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4 Mar 2014

Putin Sees No Political Future for Yanukovych

The Moscow Times. 11:06 AM EST

Cyprus' House Approves Bill for Privatisations

ANSAmed. Italy. 11:03 AM EST

US Rights Activist Alleges Egypt Police Abuse

Aswat Masriya. Egypt. 10:56 AM EST

Thai PM Shinawatra Could Face Murder Charges Over Protest Deaths

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 10:47 AM EST

Syria Surrenders Third of Chemical Arsenal

SBS. Australia. 10:21 AM EST

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Backs Uganda's Anti-Gay Law

Times Live. South Africa. 10:09 AM EST

Thailand May Extend State of Emergency Despite Scaled-Back Protest

The Straits Time. Singapore. 09:56 AM EST

Pakistan Taliban Declare Month-Long Ceasefire

Dawn. Pakistan. 09:45 AM EST

OPINION. Putin’s Aggression in Ukraine Needs a Response

Zbigniew Brzezinski. The Washington Post. 09:27 AM EST

Pity the Vassals of Moscow

Michael J. Totten's blog “Russia can have at its borders only enemies or vassals.” — George F. Kennan, America’s ambassador to the Soviet Union Russia is justifying its invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula by saying the ethnic Russians who live ...

3 Mar 2014

Ban Ki-Moon Calls For UN Force in Central African Republic

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 04:42 PM EST

Bangkok Demonstrations Scale Down, Move to Park

The Irrawaddy. Thailand. 04:32 PM EST

Venezuelan Opposition Requests Briefing at UN

El Universal. Venezuela. 04:26 PM EST

Canada's Harper Warns That Russia Faces Ouster from G8

Toronto Star. Canada. 04:11 PM EST

Bomb Kills Three Police in Bahrain

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 03:54 PM EST

Dozens Killed as Nigeria Islamists Ramp Up Attacks

GlobalPost. United States. 03:44 PM EST

Will Putin's Invasion Backfire?

Putin's chest-pounding in Crimea might become his undoing, making Russia a pariah state isolated internationally and exposing Russians to sanctions and economic hardships.

Washington’s Awkward Diplomatic Void

With Russia invading Crimea and China apparently contemplating mischief in the East China Sea, the US finds itself without ambassadors in Moscow and Beijing.

US State Department Briefing on Situation in Ukraine

United States. Press Release. 01:28 PM EST

Statement by G7 on Situation in Ukraine

G8. Statement. 01:22 PM EST

Sweden’s Libya Decision: A case of Humanitarian Intervention

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs. 01:18 PM EST

Four Steps NATO Can Take to Support Ukraine

Atlantic Council. United States. 01:15 PM EST

Global Stocks Fall on Ukraine Unrest

The Wall Street Journal. United States. 12:03 PM EST

PM Renzi Denies Report Italy Breaking G7 Line on Ukraine

Gazzetta del Sud. Italy. 12:00 PM EST

NATO Condemn Russia's Military Action in Ukraine's Crimea

The Journal of Turkish Weekly. 11:45 AM EST