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Beijing's Hong Kong Ruling Sparks Protests

Herald Sun. Australia. 10:28 AM EDT
29 Aug 2014

Obama: White House Still Working on ISIL Plan

Politico. United States. 05:00 PM EDT

Pakistan Crisis Deepens as Sharif Denies Seeking Army Role

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 04:34 PM EDT

OPINION. Putin's War 2.0 in Ukraine

Ingo Mannteufel. Deutsche Welle. Germany. 04:13 PM EDT

China-Vietnam Tensions 'Likely to Ease'

Asia News Network. Thailand. 04:01 PM EDT

Is Russia Suited for Democracy?

It's only a matter of time before Vladimir Putin becomes a bad memory and Russia becomes a normal European democracy, like other countries that were once thought to be “unsuited.”

Trapped UN Peacekeepers Defy Syrian Rebel Threats

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 03:43 PM EDT

The Weak US Response to China's Aggression in the Skies

US attempts to excuse or ignore China's aggressive high-flying harassment in international airspace will encourage more of the same.

Kurdish Push for Independence Derailed by ISIS?

Center for Strategic and International Studies. United States. 12:17 PM EDT

Iran and the P5+1: Getting to 'Yes'

International Business Times. United States. 12:06 PM EDT

Obama Cools Talk of Strikes Against Islamic State in Iraq or Syria

The Wall Street Journal. United States. 12:00 PM EDT

Ukraine Will Seek NATO Membership, Says Prime Minister Yatsenyuk

International Business Times. United States. 11:23 AM EDT

Scotland Stands to Win Even if Secession Vote Fails

Los Angeles Times. 10:51 AM EDT

Turkey's PM Davutoglu Unveils New Cabinet

The Journal of Turkish Weekly. 10:47 AM EDT

NATO Warns of 'Significant Escalation' in Ukraine

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:45 AM EDT

Ukraine Regroups As Russia Attacks

Kyiv Post. 10:41 AM EDT

Russia Slams Canada in Twitter War Over Geography

The Moscow Times. 10:30 AM EDT

Putin Calls on Pro-Russian Rebels to Release Ukrainian Soldiers

The Globe and Mail. Canada. 10:30 AM EDT

Pakistan Army Chief Intervention Sparks Fears of Political Meddling

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 10:24 AM EDT

Senegal Confirms Its First Case of Ebola

Today. Singapore. 10:06 AM EDT

Kenyan Police Link Mombasa Attack to Al-Shabaab

Standard Digital. Kenya. 09:50 AM EDT

Anarchy Looms in Libya

The Economist. England. 09:42 AM EDT