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26 Jan 2011

Comment of the Day

WINS!” – Joe Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East ...

1 Oct 2012

US Calls on Rwanda to Denounce Congo Rebels

Voice of America. 03:37 PM EDT
3 Jun 2007

Is Iran a threat to Israel or America (or Lebanon)?

with or without nuclear weapons, represents no threat to America.” Far be it from me ...

1 Dec 2010

Portland Bomber in His Own Words

. Originally posted at PJ Media . North America US Violence Journalism Religion ...

15 Mar 2017

Nonstarter: North Korea's Enablers in Beijing Pose as Neutral Observers

After decades of supporting the Kim Dynasty's relentless arms build-up and warmongering, Beijing thoughtfully offers to defuse tensions it made possible. 
1 Nov 2010

Election Day

posted at PJ Media . North America US Politics Elections Economy ...

9 Aug 2012
20 Aug 2003

Blaming America First

But There is always a “but” the aftermath has been another story. America has created ...

18 Nov 2011

Clinton Talks Investment, Trade at ASEAN Summit

Voice of America. 09:23 AM EST
19 Sep 2010

Reality Begins to Sink In

Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East Israel US Bill ...

10 Aug 2010

Did the Middle East Just Dodge a War?

Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East Europe and Central ...

13 Jul 2017

Ukraine’s Risky Bid to Join NATO

Ukraine and NATO have begun discussions in hopes of eventual accession—an effort that will need to proceed secretly to have any chance of success because Russia has a lot to lose.
5 Jun 2012
26 Feb 2014

Are Chinese–North Korean Ties Starting to Fray?

The execution of North Korean No. 2 Jang Song Thaek in December also killed Beijing’s strongest link to Pyongyang. Might China now be rethinking the special relationship?
23 Apr 2012

US Warns of Terrorist Attacks in Kenya

Voice of America. 11:35 AM EDT
6 Feb 2013

North Korea Rattles Nuclear Sabers

North Korea threatens the South, and declares that its missile and nuclear tests are aimed at its "arch enemy," the US, and that it will settle accounts with force, not words.
16 Nov 2016

An Uncertain New Era Begins

The future under the direction of Donald Trump may turn out to be terrible, but the worst-case scenario is already off the table with much of what he touted in the campaign being moderated now.
5 Mar 2012
17 Apr 2013

How to Talk to North Korea

Is it “appropriate” to engage in dialogue with the war-mongering Kim regime? Yes, but not in the way Secretary of State Kerry proposed this week.
9 Feb 2012

US Drone Kills Top Militant in Pakistan

Voice of America. 09:28 AM EST
5 Apr 2011

Gates Talks Mideast Unrest in Saudi Arabia

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
2 Dec 2009

Obama's Afghanistan Speech

in Commentary”:http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/jpodhoretz/185022: Whatever the flaws in the speech itself North America South Asia ...

18 Jan 2012

Pakistan Delays Visit of US Envoy

Voice of America. 08:57 AM EST
4 Sep 2014

North Korea Parades Three American Prisoners

By letting CNN interview three Americans it’s holding for various reasons, North Korea is almost certainly trying to obtain something from Washington. The question is: What is it?
5 Jan 2012

31 Killed in Prison Gang-Fight in Mexico

Voice of America. 10:14 AM EST
27 Aug 2013

US Gears Up to Bomb Syria

for the moment until I have a better idea of what, exactly, is going on here. North America Middle East US Syria John Kerry Bashar Assad Violence WMD ...

27 Sep 2016

Trump Botches Iraq

Contrary to the partisan jabs from Donald Trump (and leftists blaming George W. Bush), ISIS is a product of the Syrian war, not the Iraq war. For once, let’s stop blaming America and Americans for what the Middle East does to itself.
4 Feb 2005

Hypocrisy by hypocrites

America’s insignia are ubiquitous — from Ralph Lauren jumpers to Primal Scream ...

8 Jul 2015

Is Obama Moving Too Fast with Vietnam?

President Obama forfeited valuable political capital early on in Burma’s political opening. Now, despite Hanoi’s human rights record, he is pursuing a similar approach with Vietnam.
29 Jul 2009

Slow Writing This Week

slowly becomes a bit more civilized. North America Middle East Iraq US ...

6 Nov 2011

Nicaraguans Vote in Presidential Election

Voice of America. 12:34 PM EST
23 Jun 2009

Targeting a journalist

and authentically totalitarian. North America Middle East Europe and Central Asia Iran ...

22 Jun 2009

Who is helping the bad guys?

the dollars of a democracy and the blood money of a dictatorship? North America ...

Confused in Tehran

protests as ‘patently false and absurd’. So which is it? North America Middle ...

5 Apr 2012

Why North Korea's Hidden Gulag Matters

Soft-pedaling human rights abuses did not serve Washington well on China—and it won’t work on North Korea, either.
8 Jul 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

It happens sometimes. And it needs to happen in Egypt. North America Middle ...

4 Oct 2011
10 Apr 2009

American Humor

I presume, he did voluntarily. North America US Judicial / Criminal ...

3 Apr 2013

The World's Most Dangerous Places

safe and sedate, but it somehow feels natural that this is so. North America Asia Pacific Africa Canada South Korea ...

31 Aug 2011
30 Aug 2011

Bomb Kills 10 in Pakistan Following Eid Prayers

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
13 Jan 2013

War in Mali Heats Up

includes serious negotiations with non-extremist Malians in the north ...

1 Jun 2016

Hiroshima, Japan, and the US

For decades there has been too little good will, and too much animosity in East Asia but the US-Japan relationship inspires hope that the present can improve over the past.
26 Jul 2011
25 Jul 2011

US Condemns Ongoing Violence in Syria

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
4 Aug 2010

China Rejects US Concerns about Deals with Iran

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
12 Jul 2011

China Orders US to Halt Oil Drilling Off Coast

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT

Obama Turns Up Rhetoric Against Syrian President

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT