In Depth: EU

8 Feb 2018
22 Jan 2018

EU Backs Abbas in Drive to Have East Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital

Asharq Al Awsat. United Arab Emirates. 02:41 PM EST
15 Jan 2018

EU: Serbia, Montenegro 'Could Join In 2025'

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 03:08 PM EST
11 Jan 2018
19 Dec 2017

OPINION. EU Unimpressed by Austria's Shift to the Right

Bernd Riegert. Deutsche Welle. Germany. 03:55 PM EST
14 Dec 2017

Slovak PM: Human Rights Are Not a Travel Pass to EU

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:29 AM EST

EU Countries Are Not 'Tax Havens', Parliament Says

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:29 AM EST

OPINION. Panama Papers - Start of Sensible Revolution in EU Tax Affairs?

George Turner. EU Observer. Belgium. 10:17 AM EST

Bitcoin Risky But 'Limited Phenomenon', Says EU

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:16 AM EST
11 Dec 2017

Twenty-five EU States Sign PESCO Defense Pact

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 03:15 PM EST
7 Dec 2017

Two EU States Break Ranks on Jerusalem

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:06 AM EST
6 Dec 2017

Commission Wants More Centralized Eurozone by 2019

Euro Observer. Belgium. 11:21 AM EST
5 Dec 2017

In Brussels, Tillerson Offers EU Strong US Support

Euro News. Belgium. 12:24 PM EST

EU Commission's Bailout Fund Proposal Riles Member States

Financial Times. England. 12:11 PM EST

ANALYSIS. Suddenly, Digital Single Market Doesn't 'Need' EU Agency

Peter Teffer. EU Observer. Belgium. 10:45 AM EST

EU to Take Part in Libya Anti-Slavery Initiative

EUobserver. Belgium. 11:51 AM EST

Leaders to Avoid Estonian Asylum Plan At EU Summit

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:49 AM EST

OPINION. EU Must Push African Union on Rights Abuses

Dina Yazdani. EU Observer. Belgium. 10:49 AM EST
29 Nov 2017
28 Nov 2017

OPINION. The EU Citizens Stuck in Limbo After the Brexit Vote

Pauline Bock. New Statesman. England. 09:54 AM EST

EU Diplomats to Get Training On 'Fake News'

EU Observer. Belgium. 09:50 AM EST
21 Nov 2017

ANALYSIS. 5 Takeaways from the Race to Host EU Agencies after Brexit

Fiona Maxwell, Carmen Paun, Bjarke Smith-Meyer and Sarah Wheaton. Politico Europe. Belgium. 11:03 AM EST
17 Nov 2017

EU to Proclaim 'Pillar' of Social Rights in Gothenburg

EU Observer. Belgium. 09:58 AM EST
15 Nov 2017

UN Criticizes EU Policy on Libya as ‘Inhumane’

Euro Observer. Belgium. 10:50 AM EST
14 Nov 2017

Libya Coastguard Seeks More EU Aid to Beef Up Fleet

The Guardian. Nigeria. 03:23 PM EST

EU Parliament 'Cookie' Restrictions Worry Online Media

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:34 AM EST

OPINION. EU's Eastern Partnership Needs Revival

Margot Wallstroem And Witold Waszczykowski. EU Observer. Belgium. 11:33 AM EST