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3 Jun 2015

EU Calls on Macedonia Leaders to Stick to Commitments

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 11:25 AM EDT

Fears for Ukraine Ceasefire After Fresh Reports of Civilian Deaths

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:21 AM EDT

South Korea Closes Schools Amid MERS Spread

The Korea Times. South Korea. 11:16 AM EDT

South Korea Mobilizes Special Task Force on MERS

The Korea Herald. South Korea. 11:02 AM EDT

Cambodia Refuses Asylum to Montagnard Refugees From Vietnam

The Sydney Morning Herald. 10:54 AM EDT

Son of Argentina’s Former President Menem Busted with Guns, Cocaine

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:20 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Chileans Bet Apple Will Pay a Premium for Clean Rare Earths

Bloomberg Business. United States. 10:18 AM EDT

Dominican Republic Approves Law Allowing Medina to Run in 2016

Bloomberg Business. United States. 10:10 AM EDT

Mexican Army Moves Into Buenavista Mine

El Universal. Mexico. 10:08 AM EDT

Mexican Congressional Candidate Murdered

El Universal. Mexico. 10:07 AM EDT

Murder in El Salvador Hits Highest Levels Since Civil War

Latin American Dispatch. United States. 10:05 AM EDT

South Korea Plays China Against America

The question of Chinese aggression, and South Korea’s “balancing role” between Beijing and Washington, will hang over President Park Geun-hye’s visit to the US later this month.
2 Jun 2015

Syrian Regime Gives Air Support to ISIS: Turkish FM

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 04:00 PM EDT

Averting a Deepening US-China Rift Over the South China Sea

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 03:50 PM EDT

Benchmarking Foreign Direct Investment in Southern Africa

South African Institute for International Affairs. 03:49 PM EDT

You Can’t Fight What You Don’t Understand

United States Institute of Peace. 03:48 PM EDT

The Obama Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Political Process: A Change of Approach?

The Institute for National Security Studies. Israel. 03:45 PM EDT

US Names North Korea as Capable of Nuclear Power

The Korea Times. South Korea. 03:41 PM EDT

US Envoy Busby Visits Cambodia Over NGO Law Concerns

The Phnom Penh Post. Cambodia. 03:37 PM EDT

Two Defense Experts in Australia Want to Deploy Support Troops to Iraq

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia. 03:35 PM EDT