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1 Sep 2015

ISIS Wages Cultural Genocide in Palmyra

Michael J. Totten's blog They finally did it. The bastards destroyed Palmyra’s Temple of Bel . We all knew it was coming in May when ISIS conquered the ancient Roman-era city an hour’s drive east of the Syrian city of Homs. At first nothing happened. ...

Beijing at the Corner of Desperation and Panic

From Chinese analysts and journalists, to American firms, to even the Dalai Lama, Beijing officials are blaming just about everyone but themselves for their country’s economic troubles.

Europe’s Vulnerable Trains

Last September the Islamic State threatened the West, but the EU still needs to improve security for trains and stations, where security is far more lax and the public more vulnerable.

One Killed, 17 Injured in Nepal Protests

The Kathmandu Post. Nepal. 02:08 PM EDT

Afghan Intel Captures Taliban’s Shadow Governor for Faryab

The Long War Journal. United States. 02:05 PM EDT

India's Oil Exploration Off Vietnam 'Illegal': Chinese Daily

The Economic Times. India. 01:30 PM EDT

One Dead, Three Wounded in Explosions in India

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 01:18 PM EDT

New Russian Data Law Leads to Surveillance Fears

The Guardian. England. 01:17 PM EDT

Afghan Man and Woman Given 100 Lashes in Public for Adultery

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 01:15 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. China to Stabilize Yuan Through Investment

International Business Times. 01:12 PM EDT

OPINION. A Cold Summer for China and Russia?

Gregory Shtraks. The Diplomat. 01:11 PM EDT

Major Overhaul for China’s People’s Liberation Army

South China Morning Post. 01:11 PM EDT

OPINION. Credit Where Credit’s Due for China’s Economic Authorities

James Laurenceson. East Asia Forum. 01:08 PM EDT

Wanted Woman in Bangkok Bombing in Turkey

Asia News Network. 01:07 PM EDT

Burma: Political Parties Ordered Not To Criticize Army

Eurasia Review. Spain. 01:05 PM EDT

Bangladesh Police Charge 'Islamist Militants' Over Atheist's Murder

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 12:47 PM EDT

Al-Shabaab 'Storm Amisom Base' in Somalia

Daily Nation. Kenya. 12:07 PM EDT

68 New South Sudan Cholera Cases Last Week, One Death

Radio Tamazuj. South Sudan. 12:06 PM EDT

Extremists Attack Malian Army Checkpoint, Killing Two Soldiers

Sun Herald. United States. 12:04 PM EDT

OPINION. El Salvador’s Gangs Have Something to Say

Magally Zelaya . Al Jazeera America. 11:57 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. The Peruvian Success Story

Americas Quarterly. United States. 11:56 AM EDT

Former Cop Arrested for Mexican Journalist's Killing

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:51 AM EDT

Once Again Rio Authorizes Use of Masks by Military Police

The Rio Times. Brazil. 11:49 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Guatemala's Ex-Vice President Needs a Miracle

InSight Crime. Colombia. 11:44 AM EDT

OPINION. Brazil’s Dismal Dithering Dilma

Michael Royster. The Rio Times. Brazil. 11:44 AM EDT

Australian Diplomacy Today Symposium

SPEECH. Australia. 11:43 AM EDT