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22 Jun 2009

Who is helping the bad guys?

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Confused in Tehran

as ‘patently false and absurd’. So which is it? Iran US Barack Obama Activism North America Middle East ...

23 Jul 2015

North Korea Rolls Back Economic Reform

Kim Jong Un can issue orders about what people may buy or sell, but North Koreans, driven by the desire to better their lot, will eventually ignore his demands.
10 Apr 2009

American Humor

-Park-creators-given-signed-photo-of-Saddam-Hussein.html. That, I presume, he did voluntarily. US Judicial / Criminal North America ...

14 Dec 2015

Most Americans Now Support Using Ground Troops

jihadist idea lives on, and there are plenty of lawless and anarchic places in the Middle East and North ...

19 Nov 2015

RIP, André Glucksmann

Glucksmann was America’s most vigorous defender among the modern French intellectuals, and I think ... the universities in America may not be as central to the intellectual world as they imagine themselves to be. ...

21 Jan 2015

Is Obama Serious About Fighting ISIS?

In his State of the Union address, President Obama missed an opportunity to tell the world he’s serious in fighting ISIS by failing to state a concrete plan to address this issue.
24 Jan 2009

Back from Israel

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14 Jan 2015

China Pledges $35 Billion to Latin America

Beijing has pledged $35 billion to Latin America as part of an ambitious effort—on the scale of the Marshall Plan—that gives China a major role in Latin America’s regional development.
17 Dec 2008

Russia to Provide Lebanon with 10 MIG-29s

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21 Jan 2015

Obama Speech Affirms His Weakness on Iran

President Obama continues to shy away from available tools to gain leverage on Iran, yet his administration has so far failed to achieve a nuclear agreement or a stable and secure Middle East.
12 Oct 2008

Coming Soon

The next dispatch is just about ready. Georgia Kosovo US Albania Military North America Europe and Central ...

16 Sep 2014

American Conservatives Find Common Cause with Israel

American conservatives are more pro-Israel than ever, but not for religious reasons: They see Western civilization under assault from radical Islam, just as they once saw it threatened by Communism.
7 May 2015

Blasphemy and Double Standards

Where were the sensitive writers protesting PEN's celebration of Charlie Hebdo when the Broadway blockbuster The Book of Mormon mocked and ridiculed Mormonism?
28 Mar 2014

UN General Assembly Stigmatizes Putin's Russia

Vladimir Putin claims to have restored Russia's prestige abroad. In fact the country has become a pariah state where only the world's top thugs side with it at the UN.
29 May 2009

Kim Jong Il, the Second?

Intelligence Politics North America Asia Pacific ... Michael J. Totten's blog North Korea has been a minor obsession of mine for some time, ... McCreary”:http://www.afcea.org/mission/intel/NightWatchMcCreary.asp on his Foreign Policy blog: “During the past 40 years North Korean leaders have been blustery ...

12 Aug 2015

The Forward's Dispatch from Iran

How much truth can a foreign reporter find in a country virtually devoid of press freedom? Larry Cohler-Esses, reporting for The Forward, makes some naïve assessments, but does capture some of the realities of the Iranian State structures opposing democracy.
1 Feb 2008

I Can’t Resist Asking…

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1 Dec 2015

Interpreting Gorbachev's Very Mixed Signals

How to account for Gorbachev’s contradictory remarks on foreign policy? Is he cleverly using Putinist language and logic to undermine Putinist policy? Or not?
26 Aug 2007

The Accidental War Correspondent

should give him a prize. Lebanon US Iraq Journalism War North America Middle East ...

30 Dec 2014

US Investigation Topples Kremlin Propaganda Chief

When they stay true to their principles, Western democracies can be very effective in curtailing the activities of Kremlin operatives as the case of Gazprom Media’s former chairman, Mikhail Lesin, has proven.
5 May 2007

Welcome Noah Pollak

in December. Please give him a warm welcome and encourage him to post often. Israel Lebanon US North America ...

1 Dec 2015

Don't Bother Talking to ISIS

in an instant, of course. A series of Paris-style attacks in New York City or anywhere else in America might have ...

24 May 2011

China Changes Its North Korea Policy ... Maybe

Korea China Japan South Korea Russia Diplomacy Politics WMD North America Europe and Central Asia Asia ... with the United States, Russia, and North Korea. The last full session of the Beijing-sponsored negotiations, ... did China just execute a startling change in its North Korea policy? That’s not entirely clear, ...

25 Jan 2006

Fisking Flint Leverett

but some people manage to find a way. Iran US Violence WMD North America Middle East ...

16 Jan 2006

Iran is Now Open

that supposedly belongs to the “American Empire.” Iran US Iraq North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia ...

23 Oct 2005

It’s Not All About the U.S.

also Tony Badran at Across the Bay for more on the same problem . Lebanon US Syria Politics North America Middle East ...

22 Jul 2014

The Second Cold War?

American policymakers need to acknowledge that Russia and China are not partners of the US but in fact adversaries on the other side of a growing international divide.
11 Apr 2013

What if North Korea is Serious?

Kim Jong Un's war-mongering theatrics are likely designed to extort aid from the West, as his father did before him. But what if this dictator really does go off the deep end?
22 Dec 2014

Pope Francis as Castro-Obama Intermediary

Following his “culture of encounter” worldview, Pope Francis played a significant role in the talks that led to last week’s landmark decision to normalize US-Cuban relations.
20 Jun 2005

Totally Unscientific Polls

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3 Apr 2013

The World's Most Dangerous Places

but it somehow feels natural that this is so. Canada South Korea North America Asia Pacific Africa ... warnings of some kind and those without. With the exception of North Korea, every single country tagged ...

8 Feb 2005

The Post He Never Wanted to Write

but this is important. US Iraq Torture Insurgency Violence War North America Middle East ...

23 Nov 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

at Michael Totten’s . US North America ...

14 Nov 2012


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3 Nov 2004

The Liberal Case for Bush, Again

Simon .) Iran US Elections Religion North America Middle East ...

18 Oct 2004

For and Against Bush

Kerry-supporters think as he does. US UK John Kerry North America Europe and Central Asia ...

11 Nov 2012

The Petraeus Affair

no idea what it is. US David Petraeus CIA Elections Corruption North America ...

26 Sep 2004

Saudis: Eradicate Us!

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28 May 2015

War and Hope

Richard Zoglin’s new biography recounts how Bob Hope’s prestige and enormous popularity on the USO circuit eventually became another casualty of the Vietnam War.
2 Jun 2004
21 May 2004

A Very Bad Day?

is a systemic one. US Iraq Insurgency Violence Judicial / Criminal Military North America Middle East ...

30 Jul 2014

Encouraging Al-Qaeda Kidnappers with Appeasement

Kidnapping Europeans—whose governments are more willing to pay ransoms—has become a lucrative source of income for al-Qaeda and similar groups, who often go unpunished for these crimes.
18 Apr 2004

Paranoid Blowhard

will finally think he’s funny. US John Kerry Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Violence North America ...

21 Mar 2004

Pas Comme Les Autres

read the linked piece first.) US France Politics North America Europe and Central Asia ...

6 Mar 2015

US Policy on Hong Kong Needs an Update

American lawmakers want to change US policy on Hong Kong in the wake of last fall’s protests, but the proposed legislation doesn’t do enough to penalize Beijing for attempts to roll back Hong Kong's autonomy.
28 Dec 2003

Our Friends the French

terrorize someone later. US France Terrorism Al-Qaeda North America Europe and Central Asia ...

17 Dec 2003

The Decline of France

for them. US France North America Europe and Central Asia ...

15 Dec 2003

Iraq: UN Failed Us

UN North America Middle East ...

21 Aug 2003

A Fair and Balanced Judge

was “wholly without merit.” US North America ...