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27 May 2015

Japanese PM Abe Hosts Malaysia Summit Meeting

Japan. STATEMENT. 03:28 PM EDT

Morocco's King Mohammed VI's Visit to Senegal Ends in Failure

All Africa. South Africa. 01:17 PM EDT

Zanzibar Police Beef Up Fight Against Abuse of Women

News 24. South Africa. 01:17 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Tanzania's New Harsh Media Bill

Africa Review. Kenya. 01:00 PM EDT

Malaysia Detains 12 Police in Human Trafficking Camps Probe

The Sun Daily. Malaysia. 12:56 PM EDT

Madagascar Parliament Votes to Dismiss President

Daily Monitor. Uganda. 12:50 PM EDT

Mauritania Struggles to Feed Itself

Africa Review. Kenya. 12:42 PM EDT

Zimbabweans Get 100 Million Condoms in HIV Battle

Daily Nation. Kenya. 12:41 PM EDT

Burundi Opposition Deems Fair Elections 'Impossible'

Mail&Guardian. South Africa. 12:32 PM EDT

Egypt Releases Gas Worker Arrested After Striking Over Wages

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 12:31 PM EDT

EU Envoys: Iran Talks May Go Beyond June 30 Deadline

Al Monitor. United States. 12:04 PM EDT

Israel Launches Strikes Across the Gaza Strip

Ma'an News Agency. Palestine. 12:02 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. How Will Iran, P5+1 Resolve Future Disputes?

Al Monitor. United States. 12:01 PM EDT

Libya PM Survives Assassination Attempt

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 12:00 PM EDT

Hezbollah Strike Qalamoun Jihadis With Help of Drone

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 11:58 AM EDT

ISIS Shoots Dead 20 at Palmyra Amphitheater: Activists

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 11:55 AM EDT

Multiple ISIS Suicide Attacks in Iraq’s Anbar Kill Troops

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:53 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. What Happens to Sanctions on Iran if Nuclear Deal Fizzles?

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:52 AM EDT

Vatican Calls Irish Gay Vote 'Defeat for Humanity'

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 11:51 AM EDT

Denmark's Center-Left Calls Early Election

The Telegraph. United Kingdom. 11:34 AM EDT

OPINION. Queen’s Speech 2015: ‘Like a Teenager’s Bedroom It Will Become a Mess’

Hugh Muir, Deborah Orr, Michael White, Martin Kettle. The Guardian. UK. 11:33 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Northern Ireland Faces Political Crisis

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:30 AM EDT

NATO Chief Urges Russia to Avoid Snap Military Drills

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 11:27 AM EDT

WWII Bomb Forces Cologne Evacuation

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:23 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. The Quest for Hitler's Lost Treasures

Der Spiegel. Germany. 11:17 AM EDT

OPINION. Poland: Duda Victory Isn't What You Think

Grzegorz Paluch. EU Observer. Belgium. 11:12 AM EDT