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2 Jul 2015

Iraqi Government Forces Take Control Of Baiji Oil Refinery

International Business Times. United States. 12:07 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. US Military Presence in Latin America Increasing

Council on Hemispheric Affairs. United States. 11:50 AM EDT

Brazilian Congress Rejects Controversial Bill Regarding Age of Criminal Responsibility

Latin America News Dispatch. United States. 11:50 AM EDT

Five Killed in Central Colombia Mining Accident

Colombia Reports. 11:47 AM EDT

Venezuela, China Approve Road Map for Development Plan

El Universal. Venezuela. 11:41 AM EDT

Former Argentine Economic Minister Advises Greece

Associated Press. 11:37 AM EDT

Bahraini Police Arrest Senior Member of Main Opposition Bloc

Tasnim News Agency. Iran. 11:28 AM EDT

UN Report Positive on Iran Nuke Commitments

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:25 AM EDT

Hamas, Hezbollah Said to Discuss Israel Ceasefire

The Times of Israel. 11:21 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Hezbollah May Have Evolved, but Its Stance Against Israel Remains

The National. United Arab Emirates. 11:20 AM EDT

Puerto Rico and Greece: A Tale of Two Defaults in a Monetary Union

Center for European Policy Studies. Belgium. 11:13 AM EDT

Iran’s Nuclear Hedge

Chatham House. UK. 11:11 AM EDT

Libya's GNC Suspends Taking Part in Peace Talks

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:11 AM EDT

Geopolitical Costs of Moscow’s War Against Ukraine

American Foreign Policy Council. 11:11 AM EDT

Turkish Military Edges Closer to Syria Intervention

Al Monitor. United States. 11:08 AM EDT

Heavy Explosions Rock Yemeni Capital

Yemen Times. 11:02 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Russia’s Deadly Fantasy Politics

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 10:55 AM EDT

Russia Slams New US Military Strategy as ‘Confrontational'

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 10:54 AM EDT

Tsipras Urges Greeks to Reject Bailout Deal

Today's Zaman. Turkey. 10:51 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Iraq Christians Train for Jihad Against ISIS

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 10:49 AM EDT

Details Emerge of Kuwait Mosque Bomber’s Path to Radicalisation

The National. United Arab Emirates. 10:48 AM EDT

Ugandans Detained Over ISIS Links

Daily Nation. Kenya. 10:29 AM EDT