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23 Dec 2014

Obama’s Cuban Two-Step

Renewed ties between Washington and Havana could bring much needed foreign investment to Cuba, but the people may still have a long wait before any political liberalization results.
25 Apr 2012
19 Jan 2015

US Reliability Depends on Europe's Contribution to NATO

Europeans have relied on US defense spending to sustain NATO for years. America's commitment to defend Europe will diminish if Europe continues to shirk its obligations.
18 Nov 2006

Thought for the Day

North America Middle East Lebanon US Violence Terrorism ...

17 Apr 2012
23 Sep 2006

On the Road

in hand, and will blog the road trip home. In the meantime, we’ll be a little slow around here. North America US Journalism ...

2 May 2012

Israel Builds a Wall in the North

shop a few feet from your yard? Comfy? Read the rest in Commentary magazine .   North America Middle ...

20 Jul 2015

China’s Last ‘Immortal’ Dies

Some do not count Wan Li, who died last week, as one of China's Eight Immortals. But his passing marks the end of an era—and a stage at which most authoritarian regimes begin to decline.
29 Apr 2013

Kim Renews Nuclear Attack Bluster

North Korea needs international life support aid again. So, once again, North Korea waves sabers and calls for death.
9 Nov 2011

Syria is Going to Hell

expect the aftermath to be pretty. It almost certainly won’t be. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East US Syria Bashar Assad Insurgency Activism Government Religion Military ...

21 Jan 2015

Eradication of Extreme Poverty is a US Security Interest

Eradicating extreme poverty will decrease global violence and advance American interests and, for the third year in a row, President Obama emphasized this goal in his SOTU.

Obama’s Tough Diplomacy Bolsters American Leadership

President Obama’s foreign policy has secured American leadership and achieved successes by engaging with the world through tough diplomacy, supported by American allies.
18 Jul 2006

Turkey and the Kurds

officials were holding talks with the United States and Iraq in an attempt to defuse tensions. North America ...

29 Aug 2011

Libya’s Euphoria

as I sometimes do in other Arab countries to avoid potentially dodgy situations.) That its people love America ...

6 Oct 2011

With Friends Like These…

it will clarify where we stand with each other. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America South Asia Pakistan ...

23 Jun 2015

US-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Lacks Strategy, Partnership

When three influential American Russia experts call for a substantive strategic partnership between the United States and Ukraine, it’s time to listen.
18 May 2005

The U.S. and Lebanon

different in Lebanon than they do in America. But don’t take my word for it. Get it straight from the source . North America Middle East Lebanon US Revolution Politics ...

14 Aug 2011

Al Qaeda Kills Dozens in Iraq

Media . North America Middle East Israel US Palestine Iraq Violence Terrorism War Al-Qaeda ...

20 Mar 2013

Can the UN Stop Kim’s Human Rights Crimes?

The UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in North Korea is only the latest to urge the body to take action against the regime’s widespread abuses and crimes. But will anything really be done?
5 Jan 2012
31 Jul 2005

With Friends Like These…

for him to dump us. Well, he finally dumped us. Officially . North America Europe and Central Asia ...

3 Apr 2015

America’s Voice in Europe to Counter the Kremlin

Washington is stepping up its efforts to counter Kremlin propaganda with more funds for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Voice of America.
31 Mar 2015

Iran’s Latest Bait and Switch

Iran has given the US and its P5+1 allies warning after warning of its true intentions, yet Washington seems too transfixed on making a deal to take them into account.
25 May 2011

And That’s a Wrap

Thanks so much for your patience while I’ve been busy. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America ...

3 Nov 2004

Terrorist Death Watch

justice, when he dies he will receive 72 virgins who look exactly like him. North America US Terrorism ...

8 Jul 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

rebel against their parents. It happens sometimes. And it needs to happen in Egypt. North America Middle ...

22 Apr 2011

Bashar al-Assad is His Father’s Son

. North America Middle East Israel Lebanon US Syria Bashar Assad Government Politics ...

18 Jun 2004

The Latest

in two weeks, and unless you’re my mother this is no time for a whitewash. North America Middle East ...

26 Mar 2011

Our Government Needs New Advisors

, please? Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East Israel Lebanon US Syria Iraq Bill ...

18 Mar 2011

It Begins

Media . North America Middle East Libya Lebanon US Syria Iraq Bashar Assad Ali Hosseini Khamenei ...

19 Feb 2004

The Passion of Hutton Gibson

be lynched, and the United States government should be overthrown. Meryl Yourish has the details . North America US Government ...

25 Jan 2016

Russia's FSB Reportedly Screens Refugees Entering Finland

Russia’s FSB is apparently selecting which refugees are allowed to approach the Finnish border for asylum. Is it part of a plan to destabilize the EU?
20 Oct 2012

Welcome to Millennial Letters

America, divisive politics, and war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the first generation to come of age ...

17 Dec 2003

Do Intentions Matter?

at Isntapundit ) has a thoughtful answer, too. Go read . North America Middle East Iraq US War ...

16 Nov 2003

The Problem of Uzbekistan

answer . North America Europe and Central Asia US Uzbekistan Peace Religion ...

5 Nov 2003


II-era heroism. Other news outlets would be very smart to follow this lead. North America Middle East ...

13 Feb 2011

Huge demonstrations in Iran

played out in Egypt and are part of their own birthright.” Originally posted at PJ Media . Africa North America Middle East Iran Tunisia US Egypt Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Activism Religion Judicial ...

26 Sep 2003

The Iraqi Underground

that ground. North America Middle East US Iraq Violence Military WMD ...

17 Aug 2003

One is Enough

insufficiently obsessed with Israel” as one of them. Read it all. The whole thing is good. North America US ...

17 Apr 2013

How to Talk to North Korea

Is it “appropriate” to engage in dialogue with the war-mongering Kim regime? Yes, but not in the way Secretary of State Kerry proposed this week.
27 Jan 2016

China-Iran Upgrade Their 'Comprehensive Strategic Relationship’

In the wake of sanctions relief, Iran is upgrading relations with China. That can't be good for the free world, and it might also not be the economic windfall Iran anticipates.
24 Jan 2011

Iran’s Killing Spree

. North America Middle East Iran US Violence ...

13 Mar 2015

Lithuania's Independence Day and American Soldiers

As Lithuania marked the 25th Anniversary of their independence from the former Soviet Union, the celebration was made a little more assured by the presence of US soldiers.
30 Dec 2015

Japan, South Korea Reach Historic Agreement on ‘Comfort Women’

In a landmark deal, Japan has promised 1 billion yen to South Korea’s surviving “comfort women” of World War II. Now the two countries should move past this historic grievance and focus on present dangers.
6 Jan 2015

Obama’s Cuba Policy Lifts Dictatorship, Not Citizens

If President Obama truly wished to inspire political reform in Cuba, he would have considered the lessons of China and Burma. Instead he threw a lifeline to the aging Castro dictatorship.
18 Jan 2016

Iran’s Hostage Victory

in America where he was born. Iran committed three criminal acts against American citizens and paid no price. ...

5 Jun 2015

Expanding Putin’s Black List

Brussels is outraged that the Kremlin has banned EU officials from entering Russia, but those individuals should be proud to be identified as enemies of Vladimir Putin’s criminal regime.
1 Dec 2010

Portland Bomber in His Own Words

instead. You can watch the video here . Originally posted at PJ Media . North America US Violence ...

1 Jun 2011