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26 Sep 2003

The Iraqi Underground

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3 Jun 2007

Is Iran a threat to Israel or America (or Lebanon)?

with or without nuclear weapons, represents no threat to America.” Far be it from me ...

13 Feb 2011

Huge demonstrations in Iran

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17 Aug 2003

One is Enough

of them. Read it all. The whole thing is good. North America US Journalism ...

21 Apr 2014

Skipping China, Obama Seeks to Reassure Asian Allies

President Obama hopes to reassure nervous allies in Asia who worry the US is not sufficiently reliable in thwarting the aggressive behavior of the country he's not visiting--China.
23 Apr 2012

US Warns of Terrorist Attacks in Kenya

Voice of America. 11:35 AM EDT
8 Jul 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

It happens sometimes. And it needs to happen in Egypt. North America Middle ...

26 Jan 2011

Comment of the Day

WINS!” – Joe Originally posted at PJ Media . North America Middle East ...

19 Apr 2016

South Korea, US Can’t Wait for Beijing to Approve Missile Defense

South Korea and the US can no longer wait for Beijing's approval to deploy the THAAD missile defense system with an increasingly belligerent and nuclear-armed North Korea.
11 May 2016

Washington’s Idiotic Echo Chamber

A top White House politico brags he easily created an echo chamber to manipulate an uninitiated press corps to bolster the president's agenda.
1 Dec 2010

Portland Bomber in His Own Words

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5 Mar 2012
16 Dec 2015

US: Chinese Island Building Threatens Shipping, Fishing

Voice of America News. 02:33 PM EST
1 Nov 2010

Election Day

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3 Apr 2013

The World's Most Dangerous Places

safe and sedate, but it somehow feels natural that this is so. North America Asia Pacific Africa Canada South Korea ...

20 Aug 2003

Blaming America First

But There is always a “but” the aftermath has been another story. America has created ...

9 Feb 2012

US Drone Kills Top Militant in Pakistan

Voice of America. 09:28 AM EST
30 Mar 2014

Botching North Africa

The State Department is dragging its feet on supporting Morocco with technical assistance aimed at helping Western Sahara govern itself—risking its relationship with the North African ally.
19 Sep 2010

Reality Begins to Sink In

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18 Jan 2012

Pakistan Delays Visit of US Envoy

Voice of America. 08:57 AM EST
3 Oct 2013

In Nuke Talks with Iran, Learn from North Korea

President Obama hopes for a nuclear deal with Iran, yet aspiring proliferators often use "negotiations" as part of their strategy to build arsenals. Just look at North Korea.
5 Jan 2012

31 Killed in Prison Gang-Fight in Mexico

Voice of America. 10:14 AM EST
13 Jan 2013

War in Mali Heats Up

includes serious negotiations with non-extremist Malians in the north ...

10 Aug 2010

Did the Middle East Just Dodge a War?

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29 Jul 2015

In Cuba, Neither Bread Nor Freedom

imbecility.    North America South America ...

25 Jan 2017

OPINION. Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Is ‘America Only,’ Not ‘America First’

Aaron David Miller and Richard Sokolsky. The Wall Street Journal. 01:09 PM EST
20 Jan 2015

#SOTU 2015: Balancing Pragmatism and Aspiration

The president should fuse American values and national interests when he explains how he will fix his Syria policy, as well as tout his success in dealings with Russia and Iran.
5 Apr 2011

Gates Talks Mideast Unrest in Saudi Arabia

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
2 May 2012

Israel Builds a Wall in the North

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6 Nov 2011

Nicaraguans Vote in Presidential Election

Voice of America. 12:34 PM EST
23 May 2016

China’s Coming Demographic Crash

China's new two-child policy is too late to avert a population crash, and for the first time in recorded history China won't be the world’s most populous country.
5 Apr 2012

Why North Korea's Hidden Gulag Matters

Soft-pedaling human rights abuses did not serve Washington well on China—and it won’t work on North Korea, either.
7 Mar 2016

New City Journal Essay

in City Journal.   North America ...

21 Jul 2016

Hanging with the People's Mujahadeen of Iran

Whatever the exiled People’s Mujahadeen of Iran were in the 1970s, today they are genuine moderates and liberals, and the West has taken notice. Hopefully the future leaders of the United States will too.
7 Jul 2015

Obama Breaks Protocol, Slights Top Chinese General

The Obama administration seems to have given the cold shoulder to Fan Changlong, a top Chinese general and close adviser to President Xi Jinping, during a recent visit to Washington.
4 Oct 2011
11 May 2015

Raúl Castro’s Papal Publicity Stunt

for the power mad. North Korea’s Jim Jong Un went to school in Switzerland. He ...

25 Nov 2015
7 Dec 2015

Samantha, Powerless: Obama’s Problem from Hell in Syria

war and America’s epic-sized non-response have proven the optimists ...

29 Jul 2015

Obama Panders to Ethiopian Dictatorship

Instead of representing US values and commitment to democracy, President Obama’s recent visit with PM Hailemariam of Ethiopia showed support for dictatorships around the world by publicly withholding criticism of the country’s faux-democracy.
31 Aug 2011
30 Aug 2011

Bomb Kills 10 in Pakistan Following Eid Prayers

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
20 Aug 2015

Obama Toughens Stance Against China's 'Fox Hunt'

The extent of Beijing’s covert operation to hunt down Chinese citizens on US soil, and coerce them to return to China, has prompted the White House to reverse its previous, more tolerant approach.
27 Jul 2015

Is It Time for a New Welles Declaration?

On the 75th anniversary of the Welles Declaration, when the US vowed not to recognize Moscow's occupation of the Baltic States, it’s worth asking whether it’s time for another one for Crimea.
26 Jul 2011
25 Jul 2011

US Condemns Ongoing Violence in Syria

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT
31 Mar 2015

Iran’s Latest Bait and Switch

Iran has given the US and its P5+1 allies warning after warning of its true intentions, yet Washington seems too transfixed on making a deal to take them into account.
12 Jul 2011

China Orders US to Halt Oil Drilling Off Coast

Voice of America. 08:00 PM EDT