In Depth: Middle East and Australia

3 Jan 2012

The Dash for Gas: The Golden Age of an Energy Game-Changer

The natural gas market has blossomed in recent years, offering some countries the potential for greater energy independence and setting up a new set of global winners and losers.
15 Jan 2011

Libya’s Gaddafi Still a Jerk on Stilts

will intervene to prevent the popular revolt spreading to his country. Mezri ...

24 Jun 2005


of Americans than other Western countries are. Arabs are the ones who supposedly ...

19 Feb 2013

Murder in Dubai: The Mossad and Prisoner X

The mystery of the double agent known as Prisoner X and the 2010 Dubai assassination he allegedly carried out adds another layer of intrigue to an apparent Israeli espionage operation.
20 Aug 2012

Assange: Don't Cry for Me, Ecuador

The only thing harder than watching Julian Assange’s Evita moment on the balcony of Ecuador’s London embassy yesterday is making sense of the charges against him.
26 Jun 2005

Life in the Bubble

a third-world country — Cancun in Mexico doesn’t count. Work on a shrimp boat. ...

13 Jan 2006

A Woman Traveling Alone

to Israel then. Of all the Middle East countries, only Egypt and Jordan (and ...