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29 Jan 2015

Kissinger’s ‘Favorite Communist,’ President Napolitano of Italy, Resigns

President Napolitano, who has steered a middle course for Italy, has been a force for stability in Italy's often chaotic politics. The president, now 89, will be difficult to replace.

European Commission Support for Ukraine

European Union. PRESS RELEASE. 02:25 PM EST

Three Consequences of Syriza’s Victory

Brookings Institution. United States. 02:12 PM EST

ISIS Issues New Deadline to Kill Jordanian Pilot if Demand Not Met

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 02:10 PM EST

Indian PM Modi Replaces Foreign Secretary

The Times of India. 01:53 PM EST

Military Offensive in Pakistan Forces Militants into Afghanistan

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 01:49 PM EST

Malaysia Declares MH370 an 'Accident'

The China Post. 01:17 PM EST

Murder Highlights Plight of Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia

The Sydney Morning Herald. 01:15 PM EST

Japan Verifying New Recording of ISIS Hostage

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 01:11 PM EST

China Surveying Government Suicides Amid Graft Drive

The Straits Times. Singapore. 01:09 PM EST

East Timor's Xanana Gusmao to Resign as PM

The Sydney Morning Herald. 01:07 PM EST

Third Russian Submarine Arrives in Vietnam

Thanh Nien News. Vietnam. 12:58 PM EST

Australian Siege Victim Killed by Police Gunfire

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 12:53 PM EST

German Parliament Backs Military Mission Against ISIS

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 11:22 AM EST

Kremlin Seethes Over Polish WWII Commemoration Plan

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 11:21 AM EST

OPINON. Corruption is Greatest Threat to Ukraine Sovereignty

Maryla Krol. EU Observer. Belgium. 11:17 AM EST

EU to Call for Expanded Russia Sanctions

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:15 AM EST

EU to Greece: No Debt Relief, Stick to Your Promises

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:08 AM EST