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11 Jul 2014

Central African Republic 'Killers' Named and Shamed

Africa Review. Kenya. 08:56 AM EDT

Afghanistan: The Crisis After the Elections

European Union Institute for Security Studies. France. 08:51 AM EDT

Kerry Pushes for Solution in Afghan Election Dispute

The Washington Post. 08:45 AM EDT
10 Jul 2014

Ukraine and Pro-Russian Rebels Square Up for Showdown

The Guardian. England. 05:00 PM EDT

Iran, Jordan Demand Halt of Israel’s Gaza Assault

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 04:15 PM EDT

US Blacklists Companies Accused of Hezbollah Ties

Al Akhbar. Lebanon. 04:08 PM EDT

Chinese Hackers Seek US Employee Data with Personnel Network Attacks

The Christian Science Monitor. United States. 04:03 PM EDT

Israel Escalates Attack as Gaza Death Toll Hits 86

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 03:34 PM EDT

ESSAY. The Next Generation of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Atlantic. United States. 02:48 PM EDT

PA and Other Arab Reactions to the Gaza Crisis

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. 01:24 PM EDT

'Worried' or 'Valiant'? The Dialectic Between Iran’s Nuclear Negotiations and its Domestic Politics

Crown Center for Middle East Studies. United States. 01:20 PM EDT

Contradictions Define Kremlin Apologists

Ignoring inconvenient international law and norms, Putin's Western apologists defend Russia’s annexation of Crimea following the Kremlin’s “Blame America First” approach.

One Million Strike in UK Over Pay and Cuts

SBS. Australia. 12:00 PM EDT

Syria Death Toll Increases to 170,000

Al Bawaba. Jordan. 11:52 AM EDT

Iraqi Kurds Say ‘Hysterical’ Maliki Must Quit

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:51 AM EDT

Turkey Calls on Islamic Militants in Iraq to Release Turks

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:39 AM EDT

Suspected Double Agent Further Strains German-US Ties

Der Spiegel. Germany. 11:04 AM EDT

US, China Agree on Urgency of Denuclearizing North Korea

Arirang News. South Korea. 10:47 AM EDT

Nuclear Material Seized In Iraq 'Low Grade': IAEA

International Business Times. United States. 10:38 AM EDT

Bangladesh Bans Marriages for Rohingya Refugees

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 10:35 AM EDT

US Rules Out Military Interventions in Africa

Capital News. Kenya. 10:15 AM EDT

Tibetan, Mongolian Dissidents Silenced During Kerry Visit

Radio Free Asia. United States. 10:13 AM EDT