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28 Feb 2015
27 Feb 2015

Obama's Comprehensive Approach to Counterterrorism

President Obama and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter are right to fight violent extremism with a strategy that combines hard and soft power alike.

UK FM Urges South Sudan Leaders to Reach Peace Agreement

United Kingdom. PRESS RELEASE. 02:57 PM EST

Philippine Troops Locked in Heavy Fighting with Rebels

The Philippine Star. 02:44 PM EST

US Sends Spy Plane to Patrol Disputed South China Sea

The Philippine Star. 02:43 PM EST

Japan Arrests Teen for ‘IS-Inspired’ Killing

The Bangkok Post. Thailand. 02:43 PM EST

North Korea Unilaterally Raises Wages at Joint Kaesong Industrial Complex

Korea Joonang Daily. South Korea. 02:42 PM EST

South Korea’s Ominous Birth Rate Continues

Korea Joonang Daily. South Korea. 02:41 PM EST

UN: North Korea Renames Ships to Evade Sanctions

The China Post. Taiwan. 02:40 PM EST

Taliban Burn Down Mosque in Ghazni

Pajhwok Afghan News. 02:32 PM EST

If America Leads, Will Anyone Follow?

Brookings Institute. United States. 12:43 PM EST

The Greek Deal: What Does it Mean for Podemos?

Open Europe. United Kingdom. 12:42 PM EST

More Union in European Defense

The Centre for European Policy Studies. Belgium. 12:41 PM EST

OPINION. How Voting in Africa Can Get Better

Ferran Martinez i Coma. Africa Review. 12:13 PM EST

EDITORIAL. Can Merkel's Diplomacy Save Europe?

Spiegel Online. Germany. 12:03 PM EST

Russian Finance Ministry Gives Gloomy 2015 Forecast

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 12:00 PM EST

Anti-Government Clashes in Greece As Bailout Extended

EUobserver. Belgium. 11:59 AM EST

Deported Mexicans Can Return to US to Apply for Citizenship

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:54 AM EST

US, Cuba Dialogue to Focus ‘Completely’ on Reopening Embassies

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:53 AM EST