In Depth: Belgium

8 Apr 2018

As Hungarians Head to the Polls, Will European Allegiance Suffer?

Hungarians are headed to the polls Sunday April 8, and many are concerned about the country’s turn away from Western-style democracy, but the reality is far more complex.
20 Mar 2018

'Green Light' for Australia-UK Trade Deal in Brussels

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia. 02:44 PM EDT
15 Jan 2018

Brussels Assembles Experts to Tackle Fake News

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 01:31 PM EST
12 Dec 2017

Brussels Rules Out Early Brexit Talks

Financial Times. England. 12:29 PM EST
8 Dec 2017

Thousands March For Catalonia in Brussels

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:09 AM EST
7 Dec 2017

Catalan Separatists March in Brussels

Euro News. Belgium. 12:21 PM EST
5 Dec 2017

In Brussels, Tillerson Offers EU Strong US Support

Euro News. Belgium. 12:24 PM EST
4 Dec 2017

Dutch PM: Irish Border is 'Crucial' for EU

Euro Observer. Belgium. 10:49 AM EST
29 Nov 2017

Hungary-Serbia Railway Launched at China Summit

Euro Observer. Belgium. 10:00 AM EST
17 Nov 2017
13 Nov 2017

EU Adopts Venezuela Sanctions

Euro Observer. Belguim. 11:10 AM EST

EU Commission to Target Fake News

Euro Observer. Belguim. 11:08 AM EST
8 Nov 2017

Belgian PM: No Crisis in Belgium Over Catalonia

Euro Observer. Belgium. 10:32 AM EST
31 Oct 2017

Catalan Leaders Facing Rebellion Charges Flee To Belgium

The Guardian. England. 11:08 AM EDT

Ex-Catalan Leader Not Seeking Asylum in Belgium

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:07 AM EDT
30 Oct 2017
18 Oct 2017

EU Commissioner Meets With Eastern European Leaders

Euro Observer. Belgium. 10:40 AM EDT
5 Sep 2017

OPINION. Brussels Bubble has a Diversity Problem

Amel Yacef. Politico Europe. Belgium. 12:35 PM EDT
25 Aug 2017
29 Jun 2017

Unease in Brussels Over Trump's Poland Visit

US News & World Report. 02:57 PM EDT
22 Jun 2017
21 Jun 2017
13 Jun 2017
26 May 2017

OPINION. Trump’s Abandonment of NATO in Brussels

Constanze Stelzenmüller. The Washington Post. 11:55 AM EDT
25 May 2017

Trump Meets NATO Officials In Brussels

NPR. United States. 12:30 PM EDT
5 May 2017

Trump To Meet EU leaders In Brussels Later This Month

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 11:40 AM EDT
5 Apr 2017

Standing Up to Terrorism Means Standing Up for Democracy

Foreign aid is often mistaken for charity but by working to expand the borders of freedom abroad, the United States is safer and more prosperous.
23 Jan 2017
28 Oct 2016

Belgium’s Walloon Parliament Backs EU-Canada Trade Deal

The Globe and Mail. Canada. 02:05 PM EDT
27 Oct 2016
26 Oct 2016
20 Oct 2016

Is Belgium’s Veto of CETA the Beginning of the End of EU Trade Policy?

Centre for European Policy Studies. Belgium. 04:08 PM EDT
19 Oct 2016

Belgian Police Arrest 15 on Terrorism Charges

New Europe. Belgium. 12:00 PM EDT
18 Oct 2016

Cuba, Belgium to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Prensa Latina. Cuba. 10:32 AM EDT
22 Aug 2016
29 Jul 2016