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30 Sep 2014

Hong Kong Government Rejects Unlawful Occupation Opposed

Hong Kong. Press Release. 01:51 PM EDT

Germany Will Play Decisive Role in Ukraine

German Council on Foreign Relations. 01:43 PM EDT

Joko Widodo’s Indonesia: Possible Future Paths

Australian Strategic Policy Institute. 01:35 PM EDT

Islamic State Using Human Shields

Michael J. Totten's blog The Pentagon says Islamic State fighters in Syria are using human shields to protect themselves from American airstrikes. I can’t verify that claim, but it’s a little like saying the Islamists breathe oxygen. Of course they ...

The G20 Financial Reform Agenda

Bruegel. Belgium. 01:31 PM EDT

Protesters in Eastern Libya Close Second Oilfield, Seize Company Plane

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 12:12 PM EDT

Kurdish Forces Attack ISIS on Three Fronts

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 12:01 PM EDT

Bulgaria Sends Firearms, Ammo to Iraqi Government

Sofia News Agency. 11:56 AM EDT

Serbia, US Sign Drug Control Agreement

B92. Serbia. 11:27 AM EDT

Burma Wants Country Off UN Human Rights Agenda

The Irrawaddy. Thailand. 11:22 AM EDT

US Set To Overtake Saudi Arabia In Liquid Petroleum Production

International Business Times. United States. 11:17 AM EDT

Xi Likely to Visit Nepal Next Year, Says Nepali FM

Asia News Network. Thailand. 11:15 AM EDT

Fighting Rages on Between Myanmar Military and Karen Rebels

Radio Free Asia. United States. 10:53 AM EDT

Thai PM Prayut Promises Peace in South by 2015

The Phuket News. Thailand. 10:46 AM EDT

ISIL’s Allure Causes Worry in South East Asia

The National. United Arab Emirates. 10:39 AM EDT

Modi, Obama Say It’s Time to Set a New Agenda

The Hindu. India. 10:38 AM EDT

Turkey Faces Up to its Islamic State Problem

Der Spiegel. Germany. 10:37 AM EDT

Benghazi Violence Continues

Magharebia. United States. 10:35 AM EDT

South Sudan Factions Agree on Federal Government

News 24. South Africa. 10:34 AM EDT

Liberia Says $375 Million Needed To Eradicate Ebola

Daily Observer. Liberia. 10:27 AM EDT

UK Eases Travel Restrictions to Parts of Nairobi

Capital News. Kenya. 09:33 AM EDT

Senegal Leader Endorses Five-Year Presidential Term

Daily Nation. Kenya. 09:32 AM EDT

Zimbabwe Student Union Takes President Mugabe to Court

Mail & Guardian. South Africa. 09:23 AM EDT

Afghanistan, US Sign Long-Awaited Security Pact

The Associated Press. 09:01 AM EDT
29 Sep 2014

Syria: US Dual Policy is Recipe for More Violence

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 05:23 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Brazil's Getting Annihilated

Business Insider. United States. 05:10 PM EDT

Spanish Diplomat Killed in Sudan

The Local. Spain. 05:08 PM EDT

Belgium Begins its Biggest Islamist Extremist Trial

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 05:06 PM EDT

Netanyahu Links ISIL and Hamas

The National. United Arab Emirates. 04:56 PM EDT

Occupy Central Puts Hong Kong on Halt

China Radio International. 04:52 PM EDT

ISIS Jihadists Returning to Europe

The Islamic State didn’t initially target the West, but that has changed—and hundreds of jihadists will soon be returning home with their European passports.

Ukraine and Transnistria: A Troubled Borderland

New Eastern Europe. Poland. 12:10 PM EDT