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2 Sep 2015
9 Feb 2012

US Drone Kills Top Militant in Pakistan

Voice of America. 09:28 AM EST
26 Jan 2011

Comment of the Day

WINS!” – Joe Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East ...

21 Jun 2004

Into the Neoconservative Lair

at malls. Spooky . North America US Communism ...

18 Jun 2004

The Latest

for a whitewash. North America Middle East Saudi Arabia US Terrorism Al-Qaeda ...

13 Jan 2013

War in Mali Heats Up

includes serious negotiations with non-extremist Malians in the north ...

18 Jan 2012

Pakistan Delays Visit of US Envoy

Voice of America. 08:57 AM EST
23 Feb 2004

Bush and Gay Marriage

North America US ...

19 Feb 2004

The Passion of Hutton Gibson

Meryl Yourish has the details . North America US Government ...

5 Feb 2004

Schroeder is Out

as the leader of his party. He’s still in charge of Germany…for now. North America ...

24 Nov 2015

Suddenly, Dialogue with North Korea Is in Vogue

South Korea, China, and the UN have shown interest in renewed talks with North Korea, but the Kim regime’s murderous and unpredictable ways at home and abroad don’t inspire confidence.
5 Jan 2012

31 Killed in Prison Gang-Fight in Mexico

Voice of America. 10:14 AM EST
17 Dec 2003

Do Intentions Matter?

Go read . North America Middle East Iraq US War ...

1 Dec 2010

Portland Bomber in His Own Words

. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America US Violence Journalism Religion ...

16 Nov 2003

The Problem of Uzbekistan

as a Peace Corps volunteer, has a pretty thoughtful answer . North America ...

5 Nov 2003


North America Middle East Iraq US War ...

26 Sep 2003

The Iraqi Underground

North America Middle East US Iraq Violence Military WMD ...

2 May 2012

Israel Builds a Wall in the North

.   North America Middle East South Asia Afghanistan Israel Lebanon US ...

17 Aug 2003

One is Enough

of them. Read it all. The whole thing is good. North America US Journalism ...

1 Nov 2010

Election Day

posted at PJ Media . North America US Politics Elections Economy ...

20 Aug 2003

Blaming America First

But There is always a “but” the aftermath has been another story. America has created ...

3 Feb 2015

Are US Tanks Headed for Poland?

Poland is reportedly drawing up a proposal to preposition American military equipment in Poland to add assurance of US commitment and deterrence to Russian aggression.
19 Sep 2010

Reality Begins to Sink In

Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East Israel US Bill ...

6 Nov 2011

Nicaraguans Vote in Presidential Election

Voice of America. 12:34 PM EST
5 Apr 2011

Gates Talks Mideast Unrest in Saudi Arabia

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
5 Apr 2012

Why North Korea's Hidden Gulag Matters

Soft-pedaling human rights abuses did not serve Washington well on China—and it won’t work on North Korea, either.
10 Aug 2010

Did the Middle East Just Dodge a War?

Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East Europe and Central ...

4 Oct 2011
6 Apr 2016

The Iranian Nuclear Deal Keeps Getting Worse

Wasn’t a ballistic missiles program covered in the Iranian nuclear deal? Technically that’s unclear, but it should have been because now Iran’s missile capability threatens both its Arab and Jewish neighbors.
26 May 2015

China's Unprecedented Investment Offensive in Latin America

Chinese leaders say they are not seeking to influence politics in the region, but the investments they promise are on a scale that will shape the future global relations of Latin America.
31 Aug 2011
30 Aug 2011

Bomb Kills 10 in Pakistan Following Eid Prayers

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
21 Sep 2015

The Clarion Call of ISIS

The idea of joining ISIS is appalling to most, but to the rising number of British Muslims—perhaps less able to assimilate than in the US—it offers a contorted utopian experience.
26 Jul 2011
25 Jul 2011

US Condemns Ongoing Violence in Syria

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
19 Feb 2016

Moscow on the Tigris

in the Arab world. The second goal is announcing that he wants America’s job as the world’s superpower now that we’re sick of it. Putin wants America’s job ...

12 Jul 2011

China Orders US to Halt Oil Drilling Off Coast

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT

Obama Turns Up Rhetoric Against Syrian President

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
6 Jul 2011

Syria: Death Toll in Hama Tops 22

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
16 Feb 2016

No, Iran is Not a Democracy

of America. He’d call it fascist, or something similar, and he would be right. ...

21 Jun 2011

Italy, Arab League Push for End to Libya Conflict

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
8 Jun 2011
23 May 2011

Libyan Rebel Council to Open Office in Washington

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
14 Mar 2016

Putin Declares Victory in Syria

Vladimir Putin has declared victory, and is withdrawing Russian troops from Syria in the wake of the cease-fire. But like in Lebanon, wars like this are never settled in Europe's hotel lobbies.
25 Sep 2015

Putin’s Misguided Move in Syria

Vladimir Putin has decided to prop up the Assad regime in Syria with actual troops—yet another foreign policy blunder that Russian citizens will suffer for, but Ukrainians may benefit.
14 Nov 2012


above ground in the days ahead.” North America Middle East Israel US ...

21 Apr 2011

Thousands Stage Anti-Govt Protests Across Syria

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
28 Mar 2014

UN General Assembly Stigmatizes Putin's Russia

Vladimir Putin claims to have restored Russia's prestige abroad. In fact the country has become a pariah state where only the world's top thugs side with it at the UN.