In Depth: Germany

21 Nov 2017

OPINION. The Beginning of the End of Angela Merkel

Josef Joffe. Politico Europe. Belgium. 11:02 AM EST
16 Nov 2017

OPINION. Migrants in Germany Are at a Disadvantage

Chloe Lyneham. Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:51 AM EST

German Coalition Talks Go Down to The Wire

Politico Europe. Belgium. 11:50 AM EST

Germany And France Defend Emissions Trading Deal

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:32 AM EST

Germany Is One of Uruguay’s Top Trade Partners, Expert Says

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 01:26 PM EST
31 Oct 2017

Syrian Man 'Planned Bomb Attack' In Germany

BBC. England. 11:10 AM EDT
24 Oct 2017

New German Parliament Convenes for First Time

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:50 AM EDT
23 Oct 2017

Merkel: EU to Cut Turkey Pre-Accession Funds

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:26 AM EDT
19 Oct 2017

OPINION. Dear Germany: 'Peace and Security Are Not Everything'

Stephanie Hoppner. Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:12 AM EDT
18 Oct 2017

German Foreign Minister Gabriel: JCPOA 'Is About More Than Iran'


Merkel Moves Left to Disarm the Right

Der Spiegel. Germany. 10:38 AM EDT
13 Oct 2017

ANALYSIS. Military History Provides Traditional Dilemma for German Army

Steven Beardsley. Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:55 AM EDT
12 Oct 2017

Germany Extends Passport Controls At Austrian Border

Channel NewsAsia. Singapore. 02:57 PM EDT

View From The Capitals: How To Constrain Populism In Germany

European Council On Foreign Relations. England. 10:29 AM EDT
10 Oct 2017
5 Oct 2017

German Spy Chiefs Face Public Grilling by Lawmakers

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:57 AM EDT
3 Oct 2017

ANALYSIS. 27 Years After Unification, Many Germans Still Feel Divide

Kirsten Grieshaber. The Washington Post. 03:10 PM EDT

Germany Kicks Off Reunification Celebrations in Mainz

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:04 AM EDT

OPINION. German Unity Has Become a Mission Again

Ines Pohl. Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:03 AM EDT
29 Sep 2017

Germany FM: On Macron's European Union Speech


Ex-German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder 'Joins Russian Oil Giant's Board'

Belfast Telegraph. Northern Ireland. 10:27 AM EDT

Merkel Signals Support for Macron's EU Reform

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:24 AM EDT
28 Sep 2017

ANALYSIS. Can Merkel And Macron Agree on EU's Future?

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:30 AM EDT
27 Sep 2017

Rise of German Far-Right Party Causes Alarm in Israel

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:09 PM EDT
26 Sep 2017

Far-Right AfD's Surge Worries Muslim Refugees in Germany

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:00 PM EDT
22 Sep 2017

G4 Nations: On UN Security Council Reform