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19 Sep 2016

Unstable, Unruly, and Reprobate: The Middle East Today

Tehran and Riyadh compete to expand their regional influence by maneuvering troops, funds, and surrogates in the midst of war, faltering economies, ethno-sectarian tension, jihad, and refugees.
27 Oct 2013

Forced Exodus: Christians in the Middle East

In Syria and other parts of the Middle East, militant Islamists have launched a purge of Arab Christians from cities and towns where they have flourished since the dawn of Christianity.
28 Oct 2013

No Exit: Why the US Can’t Leave the Middle East

Seeing only dim prospects in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, and recalling the wars of the last decade, most Americans understandably want to quit the Middle East. But that simply isn’t an option.
28 Feb 2012

The Perils of Wishful Thinking: On Europe and the Middle East

The problems that struck the EU and the Arab Spring last year could have been predicted (and were by some). Still, why were so many commentators wistfully optimistic?
1 Sep 2011

Last Man Standing: Is America Fading in the New Middle East?

As US alliances and resolve in the region grow weaker, what role will America play in the new Middle East?

20 Jan 2017

The New Arab–Israeli Alliance

The Sunni Arab world, unofficially led by Saudi Arabia, is quietly forging a de facto alliance with Israel against Iran. This new alliance has reduced the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to an asterisk.
8 Dec 2016

Invest in Tunisia with a Free Trade Agreement

The Tunisian government is working hard to combat the threat of terrorism, and the United States should support the moderate Arab state by setting up a free trade agreement.
5 Jan 2017

Ukraine’s Reforms To Reap Economic Reward in 2017

Three years after Ukraine’s revolution and after significant reform, the country’s economy has stabilized and is ready for growth. Dangers lie ahead, but opportunities are apparent.
14 Dec 2016

The UK Adopts Modern Definition of Anti-Semitism

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced an updated definition of anti-Semitism that addresses unfair hostility toward the state of Israel. Hopefully Jeremy Corbyn’s staff gets the memo.
30 Apr 2015

Caught in the Middle: India, China, and Tibet

The border that separates India and China marks a tense and uncertain boundary between two giants—one communist, one democratic—with Tibet caught precariously in between.
17 Oct 2016

The Power to Vilify on Social Media Trumps Reverence

The outpouring of grief for Thailand’s King Rama IX makes one wonder if reverence and respect for national leaders will fall victim to the tendency to vilify and stigmatize public figures on social media.
22 Nov 2016

Democracy and Democracies in Crisis

The Western powers are weakening and the authoritarians are ascendent. The question is whether the West can summon the will and the unity to rise to the challenge.
23 Mar 2017

UN-Backed Syria Peace Talks Restart in Geneva

Middle East Online. 10:27 AM EDT
21 Mar 2017
20 Mar 2017

Netanyahu in China for Talks with Premier Li

Middle East Online. 10:36 AM EDT
19 Sep 2016

Presidential Priority: Restore American Leadership

The alternative to America’s indispensability is not a harmonious, self-regulating balance of independent states but an international landscape marked by eruptions of chaos and destruction.
2 May 2016

Islam and Democracy After the Arab Spring

The Arab Winter convinced many that the Middle East is destined to be a hopelessly repressive region. But peel away the layers and it's clear there's both hope and opportunity.
16 Mar 2017
15 Mar 2017

100,000 Flee West Mosul as Battle Continues

Middle East Online. 10:41 AM EDT
13 Mar 2017

OPINION. A Flawed UN Investigation on Syria

Middle East Online. 10:53 AM EDT
30 Dec 2012

Strange Bedfellows: China’s Middle Eastern Inroads

Who landed the billion-dollar bid for Algeria’s Grand Mosque project? An Algerian firm? A regional firm? No, a state-owned Chinese company. The deal is just one of China’s controversial Mideast ties.
10 Mar 2017
8 Mar 2017
7 Mar 2017
6 Mar 2017
2 Mar 2017

OPINION. Risks in Trump’s Rush to Crush ISIS

Middle East Online. 10:36 AM EST
1 Mar 2017

26,000 Iraqis Flee West Mosul in 10 Days

Middle East Online. 10:17 AM EST
28 Feb 2017
19 Sep 2016

Diplomacy's Aversion to Power: Consequences of Retreat

Retrenchment and disengagement have not yielded peace, stability, or global order—rather, growing instability, expanding terror’s reach, surging floods of refugees, and intensifying civil war.

America Rising: Indispensable Again in Asia

China’s aggressive militarism, slowing economy, and indecisive leadership has renewed America’s status as a welcome and indispensable force for prosperity and security in Asia.
25 Aug 2016

Iran Targets Latin America

Three years ago the Obama Administration offered Congress soothing reassurances regarding Iran's aspirations in Latin America. Look again.
19 Sep 2016

Editor's Introduction

Middle East, Jamsheed and Carol Choksy describe how the source of much ...

22 Feb 2017

Iraqi Forces Ready for Assault on Mosul Airport

Middle East Online. 11:24 AM EST
21 Feb 2017

OPINION. Trump’s Clueless Diplomacy

Middle East Online. 11:29 AM EST

Turkey-Iran Tensions Over Syria Grow

Middle East Online. 11:24 AM EST
16 Feb 2017
15 Feb 2017
14 Feb 2017

ANALYSIS. CIA Chief Pompeo’s Goals in Turkey

Middle East Online. 11:19 AM EST
13 Feb 2017
10 Feb 2017
9 Feb 2017

Talks on Libya Unity Govt Progressing: UN Envoy

Middle East Online. 11:37 AM EST