In Depth: England

14 Sep 2017
11 Sep 2017
13 Jul 2017

OPINON. Reject the Chancers and Their Fantasy Vision of Post-Brexit Trade

Martin Kettle. The Guardian. England. 02:46 PM EDT
9 Jun 2017

ANALYSIS. Theresa May's Failed Gamble

The Economist. England. 12:20 PM EDT
12 Oct 2016
4 Aug 2016

Southeast Asia Stocks Rise After Bank Of England Meeting

The Bangkok Post. Thailand. 01:30 PM EDT
26 Jul 2016
14 Jul 2016

Bank of England Keeps Interest Rates At 0.5% With Brexit Fallout

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:57 AM EDT
29 Jun 2016

OPINION. Little England and Not-So-Great Britain

Project Syndicate. Czech Republic. 11:16 AM EDT
24 Jun 2016
6 Jun 2016

Brexit Campaign Resonates with Catalan Separatists

The Guardian. England. 12:38 PM EDT
19 May 2016

British Queen Stays Neutral on Topic of EU Referendum

Euobserver. Belgium. 12:13 PM EDT
4 Jan 2016

Poland: Will Offer England EU Welfare Deal in Exchange for NATO Bases

The Telegraph. United Kingdom. 11:44 AM EST
21 Oct 2015
19 Oct 2015

Hundreds of Migrants Storm Eurotunnel

The Telegraph. United Kingdom. 11:09 AM EDT
5 Oct 2015

Whose Pope?: Francis and Cuba

The “liberal” pontiff might not be thinking of his church’s affinity for monarchs and dictators when he visits Havana, but the irony is not lost on the people of Cuba.
2 Jul 2015
30 Apr 2015

Too Many Parties? Governing Britain after the Election

Separatist parties in the UK have so diminished the major ones that mild political chaos, the likes of which British politicians used to mock in places like Italy, could follow next week’s vote.
2 Mar 2015
11 Dec 2014

The Land of Magical Thinking: Inside Putin’s Russia

With the precision of a reporter and the wry wit of a modern novelist, Peter Pomerantsev in his new book lays bare the corruption and insanity (and more) that pervade Russia today.
23 Oct 2014

Trends in the International Community’s War on IS

Al Jazeera Center for Studies. 01:10 PM EDT
14 Oct 2014
29 Sep 2014

ISIS Jihadists Returning to Europe

The Islamic State didn’t initially target the West, but that has changed—and hundreds of jihadists will soon be returning home with their European passports.
25 Sep 2014

Fear and Lothian in Westminster

David Cameron’s last-minute promises of wider powers for the Scottish were crucial to keeping the UK in tact, but they have also opened the door for broad changes, and not just for Scotland.
18 Sep 2014
17 Sep 2014

Reports of Disorder Exaggerated By Media, Politicians, Scottish Police Say

International Business Times. United States. 04:14 PM EDT
16 Sep 2014

Swing Voters Key in Scottish Referendum

Global News. Canada. 11:49 AM EDT
12 Sep 2014