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16 Nov 2003

The Problem of Uzbekistan

as a Peace Corps volunteer, has a pretty thoughtful answer . North America ...

5 Nov 2003


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19 Mar 2012

Return of the Viktator?

North America Europe and Central Asia US Hungary Government Insurgency ...

28 Sep 2013

Fresh Clashes in Syria After UN Agreement

Voice of America. 10:00 AM EDT
15 Mar 2012

The Costs of Non-Intervention

of American power.  North America Middle East Iran US Syria Violence Military ...

26 Sep 2003

The Iraqi Underground

North America Middle East US Iraq Violence Military WMD ...

26 Sep 2013
17 Aug 2003

One is Enough

of them. Read it all. The whole thing is good. North America US Journalism ...

21 Dec 2016

China’s Smog Refugees Flee Poisonous Air

In recent days, air pollution in northeastern China reached levels that required locals to close off major highways, shut down some 700 plants, cancel flights, and caused some people to flee.
29 Apr 2013

Kim Renews Nuclear Attack Bluster

North Korea needs international life support aid again. So, once again, North Korea waves sabers and calls for death.
11 Sep 2013

Koreas Agree to Reopen Joint Industrial Complex

Voice of America. 11:12 AM EDT
26 Nov 2014

Criminal States Protecting Their Proxies at UN

The ICC will likely never hear the case brought against North Korea for its crimes against humanity because Russia and China will almost certainly veto the resolution.
21 Feb 2011

Jerks of the World Respond to Qaddafi’s Rampage in Libya

Qaddafi gave him last year. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America South America Middle East Libya Cuba Venezuela Recep Erdogan Hugo Chavez ...

20 Mar 2013

Can the UN Stop Kim’s Human Rights Crimes?

The UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in North Korea is only the latest to urge the body to take action against the regime’s widespread abuses and crimes. But will anything really be done?
17 Jan 2013
14 Feb 2017

The Swamp Strikes Back

The Trump administration has been far too cozy with the Kremlin, and now “the swamp” is acting as America’s first line of defense by ousting National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.
17 Nov 2010

Michael Oren on Settlements and Jerusalem

and the Making of the Modern Middle East and Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America ...

6 Oct 2011

With Friends Like These…

. North America South Asia Pakistan US Osama Bin Laden ...

3 Oct 2011

From Damascus to Paris

. North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia US France Syria ...

15 Feb 2017

US Gains Favor in Russian Media, Polls

Favorable reporting of President Trump by the Kremlin-controlled media has sparked gains in US popularity in Russia for now.
15 Nov 2012
22 Sep 2011

So Much For Ending the Conflict

presidents have. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East ...

25 Jan 2013

UN Votes Won’t Slow North Korea's Nuclear Push

China has finally condemned North Korea’s December rocket launch. But even this development won't slow Pyongyang's steady progress toward the ability to strike the US with nuclear weapons.
14 Sep 2011

Libya’s New Rebel Commander

at PJ Media . North America Middle East Libya Lebanon US Insurgency ...

5 Jun 2013
24 Apr 2018
22 Dec 2005

A Plea to America – Stay the Course

Syracuse, Lubbock, and Tacoma. But your support is all we have left. North ...

14 Aug 2011

Al Qaeda Kills Dozens in Iraq

. North America Middle East Israel US Palestine Iraq Violence Terrorism War ...

10 Feb 2017

China’s Timed Provocation Challenges the US

Two days after Secretary of Defense Mattis offered Tokyo reassurances of the US's defense commitment, Beijing illegally entered Japan’s waters. Will Washingtons’s words matter?
30 Jun 2017

Congress Considers Banning Tourism to North Korea

US legislators are considering a tourism ban to North Korea. While there are many reasons not to visit the hostile country, such a restriction would be an illogical overreach in government policy.
20 Sep 2005

From Syria to America

the Soviet Union. Even after he was free in America he stayed up all night ...

7 Sep 2012

Clinton Arrives in Russia for APEC Summit

Voice of America. 10:36 AM EDT
7 Nov 2016

The New Socialist Realists

and Central Asia North America ...

26 Mar 2011

Our Government Needs New Advisors

. North America Middle East Israel Lebanon US Syria Iraq Bill Clinton Bashar ...

18 Mar 2011

It Begins

Media . North America Middle East Libya Lebanon US Syria Iraq Bashar Assad ...

6 Feb 2017

We Are Still Living With Eisenhower’s Biggest Mistake

and North Africa were for the most part non-aligned, and Eisenhower hoped ...

13 Feb 2011

Huge demonstrations in Iran

North America Middle East Iran Tunisia US Egypt Bill Clinton Hillary ...

21 Jan 2015

Bipartisan Focus on SIVs Needed

President Obama will ask Congress for more visas for Afghans and Iraqis who supported America's war effort. America must show good faith and grant the visas.
7 Jun 2012
12 Oct 2017

Turkey Is Behaving like an Enemy Now

Turkey, a NATO ally, is now behaving like an enemy—imprisoning journalists or sentencing them in absentia, arresting a US Consulate employee on bogus charges, and taking hostages.
26 Jan 2011

Comment of the Day

WINS!” – Joe Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East ...

20 Feb 2017

The Closing of the Conservative Mind

is banging on about America First, apparently oblivious to the fact ...

8 Jan 2015

Millennials Make the Case for American Leadership

As recent events make clear, American leadership is essential to counter threats to the global order—be it ISIS terror, Putin's aggression, or cyber warfare and pandemic disease.
12 Jan 2016

Will South Korea Rethink Its Nuke Policy?

South Koreans have called for the return of nuclear weapons, but the US maintains that isn’t necessary. It’s an increasingly unsustainable approach as the North races ahead in its nuclear quest.
1 Dec 2010

Portland Bomber in His Own Words

. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America US Violence Journalism Religion ...

3 Jun 2007

Is Iran a threat to Israel or America (or Lebanon)?

with or without nuclear weapons, represents no threat to America.” Far be it from me ...

17 Sep 2013

Steam Signals from Pyongyang

In a risky move, South Korean businesses have set up shop again in the North, potentially helping to fund the Kim regime’s nuclear program, which recently showed signs of increased activity.
1 Nov 2010

Election Day

posted at PJ Media . North America US Politics Elections Economy ...

20 Aug 2003

Blaming America First

But There is always a “but” the aftermath has been another story. America has created ...