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27 Oct 2013

Forced Exodus: Christians in the Middle East

In Syria and other parts of the Middle East, militant Islamists have launched a purge of Arab Christians from cities and towns where they have flourished since the dawn of Christianity.
28 Oct 2013

No Exit: Why the US Can’t Leave the Middle East

Seeing only dim prospects in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, and recalling the wars of the last decade, most Americans understandably want to quit the Middle East. But that simply isn’t an option.
2 May 2016

Islam and Democracy After the Arab Spring

The Arab Winter convinced many that the Middle East is destined to be a hopelessly repressive region. But peel away the layers and it's clear there's both hope and opportunity.
1 Sep 2011

Last Man Standing: Is America Fading in the New Middle East?

As US alliances and resolve in the region grow weaker, what role will America play in the new Middle East?

28 Feb 2012

The Perils of Wishful Thinking: On Europe and the Middle East

The problems that struck the EU and the Arab Spring last year could have been predicted (and were by some). Still, why were so many commentators wistfully optimistic?
14 Jul 2016

Iran and Oman: Burgeoning Allies

Oman—often called the Switzerland of the Gulf—is strengthening ties with Iran in a way that will likely strain the Gulf region's alignments and politics.
18 Aug 2016

Al-Qaeda Suicide Bomber Kills 4 Yemeni Soldiers

Middle East Online. 11:42 AM EDT
16 Aug 2016
15 Aug 2016
1 Aug 2016

Death Toll from July 3 Baghdad Bombing Rises to 323

Middle East Online. 11:24 AM EDT
14 Jun 2016

In China, Xi's Legitimacy in the Balance

The contradictions between claims made by China's leaders and the country's realities have exposed the regime's vulnerabilities that activists must spotlight to further the push for freedom.
28 Jul 2016

France, UK Call for End to Aleppo Siege

Middle East Online. 11:57 AM EDT
27 Jul 2016

Egypt Asks IMF for Financial Support

Middle East Online. 11:25 AM EDT
30 Jun 2016

Unholy Alliance: Kleptocratic Authoritarians and their Western Enablers

The kleptocratic authoritarians who steal from their citizens, thwart freedom, and endanger world order mustn't be welcomed by Western banks.
25 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016
20 Jul 2016

Saudi Arabia Carries Out 99th Execution of the Year

Middle East Online. 11:58 AM EDT
30 Apr 2015

Caught in the Middle: India, China, and Tibet

The border that separates India and China marks a tense and uncertain boundary between two giants—one communist, one democratic—with Tibet caught precariously in between.
18 Jul 2016

11 Killed in Twin Explosions in Southern Yemen

Middle East Online. 12:02 PM EDT
31 May 2016

Western Paralysis and Retreat Threatens Democratic Progress

Democratic reversals of recent years have been somewhat offset by gains in Argentina, Burma, Nigeria, and Tunisia, but continued gains will require leadership from a dispirited West.
11 Jul 2016
7 Jul 2016

Putin, Obama to Increase Syria Coordination

Middle East Online. 11:37 AM EDT
5 Jul 2016
30 Jun 2016
29 Jun 2016

Car Bomb Kills 10 in Kurdish-Held Syrian Town

Middle East Online. 11:31 AM EDT
22 Jun 2016

UN Envoy Proposes ‘Roadmap’ for Peace in Yemen

Middle East Online. 11:42 AM EDT
1 Jul 2016

NATO Must Act Before Putin Claims the Black Sea

More can be done to prevent Russian intimidation of the Black Sea states, and NATO should address it at its upcoming meeting in Warsaw, or the security risks in the region will only increase.
6 Jun 2016
30 Dec 2012

Strange Bedfellows: China’s Middle Eastern Inroads

Who landed the billion-dollar bid for Algeria’s Grand Mosque project? An Algerian firm? A regional firm? No, a state-owned Chinese company. The deal is just one of China’s controversial Mideast ties.
12 Feb 2016

Four Reasons Why the Syria Cease-fire Won't Work

The so-called Syria cease-fire agreement is a poorly disguised diplomatic ruse by the Kremlin to break down Western unity and resolve as it accomplishes its brutal ends in Syria and Ukraine.
26 May 2016

UN: Syrians Will ‘Starve’ Without Increased Aid

Middle East Online. 11:25 AM EDT
9 Jun 2016

Merkel and Putin's Wrestling Match

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin are wrestling over which approach to security will be more effective in coming years: economic strength or nuclear intimidation and military conflict.
13 May 2016
10 Feb 2016

Moscow on the Tigris: Russia Joins the Terror Nexus

While an exhausted United States simply wishes international migraines like the Syrian civil war would just go away, Russia is energized by the prospect of filling the vacuum.
8 Jul 2015

The Impossible Dream: Obama, Israel, and Iran

In his new memoir, the former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren wryly compares himself to Don Quixote. But it is President Obama’s Middle East policies that are truly quixotic.
20 Apr 2016

Syria Violence Escalates as Peace Talks Stall

Middle East Online. 11:49 AM EDT