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Philippines Urges ASEAN Countries to ‘Stand Up to China’

Manila Standard Today. Philippines. 02:18 PM EDT

Chinese Forces Shot Civilians, Claim Xinjiang Villagers

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 02:16 PM EDT

Pakistan Ready to Begin Importing Iranian Oil

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 01:50 PM EDT

EDITORIAL. Challenge of Agrarian Distress

The Hindu. India. 01:37 PM EDT

UN Releases $15 Million Emergency Aid for Quake-Hit Nepal

The Economic Times. India. 01:35 PM EDT

Gurkhas in British Army Return Home to Nepal to Help

Hindustan Times. India 01:34 PM EDT

Iran, Pakistan Start Joint Border Commission

The Nation. Pakistan. 01:14 PM EDT

Pakistani Investigators Draw Blank in Sabeen Mahmud Murder Case

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 01:11 PM EDT

The Tectonic Shift in Obama's Iran Policy

Hudson Institute. United States. 12:41 PM EDT

Dying to Get to Europe

Atlantic Council. United States. 12:39 PM EDT

A Compelling Case for Chinese Monetary Easing

Bruegel. Belgium. 12:37 PM EDT

Iran Fires At, Detains US Ship in Persian Gulf

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 12:29 PM EDT

Spain Hopes for 'Frank and Open' Dialogue With Venezuela

El Universal. Venezuela. 11:50 AM EDT

A Honduran Coup Comes Full Circle

LA Times. 11:48 AM EDT

Burundi Riot Police and Protestors Clash for Third Day

News 24. South Africa. 11:47 AM EDT

5 TV Crew Members Found Dead in Libya After Kidnapping

News 24. South Africa. 11:46 AM EDT

Colombia’s President Santos Open to Dialogue with Striking Teachers

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:46 AM EDT