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20 Jan 2015

#SOTU 2015: Balancing Pragmatism and Aspiration

The president should fuse American values and national interests when he explains how he will fix his Syria policy, as well as tout his success in dealings with Russia and Iran.
27 Aug 2013

US Gears Up to Bomb Syria

for the moment until I have a better idea of what, exactly, is going on here. North America Middle East US Syria John Kerry Bashar Assad Violence WMD ...

6 Oct 2015

US, China Have Dueling Definitions of Cybersecurity

Voice of America News. 02:34 PM EDT
21 Apr 2014

Skipping China, Obama Seeks to Reassure Asian Allies

President Obama hopes to reassure nervous allies in Asia who worry the US is not sufficiently reliable in thwarting the aggressive behavior of the country he's not visiting--China.
6 Oct 2011

With Friends Like These…

. North America South Asia Pakistan US Osama Bin Laden ...

18 Nov 2006

Thought for the Day

and dismembered by freedom fighters, er terrorists. North America Middle East ...

3 Oct 2011

From Damascus to Paris

. North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia US France Syria ...

9 Aug 2012
2 Nov 2006

My Last Domestic Politics Post of the Election Season

about John Kerry ?” he said. North America US Politics Elections ...

22 Sep 2011

So Much For Ending the Conflict

presidents have. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East ...

23 Sep 2006

On the Road

we’ll be a little slow around here. North America US Journalism ...

14 Sep 2011

Libya’s New Rebel Commander

at PJ Media . North America Middle East Libya Lebanon US Insurgency ...

21 Feb 2011

Jerks of the World Respond to Qaddafi’s Rampage in Libya

Qaddafi gave him last year. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America South America Middle East Libya Cuba Venezuela Recep Erdogan Hugo Chavez ...

31 Mar 2015

Iran’s Latest Bait and Switch

Iran has given the US and its P5+1 allies warning after warning of its true intentions, yet Washington seems too transfixed on making a deal to take them into account.
10 Nov 2015

Morality, Pragmatism, and Orwell in Rhetoric and Policy

Though far from perfect, the West's adherence to moral and ethical standards distinguishes democracies from Putin's Kremlin. And, the West should not be shy about saying it.
18 Jul 2006

Turkey and the Kurds

in an attempt to defuse tensions. North America Middle East Europe and Central ...

25 Apr 2016

Putin Celebrates Unrepentant Fascist Zhirinovsky

Vladimir Putin has out-Putined himself by awarding Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a brazen fascist, 'For Service to the Fatherland'. It’s clear Putin’s goals are imperialist and methods dictatorial.
30 Mar 2014

Botching North Africa

The State Department is dragging its feet on supporting Morocco with technical assistance aimed at helping Western Sahara govern itself—risking its relationship with the North African ally.
14 Aug 2011

Al Qaeda Kills Dozens in Iraq

. North America Middle East Israel US Palestine Iraq Violence Terrorism War ...

17 Apr 2013

How to Talk to North Korea

Is it “appropriate” to engage in dialogue with the war-mongering Kim regime? Yes, but not in the way Secretary of State Kerry proposed this week.
6 Feb 2013

North Korea Rattles Nuclear Sabers

North Korea threatens the South, and declares that its missile and nuclear tests are aimed at its "arch enemy," the US, and that it will settle accounts with force, not words.
13 Mar 2006

As of now, I am in control here

sitting to his right, politically and physically. North America Asia Pacific ...

22 Dec 2005

A Plea to America – Stay the Course

Syracuse, Lubbock, and Tacoma. But your support is all we have left. North ...

5 Jun 2012
8 Jul 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

It happens sometimes. And it needs to happen in Egypt. North America Middle ...

17 Nov 2010

Michael Oren on Settlements and Jerusalem

and the Making of the Modern Middle East and Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America ...

23 Sep 2015

Xi: US, China Conflict Would Be 'Disastrous’

Voice of America News. 01:43 PM EDT
20 Sep 2005

From Syria to America

the Soviet Union. Even after he was free in America he stayed up all night ...

18 Nov 2011

Clinton Talks Investment, Trade at ASEAN Summit

Voice of America. 09:23 AM EST
3 Oct 2013

In Nuke Talks with Iran, Learn from North Korea

President Obama hopes for a nuclear deal with Iran, yet aspiring proliferators often use "negotiations" as part of their strategy to build arsenals. Just look at North Korea.
31 Jul 2005

With Friends Like These…

Officially . North America Europe and Central Asia Uzbekistan US Religion ...

7 Jul 2005

Withdrawal Under Fire

Central Station column . North America Middle East Iraq US Military ...

28 Jan 2015

Improving India-US Relations Unnerves Beijing

US ties with India and other countries in China's neighborhood will continue to improve so long as Beijing continues its hostile and aggressive ways in the region.
23 Apr 2012

US Warns of Terrorist Attacks in Kenya

Voice of America. 11:35 AM EDT
16 Jun 2005

Moving to Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan

. That was quick. North America Europe and Central Asia South Asia Afghanistan ...

28 May 2015

Guatemala’s Legitimacy Crisis Dooms Obama’s Aid Package

Only after Guatemalans overcome scandal and elect a new government will President Obama’s proposed $1 billion aid package to Central America be worth enacting.
26 Mar 2011

Our Government Needs New Advisors

. North America Middle East Israel Lebanon US Syria Iraq Bill Clinton Bashar ...

18 Mar 2011

It Begins

Media . North America Middle East Libya Lebanon US Syria Iraq Bashar Assad ...

3 Apr 2013

The World's Most Dangerous Places

safe and sedate, but it somehow feels natural that this is so. North America Asia Pacific Africa Canada South Korea ...

3 Jun 2007

Is Iran a threat to Israel or America (or Lebanon)?

with or without nuclear weapons, represents no threat to America.” Far be it from me ...

20 Aug 2015

The Price of American Diplomacy in Cuba

messages from Fidel or Raul Castro. North America South America ...

3 Nov 2004

No Eulogy

people, and murderer of both. North America Middle East Israel US Politics ...

Terrorist Death Watch

who look exactly like him. North America US Terrorism ...

5 Mar 2012
18 Aug 2015

Shortsighted on Cuba

The Obama administration continues to fool itself with a misguided approach that shows ignorance and disdain for the realities of Cuban Communist rule.
25 Sep 2004

“A war-mongering, death-worshipping thug”

against everything they stand for and believe in. North America US War ...

23 Jun 2015

US-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Lacks Strategy, Partnership

When three influential American Russia experts call for a substantive strategic partnership between the United States and Ukraine, it’s time to listen.
7 Dec 2015

Kim Calls First Party Congress in 35 Years

The party congress indicates Kim Jong Un has consolidated power in North Korea at the expense of the army and others. Hopes for real reform are overly optimistic.
20 Oct 2015

How Effective Is Obama’s Cyber Deal with China?

Cyber attacks continue to emanate from China in the wake of President Obama’s deal with Beijing. Has the US fundamentally mistaken the nature of the threat?
13 Feb 2011

Huge demonstrations in Iran

North America Middle East Iran Tunisia US Egypt Bill Clinton Hillary ...