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22 Dec 2014

Obama Warns North Korea Over Sony Hack, North Korea Retaliates with Threats

Korea Joongang Daily. South Korea. 03:55 PM EST

Four Paraguayans Nail Themselves to Crosses in Back Pay Protest

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 03:11 PM EST

Venezuela Rejects European Parliament Resolution

El Universal. Venezuela. 03:09 PM EST

Nicaragua Canal Project Set To Break Ground As Protests Continue

International Business Times. 03:07 PM EST

Colombian Nationals to Be Deported from Venezuela

Merco Press. Uruguay. 02:58 PM EST

US Releases 4 Guantanamo Detainees to Afghanistan

The Christian Science Monitor. 01:56 PM EST

OPINION. The Case for Stronger Bhutan-US Ties

The Diplomat. Japan. 01:45 PM EST

Australian PM Abbott Denies Government in Crisis

The Malaysian Insider. 01:26 PM EST

Party Crashers: Kremlin SWAT Teams Attack Opposition Meetings

Comically claiming reported bomb scares, the Kremlin has dispatched SWAT teams to 'protect' opposition leaders attending meetings hosted by Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia.

Syria and Beyond: The Future of the Chemical Weapons Threat

Hudson Institute. United States. 01:18 PM EST

After the Thaw: What's Next in U.S.-Cuba Relations?

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 01:09 PM EST

South Korean Nuclear Plants Hacked

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia. 01:04 PM EST

Obama: America's Resurgence is Real

United States. PRESS RELEASE. 12:24 PM EST

South African President Zuma Allays Fears After Health Scare

Mail&Guardian. South Africa. 12:13 PM EST

Poland Orders More Norwegian Missiles

Norway News. 12:05 PM EST

Fear of Islam in Lithuania Growing

Baltic Review. 12:04 PM EST

Russia Warns Norway Over Sanctions

The Norway Post. 12:02 PM EST