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12 May 2015

Mexico Opens Bidding for Oil, GasDrilling in 26 Areas

El Universal. Mexico. 10:11 AM EDT

Suspects in Missing Students’ Case Allege Mexican Officials Tortured Them

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:04 AM EDT

Former CIA Officer Sentenced for Leaks to Press

Al Jazeera America. 10:03 AM EDT

Cases of Malaria Surging in Venezuela

El Universal. Venezuela. 09:43 AM EDT

Venezuela, US Continue Embassies Dialogue

El Universal. Venezuela. 09:41 AM EDT
11 May 2015

Raúl Castro’s Papal Publicity Stunt

Michael J. Totten's blog Cuban dictator Raúl Castro flew to the Vatican, met privately with Pope Francis, and says he’s returning to church. “I promise to go to all his Masses, and with satisfaction,” he said after the meeting on television . “I read ...

North Korea Seen Years from Sub-Launched Missile

The Korea Herald. South Korea. 02:30 PM EDT

Democracy in Retreat

Regimes in countries like China, Russia, and Iran don’t even try to hide their contempt for democracy anymore. Will the next American president do more to fight back?

The Rohingya, A Stateless People Trafficked Across Southeast Asia

The Straits Times. Singapore. 01:41 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. How Long Does The Sino-Russian Lovefest Last?

Asia Sentinel. Hong Kong. 01:41 PM EDT

US Museum Returns Looted Statue To Cambodia

Bangkok Post. Thailand. 01:35 PM EDT

Indonesia Jails Russian For 16.5 Years For Drug Smuggling

Bangkok Post. Thailand. 01:34 PM EDT

OPINION. Understanding Balochistan’s Importance

Yasmeen Aftab Ali. Pakistan Today. 01:28 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Afghanistan's Female Wardens

Al Jazeera. 01:18 PM EDT

Britain’s Political Earthquake: What Aftershocks for Europe and the UK?

Center for European Policy Studies. Belgium. 12:34 PM EDT

Indonesia’s Global Maritime Nexus: Implications For Illegal Fishing

Stimson Center. United States. 12:30 PM EDT

UN Secretary Samantha Powers on Burundi Violence

United States. STATEMENT. 12:03 PM EDT

NATO Welcomes Strengthened Partnership With Georgia


Peruvian Government Deploys Armed Forces in Region Rocked by Anti-Mining Protests

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:41 AM EDT

Top Guatemalan Justice Linked to Corruption Investigation

Latin American Dispatch. United States. 11:39 AM EDT

Rio de Janeiro Sees Growth of Favela Communities

The Rio Times. Brazil. 11:38 AM EDT

Mexican Senate Debates Anti Enforced-Disappearance Laws

El Universal. Mexico. 11:37 AM EDT

Chile's President Bachelet Unveils New Cabinet

Buenos Aires Herald. 11:29 AM EDT