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20 Apr 2016

Japan PM Abe Unlikely to Call Snap Election Due to Quakes

The Irrawaddy. Thailand. 03:42 PM EDT

UK-Pakistan Enhanced Strategic Dialogue Statement

PRESS RELEASE. United Kingdom. 12:33 PM EDT

Seeking the Truth in Nemtsov’s Assassination

New Eastern Europe. 12:30 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. How Obama Can Push the Saudis to Talk to Iran

AL Monitor. Untied States. 11:50 AM EDT

Syria Violence Escalates as Peace Talks Stall

Middle East Online. 11:49 AM EDT

Yemen Rebels Agree to Join Peace Talks in Kuwait

Middle East Online. England. 11:48 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Why Obama is Visiting a Different Saudi Arabia This Time

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:46 AM EDT

Gulf, US Agree Joint Patrols to Block Iran Arms

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:45 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Will Brexit Make EU More Pro-Russian?

Eurasia Review. Spain. 11:45 AM EDT

European Commission: 'Good Progress' Made on EU-Turkey Deal

The Parliament. Belgium. 11:43 AM EDT

European Commission Offers to Drop Visas for Ukraine Citizens

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 11:41 AM EDT

South Sudan Ranked Worse in World Press Freedom Index

Eye Radio Network. South Sudan. 11:39 AM EDT

Burundi Government is ‘Driver’ of Crisis: US Envoy

The Guardian. Nigeria. 11:37 AM EDT

Two Burned Alive in Zambia Anti-Foreigner Riots

The Guardian. Nigeria. 11:37 AM EDT

Ethiopia Declares Two-Day Mourning Post Ethnic Attack

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 11:35 AM EDT

OPINION. The Fallout from Rousseff's Impeachment Will Reach Beyond Brazil

Richard Bourne. The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:33 AM EDT

Fidel Castro Gives Speech Encouraging Cuba’s Communist Party

Los Angeles Times. United States. 11:31 AM EDT

Second Huge Quake Disrupts Rescue Efforts in Ecuador

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:30 AM EDT
19 Apr 2016

The Cold Arab-Israeli Alliance Against Iran

Egypt’s decision to return control of two strategically significant islands to Saudi Arabia symbolizes a long overdue thaw in Arab-Israeli relations.

South Korea, US Can’t Wait for Beijing to Approve Missile Defense

South Korea and the US can no longer wait for Beijing's approval to deploy the THAAD missile defense system with an increasingly belligerent and nuclear-armed North Korea.

Putin Consolidates Domestic Power

In a little noticed move, Vladimir Putin has established an entirely new security structure that further consolidates his personal grip on domestic control.

EDITORIAL. Is Pakistan Clueless at the Crossroads?

Newsweek. Pakistan. 03:21 PM EDT

AQAP: Wanted to Debate ISIS

The Long War Journal. United States. 03:20 PM EDT