In Depth: Middle East and Greece

27 Oct 2013

Forced Exodus: Christians in the Middle East

In Syria and other parts of the Middle East, militant Islamists have launched a purge of Arab Christians from cities and towns where they have flourished since the dawn of Christianity.
8 Nov 2012

Greece Circles the Drain

in the 17-country group that uses the euro that its deficit was far higher than ...

11 Jan 2006

NATO’s Internal Cold War

where two enemy NATO countries (how’s that for irony?) face each other ...

27 Oct 2005

Rogue States

Turkish Cypriot half is a rogue state recognized by only one single country ...

7 Oct 2012


in the country’s restive Sinai Peninsula and not pursue hundreds of fugitives from ...

15 Aug 2011

Syrian Diplomats are Spying on Syrian Dissidents…in the United States

Michael J. Totten's blog I have a Syrian friend here in Oregon who has refused to discuss the political situation in his home country in public for the eight years I have known him. He left Syria (illegally) ...

17 May 2013

Legacy of Qaddafi's 'Organized Chaos' Keeps Libya Back

Democracy in the Middle East is struggling against the legacy of two generations of dictatorship and a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that restricts political freedoms and rights. The West should be patient.
16 Mar 2006

Open door for fascists

to travel to EU countries because of the threat of frivolous law suits . Let’s ...

30 Oct 2005

Internet Hell

Michael J. Totten's blog Call me crazy, but I figured that going from the Middle East to a European Union country would improve my Internet situation. It didn’t. Cyprus is Internet hell. Internet access here ...

23 Jan 2010

The Persistence of Memory

across the country, math, physics, chemistry, even medicine, yielded ...