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6 Jan 2015

Migrant Smugglers Using New Route to Europe

EUobserver. Belgium. 11:01 AM EST

OPINION. As Iraqis Cope with Past Injustices, So Should Israelis

Akiva Eldar. Al Monitor. United States. 11:00 AM EST

Putin Decree Enables Foreigners to Serve in Russian Military

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 10:58 AM EST

Hamas Denies Claims that Qatar Expelled Group Leader

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 10:54 AM EST

Eradicated Diseases Return to Syria

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 10:47 AM EST

Two Egyptian Police Killed Outside Coptic Church

Ahram Online. Egypt. 10:40 AM EST

Iraq Prime Minister Urges Tribes to Revolt Against ISIS

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 10:39 AM EST

Syrian Opposition Rules out Dialogue with Assad in Moscow

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 10:33 AM EST

ISIS 'Police' Official Beheaded

Reuters. 10:20 AM EST

Iran Arrests 'Terrorist Cell' Near Pakistan Border

Al Akhbar. Lebanon. 09:49 AM EST

Kuwait Jails Activist Blogger for 'Insulting' Emir

Al Akhbar. Lebanon. 09:44 AM EST
5 Jan 2015

Sex, Politics, and Putin

Vladimir Putin’s actual accomplishments are few, but according to a new book, his cult of masculinity has made him surprisingly popular among Russians.

The Hong Kong Moment: Trouble on China’s Periphery

Beijing’s decision to dictate election rules in Hong Kong that favor its preferred candidates has awakened and electrified a democracy movement that had long been silent.

Russia and the Baltics: Once Friend, Now Foe

There was a brief moment when the independence of Baltic states had no greater allies than Russia and its leader. Nearly twenty-five years later, it has no greater enemy.

Barbarians at the Gates: A Postcard from Erbil

The people of Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, find themselves precariously perched at the crossroads of history once again, wary of local enemies and foreign friends alike.

The Big Chill: The Battle for Central Europe

Those who see Vladimir Putin’s expansionism as a regional problem miss the point: the Kremlin’s strategic goal is to degrade transatlantic ties, not just dominate neighboring lands.

Great Power Conflict: Will It Return?

The centennial of the Great War is a fitting time to remember that wars between great powers are not so easily consigned to the past, especially given the makeup of the world today.

State of Mind: A Future Russia

Change will come to today’s nationalistic and conspiratorial Russia, but when, how, and what it will mean are yet unknown in a country whose leaders frequently boast of their nuclear arsenal.

North Africa: Beyond Jihadist Radicalization

In the two years after the Arab Spring, Tunisia’s security situation disintegrated disastrously. Problems persist, but in the field and at the polls Tunisia has made significant progress against jihadists.

Broken Peaces: The Israeli-Palestinian Hyperconflict

After twenty years of failed attempts, it is time to abandon the belief that a “local” agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians would pacify the region.

The Surrealism of Realism: Misreading the War in Ukraine

When Ukraine started grabbing headlines a year ago, more than a few scholars began writing as if they were experts on the country. Trouble is, they were merely self-serving realists.

Energy Remapped: Yesterday’s Winners, Tomorrow’s Losers?

The unprecedented and unpredicted shifts taking place in the world’s energy market will have geopolitical consequences unimaginable a decade ago.

Venezuela's Maduro to Visit China, OPEC Nations Amid Cash Crunch

Buenos Aires Herald. Argentina. 03:02 PM EST

Colombian Army Captures FARC Leader Accused of Attacks

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 03:01 PM EST

OPINION. Unemployment a Major Challenge for Afghanistan

Daily Outlook. Afghanistan. 02:17 PM EST