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22 Jan 2016

Tunisia Imposes Nationwide Curfew Amid Spreading Unrest

Hurriyet Daily. Turkey. 11:06 AM EST

Turkey Kills Five PKK Snipers in Southeast

Hurriyet Daily. Turkey. 11:05 AM EST

Cyprus Leaders 'Believe' in 2016 Solution to Division

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:04 AM EST

ANALYSIS. Has the German State Lost Control?

Der Spiegel. Germany. 11:01 AM EST

Myanmar Releases 101 Political Prisoners

Xinhua. China. 11:01 AM EST

ANALYSIS. A Pro-active Iran vs. a Reactive Saudi Arabia

The Journal of Turkish Weekly. 10:51 AM EST

Laos Chooses New Communist Party Leaders

Channel NewsAsia. Singapore. 10:51 AM EST

OPINION. South Korea Must Say No to THAAD

Oh Young-jin. The Korea Times. South Korea. 10:49 AM EST

Oil Rebound Pulls Ruble Back from Record Lows

The Moscow Times. 10:36 AM EST

Ukraine Sticks Russia with Massive Gas Bill

Global Post. United States. 10:35 AM EST

South Korea Denounces Japan For Reiterating Claim to Dokdo Islands

The Korea Times. South Korea. 10:18 AM EST

ANALYSIS. Half-Hearted Reforms in Post-Maiden Ukraine

New Eastern Europe. Poland. 10:08 AM EST

South Korea Kicks Off Project to Develop Indigenous Fighter Jets

JoongAng Ilbo. South Korea. 10:05 AM EST

North Korea Detains US College Student

The Korea Times. South Korea. 09:57 AM EST
21 Jan 2016

ANALYSIS. The South African Heartland is Burning

The Africa Report. France. 04:11 PM EST

OPINION. Why Uganda's Muslim Clerics Fear for Their Lives

Edgar R. Batte. Daily Monitor. Uganda. 04:10 PM EST

Over $6.5 Billion Stolen in Nigeria in Seven Years

Mail&Guardian. South Africa. 04:02 PM EST

Over 200,000 South Sudanese Sheltering from War Inside UN Bases

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 04:01 PM EST

Pakistan Mourns Victims of University Attack

Newsweek. Pakistan. 03:50 PM EST

Nepal's Much-awaited 'Decisive Talks' Get Nowhere

My Republica. Nepal. 03:48 PM EST

ANALYSIS. A Fight for Land and Livelihood in Bangladesh

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 03:45 PM EST

ANALYSIS. Five Myths to Dispel About an Afghan Peace

Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 03:42 PM EST