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21 Nov 2014

Senator Calls For Strategy to Confront Putin

“Events in Ukraine are a direct challenge to the entire U.S.-led international order,” says US Senator Portman in a speech delivered to the Senate. The Ohio senator has called for significant military aid to Ukraine, stressing the importance of ongoing US support.

Nepal Requests Modi Not to Cancel Visit

The Himalayan Times. Nepal. 03:02 PM EST

Sri Lanka President to Face Competition in Snap Election

Daily Mirror. Sri Lanka. VIDEO. 03:01 PM EST

Maoists Open Fire on Rescue Helicopter in India

The Times of India. 02:56 PM EST

Pakistan Detains 61 Indian Fishermen

Dawn. Pakistan. 02:42 PM EST

Argentina Federal Government Denounces Judicial Branch 'Active Coup'

Buenos Aires Herald. Argentina. 02:32 PM EST

Latin America Demands Justice for 43 Missing Students in Mexico

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 02:16 PM EST

Costa Rica Signs Bilateral Agreements with Panama

The Tico Times. Costa Rica. 02:10 PM EST

ANALYSIS. South Korea's Press and the Illusion of Freedom

Asia Sentinel. Hong Kong. 01:55 PM EST

Philippines 'Blacklists' 9 Hong Kong Journalists For 'Heckling' President

Manila Standard Today. Philippines. 01:40 PM EST

Mongolia Elects New Prime Minister as Economy Stalls

The Sun Daily. Malaysia. 01:28 PM EST

Does Ukraine’s Reform Plan Measure Up?

Compared to what Ukraine’s previous governments have accomplished in the past 25 years, Kyiv’s proposed reforms may be borderline amazing. Still, there’s much left to do.

The New European Disorder

European Council on Foreign Relations. United Kingdom. 12:32 PM EST

Next Steps for U.S. Foreign Policy on Syria and Iraq

Institute for the Study of War. United States. 12:24 PM EST

US, Allies Conduct 30 Airstrikes on ISIS

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 12:15 PM EST

A Transatlantic Pakistan Policy

The German Marshall Fund. United States. 12:14 PM EST

Kenyan Mosque Raids Provoke Clashes in Mombasa Port

Standard Digital. Kenya. 11:41 AM EST

Ancestral Maasai Lands to Become Reserve for Dubai Family

Mail&Guardian. South Africa. 11:32 AM EST

Move to Extend Zuma's ANC Term of Office

Mail&Guardian. South Africa. 11:26 AM EST

Zambia Interim President, Scott, Ousted by Own Party

Daily Monitor. Uganda. 11:20 AM EST

45 Dead in Boko Haram Attack in Northeast Nigeria

PM News. Nigeria. 11:17 AM EST