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6 Jul 2015

ANALYSIS. Why Did Sisi Back Out of African Union Summit?

Al Monitor. United States. 12:08 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Can Leon Achieve a Limited Agreement in Libya?

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 12:07 PM EDT

Tunisian Imams to Appeal Government Move to Close 'Illegal' Mosques

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 12:05 PM EDT

Addressing Libya’s Multiple Crises

Netherlands Institute of International Relations. 11:38 AM EDT

Wikileaks Reveals Details of NSA Spying on Brazil

Latin America News Dispatch. United States. 11:36 AM EDT

How an Iran Nuclear Deal Would Upend US Non-Proliferation Policy

Council on Foreign Relations. 11:36 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Dreams of Kurdistan

Al Jazeera. 11:27 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. The Phony War Against ISIS

Ya Libnan. Lebanon. 11:24 AM EDT

US Pledges Support to Nigeria to Fight Boko Haram

Daily Nation. Kenya. 11:23 AM EDT

Burundi Rebel General Promises to Overthrow Government

Capital FM News. Kenya. 11:23 AM EDT

Hezbollah, Syrian Army Carefully Advance on Zabadani

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 11:23 AM EDT

Kuwait Considers Charging More Than 40 People Over Shia Mosque Attack

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:20 AM EDT

Burundi Tells UN Mediator to Leave Two Weeks After Arrival

The Daily Monitor. Uganda. 11:20 AM EDT

OPINION. Will Putin Pay for South Africa’s $100 Billion Nuclear Plan?

Mike Cohen. Mail & Guardian. South Africa. 11:19 AM EDT

Yemen Airstrikes Hit Saleh’s Party Headquarters

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:18 AM EDT

Ugandan Military: LRA Leader Kony is Ill

Radio Tamazuj. Sudan. 11:18 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Questions Emerge Over Hamas' Ability to Secure Gaza

Al Monitor. United States. 11:16 AM EDT

OPINION. Where is the Power in Europe?

Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz. Eurozine. 11:15 AM EDT

Austria Submits Case Against British Nuclear Power Project

Europe Online Magazine. 11:13 AM EDT

EU Questions Legality of Greek Referendum

The Telegraph. England. 11:08 AM EDT

Europe, Greece Contemplating Next Move After Vote

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:07 AM EDT

IDF Shaves Four Months Off Men’s Mandatory Service

The Times of Israel. 10:47 AM EDT