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6 Oct 2014

Britain Has ‘Abandoned’ Hong Kong: Former Chief Secretary

South China Morning Post. 02:03 PM EDT

ESSAY. Italy's Failed Economic Turnaround

Der Spiegel. Germany. 01:41 PM EDT

Afghans Say Islamabad Shirks Af-Pak Trade Agreement

Tolonews. Afghanistan. 01:34 PM EDT

Pioneering the Role of Women in the Fight Against Terrorism

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 01:33 PM EDT

22,322 People Are Missing in Mexico

El Universal. Venezuela. 01:29 PM EDT

Somali Forces Recapture Last Major Port Held by Al-Shabab

AllAfrica. South Africa. 01:26 PM EDT

For Hong Kong, Nothing Is Better Than Something

The new election laws Beijing has proposed for Hong Kong might look like an improvement, but in reality both the current and the proposed system represent “fake democracy.”

Kurdish Female Fighter ‘Killed Herself’ to Avoid Being ISIS Hostage

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 10:00 AM EDT

Poroshenko: We Have Learned to Defend Ukraine

The Prague Post. 09:52 AM EDT

Islamic State: Army of Psychopaths

Michael J. Totten's blog Roughly one percent of human beings are psychopaths . Most aren’t violent, and nearly all are high-functioning. Supposedly they are overrepresented in Congress , on Wall Street , in corporate boardrooms, and in large urban ...

3 Oct 2014

Video: Islamic State Beheads British Hostage

The Washington Post. 04:41 PM EDT

Does Britain Matter in East Asia?

Chatham House. United Kingdom. 04:20 PM EDT

Are the Kremlin Hardliners Winning?

Institute of Modern Russia. 04:18 PM EDT

Mexican Mayor and Chief of Security Department Flee Iguala

El Universal. Venezuela. 01:19 PM EDT

UN Peacekeepers Killed in Mali Ambush

France24. 01:18 PM EDT

Pakistan Air Strikes Kill 15 Militants

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 01:13 PM EDT

Algeria Says Five Militants Killed in Border Clashes with Army

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 01:08 PM EDT

Hong Kong Urges End to 'Occupy' Protests

China Daily. 01:07 PM EDT

Erdoğan: I Am Increasingly Against Internet Every Day

Today’s Zaman. Turkey. 01:07 PM EDT

Hong Kong Student Protesters Call Off Talks with Govt

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 01:05 PM EDT

Enthusiasm for Separation and Reform Weakens in Ukraine

The good news is that secessionist and pro-Russian fervor could be waning in eastern Ukraine. The bad news is the government in Kyiv has been sluggish in pushing through reforms.
2 Oct 2014

'I Will Not Resign', Says Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 05:00 PM EDT

Philippine Militants Threaten to Behead German on Oct 17

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 04:49 PM EDT