bus Attack

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 11:07 AM EDT

Amnesty Seeking UN Help on Abuses of Migrant Workers in South Korea

The Korea Times. South Korea. 11:04 AM EDT

Pakistan Violates Ceasefire, Fires Twice

The Economic Times. India. 10:56 AM EDT

Number of Ebola Cases Nears 10,000

Capital News. Kenya. 10:22 AM EDT

South Africa Open for Business, Says President Zuma

SABC. South Africa. 10:17 AM EDT

Nigerian Schoolgirls Face Uncertainty if They Are Freed

News 24. South Africa. 09:41 AM EDT

South Africa Allocates $3 Million to Help Curb Ebola

Africa Review. Kenya. 09:36 AM EDT

We're On the Government's Hit List, Says Botswana Opposition Leader

Mail & Guardian. South Africa. 09:34 AM EDT

Boko Haram Raids Norhteast Nigeria, Kidnaps 45 Girls

Daily Post. Nigeria. 09:31 AM EDT

US Arms Airdrop Fell into ISIS Hands, Pentagon Confirms

Al Arabiya. Saudi Arabia. 08:53 AM EDT
22 Oct 2014

The Twisted Appeal of ISIS

Michael J. Totten's blog A poll released last week by the Washington Institute suggestss that the Islamic State may be more popular in Europe than in the Middle East . Lee Smith tries to make sense of it. Europe’s got great health care, welfare, and ...

NATO Intercepts Surveillance Aircrafts Over Baltic Sea

International Business Times. United States. 04:43 PM EDT

Watchdog Reports Cyber-Attack Against iCloud China

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 04:31 PM EDT

Libya Army Scores Small Victory in Benghazi

Middle East Online. England. 04:24 PM EDT

Security Mayhem a Living Hell for Benghazi Residents

Al Akhbar. Lebanon. 03:44 PM EDT