In Depth: Asia Pacific and Hong Kong

9 Nov 2016

China’s Meddling Sparks Hong Kong Protests

Beijing's recent efforts to chip away at Hong Kong's autonomy and judicial independence has sparked growing protests in the streets and in the press.
6 Jan 2015

East Asia's Population 'Death Spiral'

As Japan’s population ages and shrinks, along with those of most other East Asia countries, the region finds itself on a demographic “suicide watch” unprecedented in history.
6 Mar 2015

US Policy on Hong Kong Needs an Update

American lawmakers want to change US policy on Hong Kong in the wake of last fall’s protests, but the proposed legislation doesn’t do enough to penalize Beijing for attempts to roll back Hong Kong's autonomy.
19 Feb 2015

Hong Kong Protests Traders from China

Protesters are tussling with police again in Hong Kong, ostensibly over the issue of Chinese “parallel traders.” But is it also a revival of last fall’s “Umbrella Revolution”?
29 Jun 2017