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21 Aug 2015

Commending Mauritania for Anti-Slavery Work


In Greece, It’s the End of Syriza as We Know It

Atlantic Council. United States. 12:40 PM EDT

Internal Displacement in Ukraine: A test for civil society

New Eastern Europe. Poland. 12:38 PM EDT

The “New Thirty Years War” in the Middle East: A Western Policy of Chaos?

Centre for Research on Globalization. Canada. 12:37 PM EDT

Zimbabwe's White Farmers Brace Themselves for More Land Grabs

Mail&Guardian. South Africa. 12:02 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Are Politics Keeping Oscar Pistorius in Jail?

Daily Maverick. South Africa. 12:01 PM EDT

African Union Admits Somali Civilian Wedding Killings

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 12:00 PM EDT

South Sudanese Politician Missing in Uganda

Radio Tamazuj. South Sudan. 11:44 AM EDT

Over Two Weeks Boko Haram Displace 40,000 in Chad

Nigerian Tribune. 11:41 AM EDT

Baciro Dja Named New Prime Minister in Guinea Bissau

The Guardian. Nigeria. 11:39 AM EDT

Turkey: Europe Must Shoulder Syria Refugee Burden

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 11:15 AM EDT

Estonia and Latvia Planning a Burqa Ban

Baltic Review. 11:14 AM EDT

Report Reveals FARC Violated Ceasefire At Least Twice

Colombia Reports. Colombia. 11:14 AM EDT

Pentagon Wants Turkey to do More in ISIS Fight

Turkish Weekly. 11:03 AM EDT

ISIS Destroys Ancient Catholic Monastery in Syria’s Al-Qaryatain

Ma’an News Agency. Palestine. 11:00 AM EDT

UK Starts Talks With Holland, Belgium on Migrant Problem

Dutch News. Netherlands. 10:59 AM EDT

Australia Considers Joining US-led Syria Air Campaign Against ISIS

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 10:52 AM EDT

Palestinian Detained by Israel Ends Two-month Hunger Strike

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 10:49 AM EDT

Ukraine Turns 24 on August 24, Still at War

Kyiv Post. Ukraine. 10:44 AM EDT

Five Killed in Israeli Air Strikes on Syria’s Golan

The Middle East Online. England. 10:44 AM EDT

Russia and the Cold War Warriors

Chatham House. United Kingdom. 10:36 AM EDT