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31 Mar 2015

Iran’s Latest Bait and Switch

Iran has given the US and its P5+1 allies warning after warning of its true intentions, yet Washington seems too transfixed on making a deal to take them into account.
25 Apr 2012
3 Apr 2015

America’s Voice in Europe to Counter the Kremlin

Washington is stepping up its efforts to counter Kremlin propaganda with more funds for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Voice of America.
29 Apr 2013

Kim Renews Nuclear Attack Bluster

North Korea needs international life support aid again. So, once again, North Korea waves sabers and calls for death.
18 May 2012

The Demise of Occupy Wall Street

proletariat of a conventional European ethnic nation-state.   US Immigration North America Africa Europe ... driven from the land. Organizing an effective left has always been exceptionally difficult in America ...

17 Apr 2012
29 Aug 2011

Libya’s Euphoria

at PJ Media . Canada Iraq Libya North America Middle East ... stands out: The other remarkable thing about Libya is that it is the only Arab country where America ... as I sometimes do in other Arab countries to avoid potentially dodgy situations.) That its people love America ...

20 Mar 2013

Can the UN Stop Kim’s Human Rights Crimes?

The UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in North Korea is only the latest to urge the body to take action against the regime’s widespread abuses and crimes. But will anything really be done?
24 Dec 2015

Putin ‘Outlaws’ European Justice in Russia

Vladimir Putin has signed a law that effectively banishes international legal norms from Russian territory and denies Russian citizens access to European justice.
9 Nov 2011

Syria is Going to Hell

Bashar Assad Insurgency Activism Government Religion Military North America Middle East ...

30 Mar 2012

Shielding Syria

pursue America’s strategic reorientation away from the Middle East.   Lebanon US China Syria Russia Bashar Assad Barack Obama Peace Elections Violence Asia Pacific North America Middle East Europe ...

6 Oct 2011

With Friends Like These…

it will clarify where we stand with each other. Originally posted at PJ Media . Pakistan US Osama Bin Laden North America South Asia ...

31 May 2012

Why North Korea Is Not Testing Its Nuke—For Now

Pyongyang says it is “technically ready” to test a nuclear weapon but is “refraining” from provocative actions currently. There’s reason to believe that could change in the future, though.
24 Dec 2015

China Threatens to Shoot Down Australian Planes

If Australia and its allies hope to keep the peace, they must make it clear to Beijing that they will do whatever it takes to protect freedom of navigation in the face of Chinese aggression.
14 Aug 2011

Al Qaeda Kills Dozens in Iraq

Media . Israel US Palestine Iraq Violence Terrorism War Al-Qaeda North America Middle East ...

2 May 2012

Israel Builds a Wall in the North

Lebanon US Violence Taliban Women North America Middle East South Asia ...

5 Jun 2015

Expanding Putin’s Black List

Brussels is outraged that the Kremlin has banned EU officials from entering Russia, but those individuals should be proud to be identified as enemies of Vladimir Putin’s criminal regime.
30 Nov 2015

Time to Retaliate Against China’s Cyber Espionage

Ongoing Chinese cyber attacks mean the US is “footing the bill for the research and development of our enemies to acquire tools to be used against us.” It’s time to raise China’s costs.
5 Jan 2012
4 Jan 2016

The Saudi-Iranian Eruption

Similar to the US allying with the Soviet Union against the Nazis, the American government will support Saudi Arabia despite the appalling behavior that has provoked the latest row with Iran.
1 Jun 2011
25 May 2011

And That’s a Wrap

Thanks so much for your patience while I’ve been busy. Originally posted at PJ Media . Syria US North America Middle East ...

12 May 2015

Former CIA Officer Sentenced for Leaks to Press

Al Jazeera America. 10:03 AM EDT
27 Nov 2013

North Korea Detains 85-Year-Old American Veteran

The North Korean government has kept an elderly US citizen under arrest for the last month for no apparent reason. It’s time for Washington to take a stronger stand against such acts of terrorism.
22 Apr 2011

Bashar al-Assad is His Father’s Son

. Israel Lebanon US Syria Bashar Assad Government Politics North America Middle East ...

13 Mar 2015

Lithuania's Independence Day and American Soldiers

As Lithuania marked the 25th Anniversary of their independence from the former Soviet Union, the celebration was made a little more assured by the presence of US soldiers.
26 Mar 2011

Our Government Needs New Advisors

Clinton Government Activism Terrorism North America Middle East ...

18 Mar 2011

It Begins

Media . Libya Lebanon US Syria Iraq Bashar Assad Ali Hosseini Khamenei Military WMD North America Middle ...

13 Feb 2011

Huge demonstrations in Iran

US Egypt Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Activism Religion Judicial / Criminal Africa North America ...

24 Jan 2011

Iran’s Killing Spree

. Iran US Violence North America Middle East ...

1 Dec 2010

Portland Bomber in His Own Words

Speech Women North America ...

6 Jan 2015

Obama’s Cuba Policy Lifts Dictatorship, Not Citizens

If President Obama truly wished to inspire political reform in Cuba, he would have considered the lessons of China and Burma. Instead he threw a lifeline to the aging Castro dictatorship.
1 Nov 2010

Election Day

thread in the comments. Originally posted at PJ Media . US Politics Elections Economy North America ...

13 Nov 2015

South Korea's Dual Agendas Undermine Allies' Unity

Recent remarks from South Korea's defense minister show that Seoul is willing to side with the US and its allies against Chinese territorial aggression—but only after much arm-twisting.
22 Nov 2010

Stupid, Obnoxious, and Intrusive

North America Middle East ... as stupid, obnoxious, and intrusive as the US. And yes, that includes North Korea.” Perhaps you think that’s ...

27 Sep 2010

Israel Back In From the Cold

being. Originally posted at PJ Media . Israel US Palestine Barack Obama Peace Economy North America ...

19 Sep 2010

Reality Begins to Sink In

Media . Israel US Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Diplomacy North America Middle East ...

8 Jul 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

Mubarak Democracy Insurgency North America Middle East ...

14 Aug 2010

Some Things to Tide You Over

a copy. Originally posted at PJ Media . Israel Saudi Arabia US Politics War North America Middle East ...

10 Aug 2010

Did the Middle East Just Dodge a War?

Nicolas Sarkozy Hillary Clinton Military War North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia ...

9 Dec 2015

Opposition Triumphs in Venezuela, But Hold the Champagne

The opposition has won big against Venezuela's corrupt Maduro regime that is intent on thwarting the voice of the people. The US must resist a premature impulse to reward Maduro.
23 Jul 2015

The President’s Preferred Bad Deal

The Obama administration once seemed to understand why a bad deal would not only fail to meet US goals but exacerbate the Iranian nuclear threat. Not so anymore.
1 Jun 2015

Cuba Outside the Tourist Bubble

North America South America ...

17 Feb 2010

An Attack on Israel is an Attack on Canada?

Obama Violence Hamas Military North America Middle East ...

17 Nov 2010

Michael Oren on Settlements and Jerusalem

of “settlement” construction in Jerusalem. Originally posted at PJ Media . Israel Lebanon US War North America ... Middle East and Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present . He knows ...

2 Dec 2009

Obama's Afghanistan Speech

Military North America South Asia ...

17 Apr 2013

How to Talk to North Korea

Is it “appropriate” to engage in dialogue with the war-mongering Kim regime? Yes, but not in the way Secretary of State Kerry proposed this week.
21 Oct 2015

The UK's Misplaced China Policy

The UK may aspire to become China's "best partner in the West", but Britain should note the failures and hazards of "engagement" and take care to coordinate its China policy with its allies in the West.
29 Jul 2009

Slow Writing This Week

slowly becomes a bit more civilized. Iraq US North America Middle East ...