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US Officials on Actions in Iraq

United States. Press Release. 12:48 PM EDT

Myanmar's Opening: A Critical Juncture

Singapore Institute of International Affairs. 12:44 PM EDT

The Transatlantic Growth Gap

The Centre for European Policy Studies. Belgium. 12:33 PM EDT

US Navy Planes Drop Bombs on ISIS Forces

NBC. United States. 12:19 PM EDT

Harshest Sanctions on Russia Yet—From Vladimir Putin

In his latest move against the West—limiting food and agricultural imports from countries sponsoring sanctions against his regime—Vladimir Putin is playing with fire.

UN Delegation Holds Talks in Tripoli to Broker Militia Ceasefire

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 11:44 AM EDT

EU Launches €845 Million Pan-African Initiative

EurActiv. Belgium. 11:36 AM EDT

Haiti Thanks Venezuela's Aid Through Petrocaribe

El Universal. Venezuela. 11:15 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Iraq Upheaval Threatens Obama Legacy

Global News. Canada. 11:14 AM EDT

Ukraine Open to Halting Gas Flows in Russia Sanctions

Bloomberg. United States. 11:11 AM EDT

Myanmar's Economic Needs on ASEAN Agenda

Myanmar Times. 11:00 AM EDT

Italy's Parliament Approves Economic Package Amid Skepticism

International Business Times. United States. 10:59 AM EDT

Showdown with China Looms at Regional Summit

Mizzima. Myanmar. 10:47 AM EDT

Pakistan Hands Over Captured Indian Soldier

Hindustan Times. India. 10:06 AM EDT

EU Deploys 100 Additional Observers to Assess Afghan Vote Audit

Khaama Press. Afghanistan. 10:02 AM EDT

South Sudan Children Slaughtered or Taken to Fight

Times Live. South Africa. 09:37 AM EDT

Kerry Scores Deal to Stem Afghan Political Crisis

CBS. United States. 09:20 AM EDT

Ebola Declared 'an International Emergency'

Africa Review. Kenya. 09:14 AM EDT

President Obama Allows Limited Airstrikes on ISIS

The New York Times. 08:03 AM EDT

Iran, US Officials Hold Nuclear Talks in Geneva to Narrow Gaps

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 04:48 PM EDT

Nigeria Braces for More Ebola Cases Amid Outbreak

Time. United States. 04:38 PM EDT

Germany Ponders Role in Gaza

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 04:34 PM EDT

Russia Imports Ban a 'Major Blow' to Irish Dairy Industry

Belfast Telegraph. Ireland. 04:32 PM EDT

Hamas: Israel Has Refused to Respond to Cease-Fire Offer

Ma'an News Agency. Palestinian Territories. 04:28 PM EDT

China's Militarist General Liu Yuan Promoted

A hard-line general appears headed for a prime spot on China’s Central Military Commission as part of a potential changing of the guard, orchestrated under the guise of President Xi's anti-corruption campaign.

Germany: Russia Must Withdraw Troops from Ukrainian Border

Germany. Press Release. 01:58 PM EDT