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19 May 2016

Tsai Assumes Office as President of Taiwan

The China Post. 03:36 PM EDT

No Progress in Afghan Peace Process: Analysts

Quqnoos. Afghanistan. 03:29 PM EDT

Troops Under Siege by Taliban in Baghlan

Quqnoos. Afghanistan. 03:28 PM EDT

Turmoil Dies Down After Dominican Elections

Dominican Today. 03:23 PM EDT

Maduro Warns Against Coup Attempts

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 03:21 PM EDT

OPINION. Britain Must Make Putin an Ally in the Disaster That is Syria

Eygeny Lebedev. Novaya Gazeta. Russia. 12:20 PM EDT

Macedonian Elections Indefinitely Postponed

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 12:18 PM EDT

OPINION. Croatia Links Iran to European Union

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi. Eurasia Review. Spain. 12:17 PM EDT

EDITORIAL. Vladimir Putin’s Dangerous Obsession

The New York Times. 12:15 PM EDT

British Queen Stays Neutral on Topic of EU Referendum

Euobserver. Belgium. 12:13 PM EDT

NATO Invites Montenegro to Join as 29th Member

The Washington Post. 12:12 PM EDT

ICC Asks Museveni to Explain Failure to Arrest Al-Bashir

AllAfrica.com. Djibouti. 12:11 PM EDT

OPINION. How Morally Fit is the West to Lead a Global Campaign on Corruption?

Junior Sabena Mutabazi. New Times. Rwanda. 12:08 PM EDT

OPINION. Why Kenya Will Not Shut Down the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

Rahul Oka. AllAfrica.com. Djibouti. 12:07 PM EDT

How Nigerian Military Rescued Schoolgirl

Vanguard. Nigeria. 12:05 PM EDT

Iran Orders Hezbollah to Target Saudi Arabia

Saudi Gazette. 12:03 PM EDT

Tunisia Proposes $2bn Joint Fund with Qatar

The Peninsula. Qatar. 12:03 PM EDT

Islamic State Kills Dozens in Libyan City

Arab Times. Kuwait. 11:59 AM EDT

Obama, Erdogan Discuss Syria, Fight Against ISIS

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:58 AM EDT

Islamic Militants in Syria Mobilize Against Assad

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:56 AM EDT

EgyptAir Flight from Paris to Cairo Crashes

Ya Libnan. Lenbanon. 11:54 AM EDT

Behind China’s Gambit in Pakistan

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 05:08 PM EDT

New Weaponry, More Spending, Tough Rhetoric Stoke Fears Of New US-Russia Arms Race

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 05:07 PM EDT

Wave of Bombings Hits Baghdad

Arab Times. Kuwait. 05:00 PM EDT

Venezuelan Police Shut Down Anti-Maduro Protests

The Miami Herald. 02:50 PM EDT

Burundi Opposition Group Not Invited to Peace Talks

The Guardian. Nigeria. 02:49 PM EDT