In Depth: South Asia, US and China

19 Sep 2016

Balancing Act: The China-India-U.S. Triangle

The colliding and intersecting security and economic interests of Asia’s powers makes for a delicate dance of cooperation, coalition, and competition between China, India, and the United States.
31 Oct 2012

Editor’s Introduction

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30 Apr 2015

Caught in the Middle: India, China, and Tibet

The border that separates India and China marks a tense and uncertain boundary between two giants—one communist, one democratic—with Tibet caught precariously in between.
30 Aug 2012

Tibet’s Transition: Will Washington Take a Stand?

Beijing sees the Dalai Lama succession as a way to seize more control in Tibet. Will the US help the country’s democracy in exile or remain focused on other concerns?
19 Sep 2016

US-India, China-Russia Exercises Reflect New Alliances

As the US and India conduct joint exercises 100km from India’s border with China—China and Russia conduct "island seizing" naval exercises in the South China Sea.
5 Mar 2011

Gee Whiz

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15 Oct 2014

Indian Economy to Overtake China’s

Narendra Modi’s victory this year signaled a clear rejection of the socialism of India’s founders. The shift has some analysts predicting a sea of change for the country’s economy.
12 Feb 2010

Why the World is Not Flat

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13 Nov 2012

Obama, Clinton Asia Blitz Underlines US Commitment

China's former allies cozy up to Washington as President Obama and Secretary Clinton's East Asia travel plans include unprecedented stops in Burma and Cambodia. The pivot is in full swing.
28 Jan 2015

Improving India-US Relations Unnerves Beijing

US ties with India and other countries in China's neighborhood will continue to improve so long as Beijing continues its hostile and aggressive ways in the region.
28 Jun 2010

On the Right Wavelength

news and information into seven countries: China, North Korea, Vietnam, ...

4 Feb 2010

Secession not Succession

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7 Jan 2013

Japan’s Values Diplomacy

In the face of a hostile and undemocratic China, Japan’s new prime minister is putting a premium on shared values, stressing ties with the US and reaching out to Australia and India.
21 May 2012

Should the US Ratify the UN Sea Treaty Because of China?

A recent White House effort to ratify the UN’s Law of the Sea treaty seems to miss an important point: when it comes to China, it’s the enforcement, not the rules, that really count.
25 Feb 2010

The Dalai Lama, Obama, and China

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15 Mar 2011

The Obama Doctrine: A Work in Progress

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27 Oct 2010

Marshall McLuhan at the AfPak border

someone claims that Afghanistan was not a poor country in 1950. (Young ...