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30 Sep 2014

Afghanistan, US Sign Long-Awaited Security Pact

The Associated Press. 09:01 AM EDT
29 Sep 2014

Syria: US Dual Policy is Recipe for More Violence

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 05:23 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Brazil's Getting Annihilated

Business Insider. United States. 05:10 PM EDT

Spanish Diplomat Killed in Sudan

The Local. Spain. 05:08 PM EDT

Belgium Begins its Biggest Islamist Extremist Trial

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 05:06 PM EDT

Netanyahu Links ISIL and Hamas

The National. United Arab Emirates. 04:56 PM EDT

Occupy Central Puts Hong Kong on Halt

China Radio International. 04:52 PM EDT

ISIS Jihadists Returning to Europe

The Islamic State didn’t initially target the West, but that has changed—and hundreds of jihadists will soon be returning home with their European passports.

Ukraine and Transnistria: A Troubled Borderland

New Eastern Europe. Poland. 12:10 PM EDT

Losing the 'Forgotten War' The US Strategic Vacuum in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia

Center for Strategic and International Studies. United States. 12:05 PM EDT

Indian PM Modi Meets Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu

India. Press Release. 12:03 PM EDT

Hong Kong Protesters Defiant After Tear Gas Chaos

The China Post. Taiwan. 11:57 AM EDT

Faith and Skepticism about Trade, Foreign Investment

Pew Research Center. United States. 11:55 AM EDT

Afghanistan to Sign Crucial Security Deal

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:00 AM EDT

Indian PM Modi Pitches India Story to Top US CEOs

The Hindu. India. 10:48 AM EDT

Islamic State One Mile Away From Iraqi Capital

International Business Times. United States. 10:35 AM EDT

Iraq Army Re-enlists Deserters

i24news. Israel. 10:32 AM EDT

South Korea is ‘Flexible’ on Park-Abe Talks

JoongAng Daily. South Korea. 09:29 AM EDT

Turkey, Russia Energy Deal Intact

Andalou Agency. Turkey. 09:28 AM EDT

China, Venezuela Ties at 'Highest Level'

China Daily. 09:13 AM EDT

India, Israel PMs Pledge Stronger Ties in Rare Meeting

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 08:40 AM EDT

UN Gathers Libya Rivals for Reconciliation Talks

News 24. South Africa. 08:36 AM EDT

Beds, Staff Scarcer in Liberia's Ebola Wards

New Vision. Uganda. 08:32 AM EDT